How to create an audio QR code in 5 steps

Last updated:   October 05, 2022

As people use QR codes to store and share files, how can you store audio in your QR code? What are the ways on how to use it?

Since the 19th century, people use audio to record voices and sounds for listening.

Thanks to Thomas Edison’s discovery, people can now record songs, audios, lectures, and speeches.

Because of that, they can listen to it without the need of asking the owner of the voice to say it again.

Using audio as a medium, we can save a memo, record meetings, and make an audio diary out of it.

For the judiciary department, audio recordings are a great source of evidence as they can detect the person’s motive by listening to the tone of its voice.

But as audio storing and sharing can be limited to local and cloud storage sharing, the need for a faster and lightweight capacity intensifies.

Because of that, tech enthusiasts are innovating new and existing ways to store and share audio files. And one of the solutions they found is through the use of QR codes.

If you are a secretary of your own organization, a songwriter, record producer, language instructor, or a person that uses audio as part of your personal and professional use, then you must first learn the basics of an audio QR code.

What is an audio QR code?

mp3 qr code

An audio QR code is a dynamic QR code solution that embeds an audio file into a QR code. The common audio format that you can embed into is MP3.

You can use this kind of QR code in your study, collection, and resumes as part of your interview introduction.

How to make a QR code for an audio file in 5 steps?

Now that you have known the two best ways to download audio from the internet, you can proceed in creating your audio QR code in 5 easy steps.

1. Open an audio QR code generator online

best qr code generator

The first step in creating your own audio QR code is through opening an audio QR code generator that can help you create your own QR code with no hassle.

QRTIGER is the best audio QR code generator that offers an ad-free and minimalistic QR code generation interface.

With its easy to generate software interface, you can ensure that the QR code you are creating is safe and secure.

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2. Select URL, File, or the MP3 QR code solution and upload audio

qr code solutions mp3 file url

In QRTIGER, there are 3 methods on how to make a QR code for an audio file. You can either use the URL QR code solution, File QR code solution, or the MP3 QR code solution.

Now, what is the difference with these three?

While the MP3 QR code solution only allows you to convert your audio file to QR code and nothing else, the File QR code solution allows you to upload and convert any types of files such as MP3, video file, image file, word files, and any other file into a QR code. 

So for example, if you have converted your audio file to a QR code and the very next day you decide to redirect it to a video file, image file, or another MP3 file, you can do so without having to reproduce or print another QR code which makes them convenient for the multi-media campaign using only a single QR code. 

You can also use the URL QR code if your audio file is stored online for example in Dropbox. 

Once you have opened the audio QR code generator, you can proceed in embedding your audio file into a QR code and you can choose between these two solutions. 

3. Create and personalize your QR code

customize qr code

You can absolutely create a creative QR code design! After you have uploaded your audio file, you can then create your audio QR code by selecting the generate QR code icon.

Through this, you can move on to the next part of the process.

The next part of this is to customize your QR code according to the audio you have added. 

In this way, you can choose the set of patterns, eye shapes, and colors.

Also, you can add the album thumbnail of the audio by selecting the add logo icon.

Through this, you will have no trouble in scanning the audio QR code you want to hear.

4. Test your QR code.

scan test qr code

To know that you converted the correct audio file to the QR code, testing it is required for QR code creators.

In this way, users can ensure that there will be no issues emerging during and after the QR code is scanned. Thus, making a conducive QR code experience.

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5. Download and deploy.

download and deploy qr code

After you are satisfied with your scan tests, you can proceed in downloading and deploying your QR code in your classes, fans, and clients.

In downloading your QR code, QR code experts recommend users to download their QR code in the highest quality possible.

If you are planning to print your QR code and add them to your poster, flyers, or lesson materials, the best QR code file format users are recommended to download their QR code is through the use of vector format like SVG.

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Ways on how to use audio QR codes

Audio is one of the most used types of multimedia that people use nowadays. With the creation of an audio to QR code, they can utilize the use of it in 5 notable ways.

1. Audio Learning Materials

audio learning materials

Audio QR codes are created to fasten audio sharing duration. Because of that, many music and language instructors are using these QR codes to create an organized audio learning materials for their students.

Because of that, the Foreign Language teachers at Boston University are using audio QR codes to focus their students on foreign language audio comprehension skills.

2. Music Album

One of the reasons why audio is one of the most sought after multimedia form of today is because of music.

As music enthusiasts are looking for a better alternative way to store and obtain their favorite music album, they see QR codes as the future of music storing and sharing.

Because of that, they can use these QR codes as their techy way to save music and create an album out of it.

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3. Audiobook Guide

Audiobooks are built to support people who have reading issues and writing issues. As a matter of fact, the audiobook industry in the U.S. has a total of 1.2 billion revenue in 2019.

Because of that, many audiobook listeners are using QR codes to save their favorite audiobooks and create a folder out of it.

4. Audio Museum Tours

audio museum qr code

When touring around a famous landmark or museum, we always need a tour guide to give us trivia about a certain corner of the area.

But as technology evolves, the information we want to from tour guides are now recorded via audio recordings.

Because of that, many museums and famous landmarks are now converting audio to QR code.

This way, they can easily let their tourists access the information via scanning these QR codes.

One of the museums that use these QR codes is the Whitney Museum of American Art.

5. Record label release teasers

mp3 qr code record label release teaser

Since QR codes bring brand awareness to people, using them in record label release teasers are great for music promotion. 

Thanks to its ability to be customized and trackable, record labels can know how many people are interacting with it.

One of the leading record labels that are using these QR codes in their music business is Universal Music Group.

The Universal Music Group are using these QR codes to add attraction to their hotels and promote their local music.

Advantages of audio QR codes

QR codes are a great tool to improve one’s personal and business tasks. Because of its genius making, they can accelerate their audio sharing experience.

Aside from accelerating the audio sharing experience, audio QR codes have five notable benefits that you can evidently agree with.

1. Promote offline to online interaction

online and offline qr code promotion

With the help of QR codes, users can let their listeners take on a new listening dimension. Because of that, they can bridge their listeners from offline to online experience with them.

2. Help organize audio files

Converting audio to QR code is a great way to organize your audio files. In this way, you can easily find the audio track you want to listen to.

3. Have a lighter storage capacity

QR codes have lighter storage capacity. As these codes use a URL to store audio, people will not have to worry about making space for them.

4. Editable

dynamic qr code editable

Since audio QR codes are dynamic QR codes, the data it holds can be edited. Because of that, they can update their audio without the need of generating new QR codes.

Thus, making these QR codes perfect for long-term usage.

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5. Trackable

dynamic qr code track data

If you are in the music marketing industry and is looking for a storing tool that can serve as a data tracking portal for sales and interactions, then these kinds of QR codes are perfect for you.

With its data tracking abilities, they can compare the effectiveness of their audio marketing campaign.

The data that they can track with these QR codes are the number of QR code scans, date of the scans made, device used in scanning (IOS, Android, or PC), and location of the scans ( Region, Country, and City).

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Tips on how to make the most of your audio QR codes

To fully utilize the QR code’s potential in the education, and business industry, there are 5 important tips that a QR code user must follow when dealing with audio QR codes.

1. Create a visually appealing QR code by customizing it

dynamic qr code visually appealing

This tip is important when generating a QR code.

Having a visually appealing QR code can increase people’s interaction with it, having them in your marketing and learning materials is a great step.

One of the means in creating a visually appealing QR code is to choose the right set of patterns, eye shapes, and color contrast.

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2. Align them with your theme.

As you are creating a visually appealing QR code, always consider aligning its elements with your theme to create a thematic audio campaign.

This way, you can give your audience a hint about your audio and the story behind it through 1qthe use of its customization elements.

3. Add your logo and call to action.

add logo and call to action

Adding a logo in your QR code can increase people's awareness about who owns the audio or music.

Using it, they can inform fans of their fans about their latest audio QR code releases and scan them.  

Also, adding a call to action to your QR code let's people know what audio content is stored in the QR code.

4. Choose the right placement and sizing. 

Since your audio QR code can be mostly available in the print platform, considering the right placement and sizing is a must.

By choosing the right placement of your QR code in the paper can increase the number of scans and gives convenience to people who will be scanning them.

QR code experts recommend users to place their QR codes in the eye level and crease-free areas of their materials.

To maintain the QR code’s scan-ability, the minimum QR code size is 2 cm x 2 cm or (0.8 in x 0.8 in).

If you are planning to place the QR code in billboards and buildings, the QR code experts formulated a sizing formula for that.

The formula is "scanning distance of the QR code from the scanner divided by 10."

5. Print a high-quality audio QR code.

qr code svg format high quality printing

Having your QR code printed in the highest quality possible can generate a lasting impression with it. Because of that, the QR code experts recommend users to print their QR codes in the highest quality possible to maintain its scan-ability.

By printing your QR code in SVG format, you can be sure that the QR code you are printing is of high quality.

Audio QR code – the modern way to share audio files today

Audio QR codes are the QR code experts’ response to finding a better alternative to store and faster share audio to people.

As they can change the way we share audio files, the problem in creating offline to online interaction is eradicated. 

With the help of the a QR code generator, you can unlock new possibilities with QR codes and upgrade the way we share audio files.

If you have  more questions about QR codes, you can also contact us on our website now.

Related terms

QR code generator for audio files 

QRTIGER QR code generator enables you to convert your files into a QR code.

For online audio links, you can use the URL QR code solution by copying the link of the audio file in field and generate your QR code.

You can also use the file or MP3 QR code solution to upload your audio file that is already in your computer. 

Music QR code generator for free 

For online audio links, you can use the URL QR code solution for free in static mode.

However you cannot edit the link of your audio file to another link.

To make editable and trackable audio QR codes for long-term use and long-term campaign, you need to generate your QR in dynamic mode so you don't have to reprint your audio QR codes again. 

You can try the free trial dynamic QR code here. 

brands using qr codes