How do dynamic QR codes work and how to create them?

Last updated:   November 24, 2021

Dynamic QR codes are flexible and advanced type of QR. These codes are editable and trackable in scans compared to their static counterparts.

QR codes as monochromatic colors, are widely integrated on product labels and packaging for several years now. And if you try to check your purchase, you are likely to see these codes printed on their labels. 

But do you know how do dynamic QR codes work? Well, dynamic QR codes are advanced and flexible QR codes that were specially designed as a new generation marketing tool to target customers while keeping things fun and engaging. And here's how they work. 

Dynamic QR codes are used to redirect audiences to a landing page or any URL with relevant information. They can present new information to your targeted audience from time to time using a Dynamic QR code generator online. This is how dynamic QR codes come in extra handy.

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How to create a Dynamic QR Code?

In QRTiger it's easy to create a dynamic QR code:

  • Go to www.
  • Select which type of QR feature you want
  • Enter the necessary data in the field below
  • Switch the button from static to dynamic 
  • Click “Generate QR Code”
  • Hit the download button and test your QR code

After creating your dynamic QR code, you can go to the Track data button to see your data or edit your URL.

What is a QR code? 

A QR code stands for ‘Quick Response Code’ and is generated using a QR code generator online. It is a 2-dimensional barcode type invented by Denso Wave in 1994.

Today, QR codes are used widely in different business sectors to give a digital dimension to a product, an item, billboards, posters, or flyers that leads to a URL. QR codes have two types: Static QR code and Dynamic QR code.

What are the two types of QR codes and how do they differ?how do dynamic and static qr codes work

Static QR code

  • does not allow changing of the destination address of the QR code once generated 
  • does not allow you to track the data of the scans and only leads you to one URL.
  • Free to create and you can generate as many as you want 
  • The data is store in the graphics of QR code. The more information stored, the smaller the dots get

Dynamic QR code

  • Is an editable QR code and will enable you to redirect the URL to another URL even after printing 
  • Allows you to track the data of scans and the profile or your scanners
  • The data is typically stored online a short dynamic URL on the QR code graphic
  • Requires active subscription

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How do dynamic QR codes work, and why brands and business companies are using them? 

Dynamic QR codes are making a buzz worldwide and are used as one of the most effective marketing techniques due to their advantage of making every campaign marketing a huge success.

So how do they work and what features do they have? 

Ability to Edit Landing Pages 

Some advantages of using dynamic QR codes as your new marketing strategy is the ability to edit the landing pages, track user data, attractive QR codes that convert, and enables you to turn on and off QR codes anytime you want. 

how do dynamic qr codes work editableThere are already a lot of brands and companies using QR codes for their advantage, and- if you are into business and marketing, not using Dynamic QR codes is like losing half of your customers in the market!

The significance of this advanced technology can help you boost your sales and elevate the demands of your items, goods, products, or services that you are offering and can even lead you to acquire new customers. 

Dynamic QR codes are great to update all your QR codes anytime you want and redirect them to different content throughout your marketing period. how do dynamic qr codes work

For example, today, you can lead your audience to video information about your goods or services. And within the next few weeks, you can update your Dynamic QR codes and lead them to another video content with reviews about your product or services from people!

It all depends on how you want to run your QR code marketing campaign, but it is guaranteed that Dynamic QR codes will be extra handy that adds value to your product or service. 

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Allows you to retarget your scanners

When you generate your URL QR code, File QR code, and H5 QR code webpage in dynamic form, you can easily retarget the scanners with your ads to increase conversion.

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Get notified with your QR code scans via email

Generating your dynamic QR code solutions (URL, File, and H5 Editor) also allows you to activate the scan notification feature. This allows you to receive an email alert whenever your QR codes are being scanned.

The information includes campaign code, number of scans, and the date when the QR code was scanned. You can set the frequency how often you will receive the scan report.

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How do dynamic QR codes are used in different cases?

You can also read here for more information. 

What types of Subscriptions can you avail in QRTIGER?

There is various Dynamic QR code online software that offers you to create your QR code. However, to ensure that your Dynamic QR code marketing campaigns are covered with optimum security, you need to look at some premium and advanced QR code generators that guarantee you to provide and deliver you results that you want.  

In QRTIGER QR Code Generator, there are four types of subscription you can choose which includes:

• Free 

• Regular 

• Advanced 

• Premium 

Each QR Code generator has unique functions, and you can choose which subscription type best suits you! You can also avail for the free dynamic QR code trial. 

Four tips to make your Dynamic QR code marketing a success

 1. Customize your QR code

customizable dynamic qr codes

To make your QR code attractive and appealing, adding colors and being creative is a plus point. Customizing and experimenting with your brand theme and make your visual QR code stimulating to your customers for them to scan it. 

 2. Always put a call to action in your dynamic QR code

 A call to action guarantees 80% more scans of your QR code. Make your customers take action to scan your QR code, so never forget to add an appropriate CTA of your custom-made QR code. 

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 3. Always make sure that the size of your QR code is appropriate to its advertising environment 

The size of your QR code is a crucial decision to keep in mind. A QR code gives a digital dimension to your products, so make sure your target audience will see it right away. Your QR code should be at least 2 x 2 centimeters in size. It’s always better to be safe than sorry; thus, printing your QR code larger would be an advantage. 

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 4. Place your QR code in the right position

 Give your QR code a central place in your product packaging so your customers will notice it instantly. It will improve your scanning rates twice faster! Also, don’t print your QR codes on uneven surfaces that will distort and crumple the image of your code, making it unscannable. 

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Why generating Dynamic QR codes is better with QRTIGER?

QRTiger is a credible QR code generator online trusted by many brands and companies such as Ford, Midea, Universal, Your M&S, and many others. Moreover, it has very responsive customer support that is quick to answer with your QR code marketing queries as well! 

dynamic qr codes are trackable

With so many advanced features and high-grade data tracking, QRTIGER has to offer. It is the best QR code generator for digital marketers that offers a reasonable price.

It produces the best visual QR code services. QRTIGER is the best free QR code generator online that you can choose to manage your dynamic QR codes. Create your unlimited Dynamic QR codes now!


How does the subscription plan work?

If you pay for one year, you get x amount of QR codes following your plan; they are valid for that time period. You don't get each year X new QR codes; you pay for the time your dynamic QR codes are valid.

What is the difference between a PNG and SVG file?

An SVG QR code file is a vectorial file that can be used in programs like Illustrator or InDesign. For Photoshop, you need to import your SVG file. An SVG file is great for printing at the highest quality. A PNG is a format to use online but can also be printed, although a PNG has less quality than an SVG.

How many times can my dynamic QR code be scanned?

You can scan your dynamic QR codes as many times as you like until your paid subscription expires, and you can also delete it any time you want. 

My QR code is not working; what can I do?

There are many reasons why a QR code is not working properly. First, check the data you entered. Sometimes there are little typos in your URL that break your QR code resulting in it not work. Also, it is essential to consider that when making your QR code, that the foreground color of your QR code should always be darker than the background. 

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Can I save QR codes as a template, and can I delete a template?

Yes, you can make a template, this saves you time next time you generate your QR code, and you can quickly delete your templates. Simply hover over the template, and a cross will appear to delete the template.

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What is the best format for the logo of the QR code?

You can add a logo to your QR code; however, your logo must be in a square format; otherwise, it might be stretched. It is also important to note whether you upload your logo in jpeg or PNG format. It is recommended to have a logo around 500KB to 1 MB.

What is a good QR code scanner?

All iPhones with iOS 11 can recognize QR codes using the camera feature in photo mode. This is the same for all new Androids.  Nevertheless, QRTiger is also a QR code scanner, and a QR code generator app rolled into one.

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Though dynamic QR codes have its equivalent price,  however it's definitely worth investing too! It has become an essential tool when it comes to digital marketing.

Whether you are running a retail store, e-commerce, or any type of business, dynamic QR codes serve as an efficient marketing tool that gives people a unique and more personalized experience adding value to your business!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

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