Create a QR Code for a Google Form: Scan & Collect Responses

Update:  June 21, 2024
Create a QR Code for a Google Form: Scan & Collect Responses

Collect responses in just a scan using a Google Form QR code. With a quick smartphone scan, users can instantly access a Google fill-out form.

QR codes are often used to give a digital dimension to products or promotional materials that lead scanners to a certain website or destination page.

But they offer more than that. Businesses can now use them for various purposes, such as contactless registration forms. With QR codes, you can easily share your digital form online and even offline.

It's one of the most innovative and convenient ways to make a contactless method of obtaining responses for business establishments, events, schools, and every entry point.

Read more to learn how a Google Forms QR code works and how to make a customized one.

How does a Google Forms QR code work?

What is a Google Forms QR code really, and how does it work? This solution specifically converts a Google Form into a QR code. Instead of sharing the link, a scan of the code automatically directs users to the form hassle-free.

To convert a Google Form into a QR code, first, you must create a fill-out form using Google Forms. The question is: How to make a Google Form?

It’s easy. Just log in to your Google account and select Forms from the menu located in the upper right corner. Simply create one using the templates available.

Once you have a Google Form, proceed to create a QR code using the Google Form QR code generator. You can then link the QR code to your form online using the shareable Google Form link.

When the QR code for Google Forms is scanned, the Google Form will automatically display on your users’ smartphone screens. This allows them to easily fill out your registration form, survey form, and many more.

There are many ways QR codes can help improve your workflow using Google services. Aside from Google Forms, you can also use Google Slides QR code to share your presentation instantly.

Create a QR code for Google Form

Here's how you can make a QR code for a Google Form in 5 simple steps:

  1. Go to QR TIGER online and select Google Form QR solution from the menu.
  2. Add your shareable Google Form link in the box.
  3. Select Dynamic QR so you can edit and track your code anytime.
  4. Click Generate QR code.
  5. Style your QR, run a quick scan test, and download.

How to create a QR code for Google Forms: A step-by-step guide

Follow these simple steps on how to create a QR code for Google Forms using a QR code generator Google Form extraordinaire: 

  • Copy the shareable link of your Google Form.
  • Go to QR TIGER online and choose the Google Form QR solution.
  • Paste the shareable Google Form link in the empty field.
  • Choose Dynamic QR. Then, click Generate QR code.
  • Customize the appearance of your QR code to make it unique.
  • Click Download to save your custom QR code with a logo for Google Forms.

You can also choose whether to download or print your QR code in PNG or SVG format printed format. Nevertheless, both work great in print!

But if you wish to have a scalable QR code, SVG format is ideal. It lets you resize your QR code while maintaining its high print quality.

Why dynamic Google Form QR code is better

Static QR code will not allow you to change or modify the stored Google Forms link of your QR code.

On the other hand, a dynamic QR code allows you to change the stored link within your QR code to a new link, redirecting scanners to a different fill-out form online.

When you create a QR code for Google Forms in dynamic mode, you can easily edit your QR code for Google Forms without creating or reprinting a new QR code.

This means you can reuse your QR code.

Moreover, if you’re using QR codes for marketing purposes, you can also track your QR code analytics scans and understand your target market’s behavior.

You can also unlock more advanced features with a dynamic QR code; that’s why it is advisable to learn how to generate a code using a dynamic and integrated QR code generator Google Form maker. 

You can even use a QR code for Google Doc for your important document files.

Why QR codes for Google Forms?

Easy Google Forms link-sharing

Even offline, you can share your Google Forms link with QR codes. You can share them not just online but also offline, whether you share them using print materials like posters, flyers, or banners.

Unlike sharing the raw link, QR codes are way easier to share. You can take a picture of it, save it on your gallery, and access it whenever you want.

This solution isn’t just limited to Google Forms. With the Google services QR code generator, you can use many solutions for different Google apps like Google Slides, Google Apps, and more!

Quick access to fill out forms online

In just seconds, you can access and view the stored information in your QR code. With a swift scan using a smartphone, you can instantly fill out the online form.

With QR technology, you can collect survey responses or data in just a scan.

You won’t have to display the raw Google Forms link. Google Forms QR code converts your link to a compact, scannable code that’s easier to access.

Mobile-friendly approach

There’s no need for special devices to decode a QR code. All you need is a smartphone.

According to BankMyCell’s mobile user statistics, there were 6.92 Billion smartphone users around the world in November 2023.

This number indicates that it’s getting more crucial to adopt a mobile-first strategy. And QR code technology is there to achieve this easily.

It takes a quick smartphone scan to access the Google Forms link, and you can then fill out the digital form. Anyone with a smartphone can scan your QR code. This way, you can collect more responses.

Convenient survey method

Traditionally, people usually conduct printed survey forms. This pen-and-paper method can be a hassle for the target respondents.

But with QR codes, you can turn this around. This technology provides your target respondents unparalleled convenience when filling out the online form.

Google Forms QR code practical uses

Customer feedback

Customer feedback is one important thing you should consider in developing your entire business—services, products, processes, and more.

Encourage customers to give feedback on your business, products, or other offerings using QR code technology.

A QR code for Google Forms makes this easier for them to give a review. Hence, it can help gain more responses, extract customer insights, and develop a strategy that can help you improve your business.

Online surveys

Another way you can use the Google Forms QR code solution is online surveys. Online or offline, your target respondents can access them effortlessly.

Although online surveys are convenient, QR technology makes it even more convenient and accessible.

Event pre-registration

Create a QR code for Google Forms and allow all event attendees to instantly register online using their own devices. This streamlines the event process, making the registration experience smooth and hassle-free.

QR codes for Google Forms links allow scanners to register their name directly. This way, there’s no need for them to line up. This method also minimizes typographical errors.

Hotel check-ins

Simplify hotel check-ins with QR code technology. Scanning the QR code with the Google Forms links lets guests check in to your hotel conveniently.

Having an efficient hotel check-in system can significantly improve customer satisfaction. It’s easy to do this with QR codes, which can help you create a smooth and fast check-in system.

Appointments & reservations

Booking appointments and reservations can no longer be a hassle process for customers with QR technology.

Before, businesses implemented manual booking systems. Thanks to QR codes, it’s easy for them to transform this time-consuming process into a streamlined and efficient digital experience.

Contactless registration in times of COVID-19 pandemic

The emergence of contactless registration forms has surfaced, particularly during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not just in registration but also in processes, especially in the payment method. The government compels businesses to implement a contactless payment system to continue their operations.

Everyone, including the government and private sectors, has joined efforts in taking all the precautionary measures they can do to avoid contracting the disease.

Moreover, the restaurant industry also employs contactless transactions within its establishment with the use of interactive restaurant menu QR code software to cater to customers in a safe manner.

The menu QR code can also get customer details (if customers fill out the necessary information needed) for contact tracing purposes.

Now, this is not only done through social distancing means, but contactless interaction such as e-payments and contactless registration forms are also pursued powered by QR codes.

Using QR codes for a non-physical interaction can combat the virus that can spread through direct contact and physical materials.

Instead of standard forms, these forms can be replaced with digital fill-out forms using QR codes without touching anything but your smartphone. 

You can also send emails instantly using the Gmail QR code for faster transactions. You only have to scan the QR code using your smartphone in a photo mode or QR code reader app, making it conveniently accessible to people of all ages.

All you have to do is scan the QR code for Google Forms, fill out the form with the necessary data displayed on your smartphone, and click the Submit button.

Go digital and contactless with QR TIGER QR Code Generator

Creating a QR code for Google Forms is a great way to collect accurate information conveniently and efficiently.

Not only does it minimize having to manually fill up the form, it lessens the contact and makes the process even quicker.

It is also a convenient way to collect data or information from people using only smartphone devices.

You can change the stored Google Form link to new data behind it without generating another QR code.

Now that you know how to make a QR code for a Google form, you can now generate one using QR TIGER, the best QR code generator online.

When you generate a QR code for Google Forms with QR TIGER, you can guarantee its quality and efficiency. Digitize your process by signing up for QR TIGER today.

Frequently asked questions

How do I create a QR code for my Facebook Page?

It’s easy to create a QR code for your Facebook page with QR TIGER. Just go to QR TIGER > Select Facebook QR code solution > Add your Facebook page link > Choose Static QR or Dynamic QR > Generate QR code.

Once your FB page QR code is generated, you can customize it and add a logo. Once scanned using a smartphone, the code directly leads scanners to your Facebook page.

How do I create a QR code for a Google Form?

It's easy to create a Google Form QR using QR TIGER. Use the Google Form QR solution, add your link, generate a QR, and then save it for easier sharing.

How to make a Google Form?

To make a Google Form, simply login to your Google account. Once signed in, click the candy box button in the upper right corner. Scroll down and click Forms. You can use a clean template or a pre-designed one.

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