About Us

Last updated:  April 09, 2021

Our story

Since limitless use of QR codes is envisioned by continual technological innovation, QRTiger jumped in to provide the simplest yet comprehensive QR code generation software for individuals who want to learn how to integrate the use of QR codes into their personal and business affairs. Established in 2019, QRTiger's mission and vision have touched thousands of small and medium businesses and continues to reach more businesses that are struggling to keep up with the use of technology.

About the Founder

QRTiger Limited was founded by Benjamin Claeys, an architect who is based in Asia for 13 years. As his love to bring better QR code solutions for businesses and personal brands, QRTiger’s QR code generator with logo started. 

Meet the Team

QRTiger has two offices in Singapore, and China that operates both in marketing and customer services. Both teams always communicate with each other to better improve the quality of the service they provide for their customers. 


QRTiger aims to provide simpler yet better QR code generation platform for startups and established businesses and personal brands that trying to incorporate the use of QR codes into their business. 


QRTiger plans to expand its jurisdictions from providing better QR code solutions for companies by making the company be known as QRTiger, a platforms that links business and personal works with everything. 

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