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Bulk QR Codes
What are bulk QR codes?

Bulk QR codes refer to a large number of QR codes that can be generated via a single CSV file upload.

What are some common uses for bulk QR codes?

Bulk QR codes can be used in various applications: marketing campaigns, product packaging, event tickets, inventory management, payments, among others.

How do I generate bulk QR codes?

Using QR TIGER, upload a CSV file containing up to 3,000 URLs. Our advanced Bulk QR Code generator tool will create a unique code for each data entry.

Can I customize bulk QR codes?

Yes, you can customize the pattern, eyes, color scheme, and frame of your QR codes. You can also use a template and upload an image or logo. You can also set the paper size and format or choose to download your codes in a zip file.

Can I track the performance of bulk QR codes?

Yes, your QR TIGER dashboard comes with tracking and analytics features that allow you to track the performance of your QR codes.