How to create a QR code with a logo in 6 steps

Last updated:   May 18, 2022

A QR code with logo is generated using a QR code software with logo online. There are a lot of QR code generator available in the online market, but somehow, not all of these services allows you to make a custom QR code with logo. 

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How to create a QR code with a logo in QRTIGER QR code generator

  1. Go to
  2. Select which type of QR code you want to generate.
  3. Click static QR code or dynamic QR code.
  4. Click the "generate button" to generate your QR code.
  5. Customize and add a logo, select your choice pattern, add colors, frame, and make a visual QR code
  6. Do a scan test of your QR code and see if it redirects you to the correct address you have entered

Visual QR code 

qr code with logo

By customizing your QR code, you can make a visual QR code with logo. You can also add a frame, set the colors, and your QR code pattern. 

A visual QR code attracts 80% more scans than the monochromatic QR code as it is eye-catchy and appealing.

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QR code basics: Why is it better to generate a Dynamic QR code with logo instead of a Static QR code with logo? 

What is the difference between static and dynamic QR codes? Let's find out! 

What is a static QR code?

Static QR codes have a fixed URL or data that leads to a permanent URL or information once resolved or generated.

When you generate your QR code in static mode, you cannot edit or change it. It leads you permanently to the data you have encrypted.  

What is a dynamic QR code with logo?

dynamic qr code with logo

Dynamic QR codes are an adjustable type of QR code. This means, you can edit your QR code or change the URL to another URL even though it has already been deployed or printed in your marketing materials.

This saves you time and money as you don't need to regenerate your QR code again. 

Furthermore, unlike the static QR codes, dynamic QR codes allow you to track your QR code scans' data in real-time. 

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Bulk QR code generator with logo bulk qr code generator with logo

Are you planning to make multiple QR codes with a unique URL, but generating them individually could be a lot of hassle, right? A bulk QR code generator is the answer for you! Bulk QR code allows you to create a QR code in bulk. 

What are the types of QR codes you can create? 


You can convert any URL into a QR code. This is similar to converting a website address into a QR code.


vcard qr code with logo

vCard QR code allows you to make a digital business card.

Unlike the traditional business card, you can use a vCard QR code and redirect your scanners to a piece of more in-depth and detailed information about you. 

With a vCard QR code, you can store various more information about yourself, even including your social media accounts like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, email, address, and many more!

You can also make a vCard QR code with logo!

File undefined

File QR code allows you to generate a QR code with logo for your files such as PDF, MP3, MP4 file, Jpeg, or PNG.

This QR code solution is dynamic in nature therefore it is an editable type. For example, if you have generated a PDF QR code and you want to redirect it to another PDF file or even change it to MP3 file, Jpeg or MP4 file, this is possible without having to generate another QR code again. 

You just need to edit the content of your file QR code in and this can be done within seconds. You can even edit it in real-time

Social media 

social media qr code

Social media QR code connects and displays all of your social media platforms in one scan. This makes it easier for your followers to follow and connect with you on your social media accounts. 

H5 editor 

You can build your own website using the H5 editor QR code. This is similar to a web page QR code where the link goes straight to the web page QR code you have generated. 


wifi qr code

When you generate a WIFI QR code, you can automatically scan the QR code and connect your guests to the internet without having to type long passwords! 

If you own a business establishment, this is also a way to give your customers a seamless experience when visiting the place by making it convenient to connect right away to the internet hassle-free. 

App stores

app stores qr code

Are you a web developer? Do you have an app that you wish you have more downloads? App store QR code is the right solution for you. 

If there's any tool out there that is useful and convenient when it comes to marketing your app, app stores QR code is the answer. 

This type of QR code will help you to promote faster downloads of your app. So how does this work?

App stores QR code will redirect your scanners to Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, or Apple app store to install or download your app using a single QR code. 

Your scanners will be automatically redirected on which play store they need to download your app based on their devices' operating systems.

If they are an Android user, they will be redirected to the Google Play store, or if they are Apple users, they will be redirected to the Apple App Store.  

Multi URL QR code

Under the Multi-URL QR code solution, the user can generate multiple URLs in one QR code.

In this feature, the user can generate a multi-URL QR code for language feature that redirects to different landing pages of any language, a multi-URL QR code that redirects based on number the number of scans, a multi-URL QR code for time redirection, and a multi-URL QR code for location feature redirection. 

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mp3 qr code

You can make an Mp3 QR code for your soundtrack as well.

This is useful for converting podcasts or audio into a QR code that will give your audience easy access to listen by scanning the QR code.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest QR code 

You can also make a QR code for your individual social media platforms that you like to grow or market with.

Email QR code

An email with an attached QR code is a new trend to power-up your email marketing through QR codes! 

Text text qr code

Text QR code enables you to create a message or short texts. In QRTIGER's text QR code generator, you can encode words, serial numbers, punctuation marks, and even include emojis. 

You can embed up to 1268 characters long in QRTIGER's text QR code generator. 

How to make your own QR code with logo step by step guide

1. Go to

qr code generator software

Unlike other QR code generators, you can make your QR code with logo in QRTIGER even if static or dynamic.

2. Select which type of QR code you want to generate 

As we have discussed above, you can generate different types of QR codes; choose among them which QR code solution you need.

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3. Click static or  dynamic QR code

Static QR code will lead you to a permanent URL and not trackable, while dynamic QR codes enable you to change your URL or embedded data to another file and track your data. 

4. Click generate to generate your QR 

To start generating your QR code, click on the "generate QR code" button.

5. Customize and add a logo, select the pattern of your choice, add color and frame 

visual qr code

To make a QR code with logo, you need to customize your QR code, add a logo, and set the patterns and layout if you want to change it.

You can even replace the logo with an image or icon.

6. Do a scan test of your QR code 

Before printing and deploying your QR code, it is crucial to make a double-check and see if it correctly leads you to the correct data.

Especially if you plan on generating your QR code in static mode, you need to do a scan test as it does not allow you to edit your QR code.

Best practices when creating a QR code with logo 

1. Use a dynamic QR code.

dynamic qr code

It is always advisable to use a Dynamic QR code as it is editable and trackable.

Most importantly, if you are a marketer or businessman who uses QR codes as a way to generate leads.

You can also engage your customers with a variety of information and change it as you move along with the different phases of your QR code marketing campaign. 

You can re-target your QR code to any campaign material or another landing page address anytime you want, allowing you to have multiple campaigns in one without having to generate another QR code again.

Moreover, tracking your QR scans using a dynamic QR code is vital to understand the flow of your QR code marketing campaign. 

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2. Create a QR code with logoundefined

Customizing your QR code by adding a logo, icon, or image makes it look more professional and outstanding than a plain-looking QR.

3. Add a customizable frame and a call to action in your QR code

How will your target audience know what they are supposed to do with your QR code if it doesn't have a call to action? 

Call to action like "scan me" or "Watch a video!" "Scan for details!" is essential to give your scanners an idea to scan your QR code. 

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4. QR code correct sizingqr code size

Do you plan on printing your QR code on a billboard? In a flyer? Or a business card? QR codes will differ in sizes depending on where you will place or attached them. 

If you have plans to print your QR code, for example, on a billboard, you might as well download your QR code in SVG format as SVG is stretchable to any sizes without affecting the QR code's quality. 

The further you will place the QR code, the bigger the size should be.

However, if scanners will scan it from a closer range, the estimated size of a QR code should be at least 1.2 inches (3-4 cm) in dimension.

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Print your QR code in a high-quality image

Make the image of your QR code sharp and avoid printing blurry QR codes! The finer the quality of the image of the QR code, the quicker it will scan!

Generate your QR code with a logo now with QRTIGER! 

Generating your QR code with a logo in QRTIGER is an easy way to generate your QR codes and customize it according to your brand theme, purpose, and aim.

If you have more questions, you can also contact us here. 


How do I generate QR codes with text or logos embedded?

To generate QR codes with text and embedded logo, go to QRTIGER text solution QR and generate your QR code with an encrypted text.

To add a logo, simply customize your QR code and upload your desired logo. 

How to add a logo to a QR code? 

To add a logo to a QR code, simply customize your QR and upload your logo using a customizable QR code generator online. 

brands using qr codes