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QR codes connect the physical and digital worlds—but there's so much more they can do. QR TIGER provides the most number of advanced QR code solutions, features, tracking technology, and integrations. Launched in 2018, taking you all the way to the future.
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QR TIGER is the most secure QR code generator. Ever. We make sure your QR code data is protected only with the highest levels of security and privacy
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We’re recognized by ProductHunt and G2 as the most advanced QR code generator with logo for our features and comprehensive customization tools.


Most advanced safety tools like 2FA - internal audits
Monitored 24/7 by human and artificial intelligence

GDPR and CCPA Compliant

Fully compliant with EU and CA privacy regulations
Data anonymized prior to database storage


Create up to 1,000 new branded links per second
Rapid autoscaling server clusters


18K+ Developers already using our APIs
Thousands of dedicated projects


99.9% Guaranteed service uptime
Hosted in multiple countries on Amazon AWS


60 billion clicks tracked yearly (and counting)
An infrastructure that’s set up to grow with you
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QR TIGER’s custom QR codes bite! Our studies reveal that they get up to 40% more scans!
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Full customizationJazz up your QR code and make them stand out! Upload your logo or any image to get more scans.
Create stunning dynamic QR codesWith a Dynamic QR Code Generator, you can track the following scan data: the number of scans, the time and location of scan, and the devices use.
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Next-gen QR code analytics
QR TIGER is the only QR code generator with an intuitive dashboard that packs all the tools you need.
Manage your QR codesSet alert, keep a watchlist, and monitor your top 10 QR code campaigns. Rename your QRs and sort them into folders.
QR code management
Learn from your scansEasily track scan times, locations, user devices, and the total number of scans in a particular time period. Reoptimize your campaigns on-the-go.
Trackable data
Smart tracking and retargetingIntegrate your campaigns with Google tag Manager and Facebook pixel ID. Connect with any software via Hubspot, Zapier, and more.
Integration and retargeting tool
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ForbesQR TIGER is an advantage QR Code generator that allows you to customize your QR codes and track valuable customer data. You can create dynamic QR codes for URL, files, vCards, and Multi-URL.Forbes
Yahoo financeAs the digital climate continues to evolve it is clear that it will require initiative and hard work fro those who wish to stay on top. One thing is for sure: However the space changes, it is certain that QR TIGER will be there, leading the charge.Yahoo Finance
Gulf newsQR TIGER is designed to meet the changing needs of modern marketers and businesses, making it the best QR code generator in the market todaysGulf News
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Comprehensive QR code solutions
Using our free QR code generator with no expiry, the only limit is your imagination
URL QR CodesFor website links and landing pages.
URL QR code
QR code integrations
Connect our online QR generator with CRM platforms and other tools for smooth operations
ZapierIntegrate URL, vCard or static QR codes in your workflows, Available in our Advanced and Premium plans.
HubspotSend QR codes to your contacts at scale. Using our QR code generator, you can customize QR codes with your branding and/or theme.
CanvaDownload the QR TIGER app on Canva and easily integrate dynamic QR codes into your designs. No need to manually upload and insert your codes.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics - GA4Connect your campaigns with GA4 and track your scans from pageview to conversion. Test and measure to improve the ROI of your campaigns.
Google Tag Manager
Google Tag ManagerConnect your QR TIGER dashboard with your GTM account and set up automatic bidding or retargeting campaigns to users who have engaged with your QR codes.
Monday.comInstantly turn links into QR codes directly on Monday.
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