File QR Code Converter: Digitize Your Files

Last updated:   March 10, 2023

A file QR code converter converts any types of file to QR code format.

When the file QR code is scanned using a smartphone device, it will redirect the user to a document/file that you have embedded into a QR code and it will display into the user's mobile device.

It could be a PowerPoint, word file, excel file, Mp4 file and many more.

There are various reasons and benefits why you would want to use a file QR code converter to convert your documents to QR code.

One of the main reasons for that is the convenience QR codes provide, unlike no other technological advancement that has ever been made. 

When it comes to delivering speed information to the end-user, the QR code technology comes first.

At the single scan of the QR code using smartphone devices, users can be taken to endless online information at their own convenience. 

For example, when the user converts his documents into a QR code, it streamlines information distribution to his target audience by the simple scan of QR codes.

It presents the data directly to the user’s smartphone screen without a hassle.

So how do you use a file QR code converter to convert your important files? Read more to know-how!

How to use a QR code generator to convert files to QR code  

  • Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online
  • Click the file QR code solution
  • Upload the document you want to convert into a QR code
  • Click the “generate QR code button” to start generating your QR code file.
  • Customize your QR code
  • Run a scan test
  • Download and deploy

File to QR code: ultimate guide on how to use a file QR code converter to convert your files into a QR code

Go to QR TIGER QR code generator onlineQR code generator with logoWith QR TIGER QR code generator online, you can entrust to convert your file into a QR code.

QR TIGER is one of the QR code generators online used by many brands worldwide. 

You can also check their website and see many international brands that have already used them.

Click the file QR code in the file QR code converter solution and upload your document

File QR codeConverting your file into QR code is under the file QR code solution category.

Click on this and upload your document that you want to convert into a QR code.

It could be an Mp4 file, Word document, Excel, PDF, image, and many more. 

However, if you need to embed multiple images in your QR code, you can use the image gallery QR code solution. 

Click the “Generate QR code button” to start generating your QR code file 

To start converting your file into a QR code, simply tap the green button that says Generate QR code.

Customize your QR

Customize QR code with logo

A little design can go a long way. Take advantage of QR TIGER's customization tools and create an attractive QR code.

You can select different patterns and eye shapes, change its pattern colors, and add logos and frames to it.

Run a scan test 

QR code scan testEven before you plan to download or print your QR code, make sure to do a scan test and see if it correctly redirects to the right information. 

Moreover, it’s important to check if the QR code scans easily as it should be.

A QR code that takes a lot of time to read might turn your scanners away. 

Download and deploy

Once you are done doing a scan test of your QR code, you can now start to deploy and print them in your marketing materials.

Convert PDF to QR code for free 

Convert pdf to QR code

A PDF QR code solution is under the File QR code category which is dynamic and requires your active subscription. 

Dynamic QR codes are advanced type of solution that allows you to track, edit your QR code, put a password, and many more. 

However, users are still given the option to generate dynamic QR codes for free using a free trial version of a dynamic QR here.

QR code basics

QR code solutions can be generated in two types. It’s either they come in a static form of QR code or a dynamic form of QR code. Now, what is the difference between the two?

Static QR code 

Static QR code

When the user generates his QR code solution in a static QR, the information is directly embedded in the graphics of the code.

This means, it only allows you to input a limited amount of data.

Furthermore, the information cannot be updated, and it stays permanent once resolved or generated. 

However, they are free to create and allows an unlimited amount of scans using QR TIGER.

Dynamic QR code 

Most QR code solutions can offer you to generate your QR code in static, but it is not necessarily applicable for all QR code solutions.

For example, in such cases, a file QR code converter solution is a dynamic QR.

When a file QR code is generated, users can input an unlimited amount of information into their QR code as the data is not directly stored in the graphics of the code. 

It only stores a short URL in the code itself that leads the target audience to online information once they scan the code. 

Dynamic QR code

The dynamic QR code data is stored in the QR code generator software, which can be edited and replaced even if the QR code has been printed.

Once you change your data and update your dynamic QR’s information, it will automatically update its front-end materials where it is deployed. 

 It doesn’t even matter if it has been printed or distributed online.

Once you made an update, it will directly do a quick follow-through. 

The QR code will automatically do its update and redirect the scanners to the new information.

Users can also track their QR code scans and see their QR code marketing campaign.

The dynamic QR code’s tracking ability system is beneficial for marketers, business people, and advertisers who want to understand their target market. 

Moreover, you can also activate the QR code password-protected feature if it is only intended to be shared with authorized individuals. 

File QR code best practices 

Add a call-to-action to your QR code

QR code call to actionYou should always and never forget to put a call to action or a CTA in your QR code. Without a proper CTA, scanners will not likely scan your QR code.

A call-to-action gives your scanners an instruction of what to do with your QR code. 

Otherwise, how would they know that it is not only a piece of art but meant to lead you into something more?

That being said, you will likely get more scans if your target audience understands what to do with your code.

Do not make inverted QR codes

Inverted QR code

One rule of thumb when making your QR code: Do not invert your QR code’s color. 

Your QR code’s foreground color should always be darker than the background color as QR readers are set to scan QR codes faster that are not inverted. 

For example, the traditional black and white QR code we usually see.

With that being said, you should also put enough contrast to your QR code’s color and make it blurry.

It should be a high-resolution QR image.

You can always experiment on your QR code design but make sure you follow a set of guidelines/rules.

Only implement the action in your QR code

QR code generator with logoMost QR code mistakes users tend to make with their QR is that they over-complicate their QR code implementation.

QR codes have different solutions intended for a specific need. 

A vCard QR code for a digital business card, a URL QR code for converting a landing page into a QR, or a social media QR code for converting your social media channels into a QR code.

Do not jumble all these things in one QR code. 

Strategic placement of your QR code 

Place your QR code where it can be easily seen and not overlooked. Place it at the eye-level surface. 

Benefits of converting your file into a QR code 

Share and download your files in a scan

QR code on posterWith file QR codes, you cannot only share your files right away but the end-user can also choose to download the file straight to their smartphone devices. 

You can easily incorporate a Dropbox QR code generator too if you want to streamline file sharing within your office or learning institution. 

Allows two-way street of advertising

QR codes are both scan-able in print and online display, enabling you to get the most out of your QR code information distribution.

You can use this most, especially if you use QR technology for marketing and advertising.

This allows you to target both offline and online audience using QR codes.

You can edit your file QR code

Dynamic QR code editableEven if your QR codes have been distributed all over, you don’t have to worry about updating or correcting your QR code’s information if you find some typo or want to redirect them into the new information.

You do not need to reproduce another one because of the QR code editor feature. 


For the same reason that QR codes can be updated to new data, you don’t need to allocate a budget for the printing costs.

You can distribute the fund with other essential expenditures. 

You can check for the prices of the dynamic QR codes here. 

Ability to track QR codes 

Track your dynamic QR codesThe conversion tracking ability of QR codes is a massive advantage to the marketing and business sector should they use QR codes as their marketing tool.

This allows them to see data of their QR code scans and a better return of investment. 

Image to QR code converter   

You can still use a file to QR code converter to convert PNG, Jpeg, and any file to QR code and customize it.

However, if you can to embed multiple images in a QR code, you can use the image gallery QR code solution. 

Just select the H5 QR code solution> click on Slider Images> upload your photos. 

Use a file QR code converter to convert your files and important documents 

To make your files easily accessible, scannable, and downloadable directly to smartphone users, convert your files to QR code. 

With QR codes, sharing and downloading of your file has never been this easier. 

If you need to generate your documents in bulk, contact us today so we can assist you. 

Frequently asked questions

How to create a QR code for a document 

A word document to a QR code is one of the most converted files to a QR.

Education and marketing mostly use this solution.

To create a QR code for a word document, simply upload your word file in the QR code generator, click the generate QR code button to start converting your QR code for a word document.

How to share a file through QR code?

To share a file via QR code, the user only needs to point his camera towards the QR code, open the data associated with the QR and click the download option button that will be displayed on his smartphone screen. 

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