How to create a video QR code in 7 steps

Last updated:   July 14, 2022

Video QR codes make it easy for your target audience to access a video right away by being accessible using the smartphone devices. 

Once your QR code is scanned using the user's smartphone, it will display a video content to the end-user's mobile device. 

With the 21st century technological integration, face-to-face interaction has now turned mostly to virtual interaction, using our smartphone devices.  

Video QR codes are great for questions like, “Is there a way I can share my video instantly without having for people to look over it and tediously type the entire link before they can watch the video?" Because yes! there is using QR codes!

In this blog, you will be introduced to smart ideas on how to turn a video into a QR code. Keep reading to find out!  

What is a Video QR code? 

video qr code

A video QR code will directly lead scanners to a video display once the QR code is scanned. To scan a QR code, you only need your smartphones in a photo mode or a QR code reader app.  

I know we have all been very familiar with the traditional print media promotions, such as mentioning the name of the video on banners, flyers, brochures, and so on. 

But do you honestly think people would waste their time, take their phones out and type the name or the link of the video just to watch it? Yeah, we’re the same mate because it’s a big NO for me.

People wouldn’t even bother. 

To overcome this problem, the alternative and is the most effective solution there is- is to convert your video to QR code! 

The QR code, when scanned, will automatically redirect the scanners to the video you would like to share! You only need to use a QR code generator online! 

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How to make a QR code for a video

Using QRTIGER, you can convert a video to a QR code in three ways. These are ways on how to turn a video into a QR code easily.

✅ Option 1: Using URL/File Storage Services

If you have your video file in Google Drive, Dropbox, or anything similar, you can start making your QR code.

-Simply get the shareable link of the file.

-Then go to www. and click the URL tab 

-Paste the link and generate your QR code in the “URL” section. Choosing the static mode will allow you to convert your video to QR code for free. 

This choice allows you to upload large video file sizes without any problems.

✅ Option 2: Using the File QR Code Option

There is a much more convenient way to create a video QR code. You don’t need to have a file storage account. And no need to use any website.

-Just have your video files such as MP4, AVI, or MOV ready. 

-Simply go to www. and click the file tab 

-Upload your video and generate your QR code.

Now what’s interesting in the file feature QR code services is that not only it allows you to upload and generate your video QR code, but you can also upload other files like MP3, Jpeg, PDF, word, excel file, and more!

So for example, if you want to replace your video QR code with another video content or other files like a PDF, MP3, or an image, you can do so without having to regenerate another QR code, as it is a dynamic form! Thus, allowing you to have a multimedia campaign in a single QR. 

But keep in mind that there is a file size limit depending on your plan. 

✅ Option 3: Uploading in YouTube

Want your audience to be able to skim through your video? Do you want to post a long video? There is also an option for that.

-You can upload your video on YouTube and then copy the link.

-Then, go to and click the YouTube tab.

-Paste your URL and generate your QR code.

One benefit is that your video can be searched even if your audience no longer has your QR code. 

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Two types of QR codes you can create for your video

Natively, there are two types of QR codes you can generate for your video QR code which are static and dynamic.static vs dynamic qr code video

 Video QR code in static mode is permanent.  This means, when your QR code is scanned, it leads you permanently to that video and it cannot be changed or replace with another video file.

The static mode also act as a free QR code generator that allows you to convert video to QR code for free. 

If you generate your video QR code in dynamic mode. You can replace your video file to another video anytime without needing to generate another QR code again.

You can edit it even though your QR code has been printed which allows you to save money in the long run. 

Furthermore, video QR codes in dynamic mode will allow you to keep track of your QR code scans. 

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How do you play the QR code that is linked to the video? 

Open your camera or QR code reader app and hold it steadily towards the code for 2-3 seconds. Once recognized, your video is ready to play! 

How to use your video QR code?

Personal Use

Boost your YouTube Channel

Grow your subscribers by sharing your Video QR code that links to your YouTube channel or your entire channel!youtube qr code You can print your QR code on flyers, posters, or even have it online through social media platforms or email. It is an effortless way to drive traffic to your site!

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Upgrade your traditional resume to a much more standard resume! Using a QR code, you might just be giving a digital dimension to your application letter! It will make you stand out from the pool of applicants!video qr code for resume You can link your QR code to your full job history, portfolio, skills, or experiences and increase your chances of getting hired! Moreover, it also showcases that you are a tech-savvy person! An excellent way to impress your prospective employer! 

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Advocacy Campaign

video qr code advocacy campaignEncourage people to go with your movement with a strong, and powerful video! Turn your video to QR code and talk about your advocacy, and persuade them right away! It is much more efficient than blogging about it, which takes time. Furthermore, you can also attach your QR code to posters and flyers and spread them
all out. 

Business and Entrepreneur 

Update your Products

Update your customers about what has changed or what has been added to your products! Create a website QR code that will lead them to a video instead of writing about it! video qr codes products

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how to video qr code You cannot have all the information compacted on a product packaging as the size is limited for specific details. Educate your consumers on how to use your product using a QR code! This way, it will be much easier for them to understand how to handle your item correctly by showing them actual demonstrations! 

Brochures and Magazines

No need for lengthy information. Emphasize your product digitally to consumers and let them visualize about your service or goods instantly with a QR code. video qr code for your magazine

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Marketing/Advertising Campaign

Visual advertising and marketing are always the best! People like to see more than they read.

For example, a restaurant business can have a marketing plan by conducting promotions in addition to using interactive restaurant menu QR code software and a digital menu app. To entice clients and increase engagement, a restaurant can develop a video about their establishment.

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Share the highlight of your event through a video and give your guests a sneak peek at what awaits them! Pique their interest and make them go!

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video qr code for your eventUpcoming movie

Post the teaser of an upcoming movie or web show! It could be on billboards, banners, or posters. video qr code movie Education

Promote E-learning

Learning through visuals is always the best way to understand how things work. Create a QR code for your class that will make them understand better how a complex mechanism works, such as the anatomy of the human body. 

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Where to create your video QR code? 

To create a QR code, you need to have a QR code generator online like QRTIGER.  This QR code software provides you three different options to generate your QR code such as URL, YouTube, MP4: 

URL QR code – link your QR code to your website or any landing page that directly shows them the video

YouTube – create a video QR code for your YouTube channel! 

MP4 QR code – If you already have a video and you want to generate a QR code for it, you can convert the mp4 to a QR code.

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How to make a QR code for a video? Step by step guide! 

1. Go to

video qr code There are three types of video QR codes you can create. Identify which one of them. 

If you want to create a QR code for your YouTube video, then click on the “YouTube” category.

On the other hand, if you want to convert your MP4,  AVI, or MOV into a QR code, click on the “File” menu and upload your MP4 file. 

If you have your video file in Google Drive, Dropbox, or anything similar, you can start making your QR code.

Simply get the shareable link of the file and paste it in the “URL” section. This choice allows you to upload large video file sizes without any problems. 

2. Enter the URL or the video file in the box provided

Upload the URL or the necessary data needed to generate your QR code according to your desired QR code solution for your video. 

3. Click Static or Dynamic (but it’s better to choose Dynamic)

dynamic video qr code

Static QR codes have fixed information and you cannot edit it. Therefore, once you generate your QR code using static, it will permanently redirect you to that particular video.

You cannot change it. On the other hand, when you use a Dynamic QR code, it will allow you to change the video link to another video without having to generate another QR code. You can change it anytime even in real-time.

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4. Click the “generate QR code” button

To start generating your QR code, click generate.

5. Personalize your QR code

custom qr codes

Add colors of your QR code, set unique edges, choose patterns, or add a frame and make it stand-out! You can do this even if it static.

Static QR codes are free to create and QRtiger provides unlimited scans of your QR code even if it is static. 

6. After you’re done hit the download button

Download your QR code in PNG or SVG format and start to distribute your QR code! 

Why choose Dynamic QR codes instead of Static QR codes? 

For easy access and changing of video URLs, dynamic QR codes are the best option for you. Since it allows URL changing, the inconvenience that dead links can give to you will lessen.

By using dynamic QR codes, you can track the number of scans made, the location where the scan takes place, and the device used in scanning.

Also, dynamic QR codes allow the upload of videos at a limited file size capacity. By using dynamic QR codes, infinite possibilities, and uses in using QR codes can be unlocked.

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Reasons why you should make QR codes for videos

Since the integration of QR codes make way towards creative utilization, here are 5 reasons why you should convert video to QR code:

1. Easy content viewing

In a world where easy access to contents and video is important to go through hectic daily schedules, the need for alternative navigation was qr code for ads

By incorporating QR codes for videos, easy content viewing was realized.

If you use QR codes for videos, the trouble of inputting links of content such as videos will no longer be needed and thus, lets you view the video without any hassle and interruption.

Thus, the convenience of direct access to videos is achieved through the usage of QR codes.

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2. Effortless video organization

The time spent in organizing and storing referential videos can be a hassle for you and your phone storage. But with the use of QR codes, your time spent in saving and organizing referential videos can be lessened by 50%.

As you are going to generate QR codes for these videos, you can just rename the file according to what video is stored in the QR code.

This can be helpful to those who love watching movies and series and can’t stand typing the site’s URL and searching the clip’s titles. 

3. Serves as a variable for researching new digital means of sharing videos.

For people who take research as part of their daily function, QR codes for videos can be good research to focus on as you can compare data from the conventional means of sharing videos to tracking the number of scans made in a video that you are sharing by using dynamic QR codes as an instrument of collecting data. 

4. Modernizes video link sharing

As modernization drives society to become more productive, the same logic goes with QR codes. The usage of QR code video promotes the modernization of video link sharing and it makes more room for other activities.

In learning, the hassle of flashing lengthy video links pushes the students to lose their excitement to learn. But with the integration of QR codes for learning videos, students learn new ways of unlocking videos that are needed for enrichment.

Hence, QR codes for videos introduce new means of video link sharing in a modernized way.

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5. Futurize technology utilization

As we are approaching futuristic living, technological innovation such as QR technology introduces new experiences in mundane activities such as viewing videos, opening digital books, and more.

In this way, QR technology jumps into the future of daily living.

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Make video QR codes with the best QR code generator today

With the birth of QR codes, data-sharing has now become way more manageable.

In one scan, it could lead you to thousands and hundreds of unlimited information ~digitally~ which are more interactive and livelier than ever!

With the tips on how to turn a video into a QR code, you can share your video effectively in an instant and hassle-free using QR codes! It’s fast and quick. 

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Important to remember: 

Don’t forget to add a call for action! A statement such as “Scan to watch video” will likely get more scans! Also, the right placement of your QR code should be highly considered!

Place it in areas with a high amount of visibility so that people will notice it right away! 


How to make a QR code for a YouTube video? 

To create a QR code for a YouTube video, go to, click on the YouTube menu category. Copy and paste the URL or data of the YouTube video that you want to generate. 

How to convert video to QR code?

To convert a video to QR code, visit, click on the file QR code category and paste the URL of your video that you want to convert into a video QR code.

How to scan the QR code to watch a video?

QR codes are accessible using smartphone devices. The user only needs to point his mobile phone in the photo mode towards the QR code steadily for 2-3 seconds. After that, tap on the notification that appears to access the video content associated with the QR code. 

If I use a Dynamic QR code, what are the available subscription plans that I can avail of in a QR code generator?

Subscription plans vary from one QR code generator to another. However, the common categorization of subscription plans is regular, advanced, and premium with a pricing difference range of $9.00 to $30.00.

If you are availing of a subscription plan in QRTIGER, the pricing difference range starts from $9.00 to $21.00. You can check the bundle that comes with the different subscription plans here.

Does QR code scanning require internet access?

No. However, to ensure the QR code’s content is accessible, it is best to have internet access for most of the QR code’s content is linked online.

Especially when a QR code is generated using an online QR code generator, internet access is required.

What is the best free QR code generator for video files with a logo that we can use in convert video to QR code for free?

There are plenty of available free online QR code software that you can use in generating QR codes for your video.

However, if you are looking for a free QR code generator for video files that lets you try your QR code knowledge in creating  QR codes go to can be the best option to refer to.

With a user-friendly interface, uncertainties about the software will be eradicated.

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