Bulk QR Code Generator: Create Multiple QR Codes

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Update:  May 24, 2023
Bulk QR Code Generator: Create Multiple QR Codes

In a world of time-bounded tasks, how can a bulk QR code generator come in handy? In what way can we benefit from it? Are there other tools that we can use?

As businessmen have not enough time to manually input pertinent documents in their marketing reports, doing them in bulk becomes a convenience for them.

But as they venture towards more extensive paperwork, can generate things in bulk is enough?

Because of this, QR code experts are introducing a solution that businesses will love to have. This solution is a bulk QR code generator.

But before we dive into its usage, let us first learn the basic concepts of this QR code solution.

This way, we will equip you with the basics of how to use them.

How to create a bulk QR code with the best bulk QR code generator

1. Go to free QR code generator online

2. Click on the “Bulk QR” in the upper corner

3. Create a List

4. Generate the bulk QR code and customize them

5. Your file will be downloaded in a compressed folder (.zip file)

What is a bulk QR code generator?

bulk qr code generator
A bulk QR code generator is a QR code solution that allows QR code generation in bulk so you don't have to generate QR codes individually. 

In QR TIGER QR code generator online, you can create a bulk QR code for URL, URL with the number and log-in authentication, vCard, text, and number QR.

bulk qr code

Image of a number bulk QR code 

This QR code generator works by uploading the CSV file of the information you want to generate in bulk. Through this, users can swiftly generate their QR codes in one click and they no longer have to generate this individually. 

There are two types of QR codes a bulk QR code and barcode generator generates, the static QR codes, and dynamic QR codes.

Why is it better to choose a Dynamic QR code instead of a static when you create QR code with a batch QR code generator?

bulk qr code generator dynamic
A static QR code with logo is a free QR code that only enables one-time QR code generation. The data people can embed in the QR code are links that are permanent like a company’s website and social media websites.

Dynamic QR codes are a type of QR code businesses are using for its ability to replace/remove data without the need of generating new ones.

This type of QR code is widely used for long term marketing campaigns, important business engagements, and document storing. 

Here are the three main reasons why QR codes in bulk are better generated in a dynamic QR code

1. Allows you to save money in the long run

undefinedUsing the dynamic QR codes in bulk, you can change the data where your QR code redirects you anytime you want without the need to re-generate another QR code again.

For example, if you already have printed your QR code and you want to redirect it to another landing page, it is possible to edit the content behind your bulk QR code without having to generate and print another QR code again!  

2. Multiple campaigns in one QR code

undefinedDynamic QR codes allow you to have multiple campaigns using one QR code as it is an editable type of QR code. You can edit your content anytime you want as you move along with your QR code marketing campaign. 

3. Dynamic QR codes in bulk are trackable

undefinedDynamic QR codes are not only editable but they are also trackable.

You can track the demographics of your scanners and this reveals important data such as where they scanned from, where you get the most scans,  what location/country, and many more.

Tracking your QR code scans is vital as it gives you an idea or insight about your QR code campaign. 

What is a CSV File?

A CSV or Comma-Separated Values file is a type of file that is used to separate the values of data through a comma. You can obtain a CSV file through the use of Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheet.

This type of file is useful when compressing bulk information in generating QR codes. In this way, users will not have to manually generate the QR codes for their business, resumes, and business cards.

How CSV to QR code works?

For people who love working things out in bulk, generating bulk QR codes can be their unlikely companion. To generate bulk QR codes, here are four simple steps on how to do it.

1. Go to www.qrcode-tiger.com

undefinedThe first step in generating bulk QR codes is by searching for the best QR code generator available online. In this way, users can ensure the safety and security of their information as well as the quality of the QR codes they can generate with it.

To find out how to find the best bulk QR code and barcode generator, a specific guide can come in handy. Through this, you can enjoy your bulk QR code generation without a problem and explore more possibilities with it.

2. Create a List

bulk qr code generator in google sheetsAfter you have open the bulk QR code generator, you can proceed in uploading your CSV file. If you are new in this solution, you can download the template and start creating the list.

The cells that you can see in the template are “the QRtype”, “QR URL” and “Category your URL is under with”. In this way, you can easily input the data you want to generate in bulk.

You can also create a different QR code solution in bulk. For further instruction you can also contact us. 

3. Generate the bulk QR code and customize them

As you have created a list and uploaded your CSV file, you can continue generating your bulk QR codes. After you have generated it, you can then customize them by choosing the set of patterns, eye shapes, and color, and add your logo, call to action, and frame.

In this way, you can distinctively recognize your QR code and create brand awareness for your customers.

When customizing your bulk QR code, there are a set of customization rules that people are universally following. Through this, they can ensure the QR code’s scannability while using their creativity.

4. Your file will be downloaded in a compressed folder (.zip file)

Once you are satisfied with your QR code generation, you can proceed in downloading your bulk QR codes in a compressed folder or .zip file.

Through this, you can extract the file, print them, and put them in your products, identification cards resumes, and more.

Use cases of bulk QR codes

Bulk QR codes conveniences people in ways we can easily and hardly imagine. Because of this, more users are using bulk QR code generators to generate their QR codes with one click. To learn more about how bulk QR codes have changed users’ businesses, here are five notable use cases that you can agree with.


multiple qr code generatorOne great way to impress your employer is through the use of QR codes, such as a static QR code with a logo, on your resumes. But as you are applying to different institutions and businesses, individually generating your QR code can be time-consuming.

Because of that, QR code experts introduce a new way of generating resume QR codes in one click. In this way, you can fasten the duration of your QR code generation.

To generate your resume QR codes in bulk, there are 6 easy steps on how to do it.

1. Upload your resume in image format to cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

2. Copy each shareable links and change the viewing restriction to viewers with the link.

3. Download the CSV template of QR TIGER

4. Enter the copied links of your resume in the space provided in the template and save the CSV. This time in the second column.

5. Upload your CSV file and generate your bulk QR code.

6. Customize, download, and test your QR codes before placing them in your physical resumes.

Inventory Management

bulk qr code generator inventoryDoing inventory works can be stressful especially to those who work in the manufacturing industry.

As they have to individually check the parts that are going in and out of their factories, the hassle in scanning the traditional barcodes increases the time they are wasting.

Because of this, many manufacturing enterprises are adopting the use of static QR codes with a logo in their manufacturing processes.

Through this, manufacturers are able to fasten their work and add more time for machine checks.

To accelerate their QR code tagging on the products they are manufacturing, generating QR codes in bulk becomes the solution.

With the help of a bulk QR code generator, manufacturing companies are able to keep track of the product they are manufacturing.

Invitations for your Events

bulk qr codes for eventOne great way to spice up your event organization is by adding QR codes in your invitations. But as you are organizing an event that composes more than a hundred invites, individually generating the event QR codes can take more time.

To fasten the period of generating these codes, event organizers are doing the bulk QR code and barcode generation.

With the help of a bulk QR code generator, they are able to complete their preparations ahead and have more time in improving their plans.

Educational references

undefinedQR codes are the right tool for relaying additional education references such as videos, documents, and images to your colleagues and students.

But as you are generating these individual QR code references, the process in creating them can be tiring and repetitive.

Because of that, QR code experts are introducing the use of a bulk QR code generator to avoid repetitions.

By inputting the links of your additional educational references in your CSV file and upload them to the bulk QR code generator’s prompt, you can simultaneously generate them with one click.

In this way, you can fasten your QR code reference generation.

Product information

free bulk qr code generator excelBulk QR code generation is also used by manufacturers to fasten their product information tagging on their line of products. Because of this, they are able to fasten their production and deliver them to their physical stores.

Most of the companies that use bulk QR code generation are in the fields of electronics and appliances, automotive, food, and beverages.

Benefits of bulk QR codes in a Dynamic mode generated in a bulk QR code generator with logo

It’s no secret that QR codes hold significant benefits to individuals and organizations with a futuristic usage approach. But with its integration towards bulk QR code generation, the convenience it brings is as follows.

Fast and efficient

undefinedThe average time a person takes when generating a QR code is between 45 seconds to 10 minutes.

If you are individually generating a different set of QR codes, it would take you 15 to 20 minutes to finish.

But if you are falling behind your schedule, the need for faster QR code generation increases.

Thanks to the promulgation of bulk QR code generators, users can generate their QR codes with one click and fasten their work.


bulk qr code generator offlineWhen generating bulk dynamic QR codes, you can edit the content of it even after you have posted them in the paper, advertising posts, and other places. Because of this, users can change data without the need to generate a new batch.

QR code scans are trackable

As we have discussed, bulk QR codes in Dynamic QR codes are trackable. Because of this, users can track data from the QR codes they generate in bulk.

The data that you can track with bulk QR codes are the location of the scan (region, country, and city), the timeline of scans ( time, and day), and the type of device is used ( Android, IOS or PC).

Declutter storing area

bulk qr code generator free downloadWhen generating different QR codes, downloading and saving them to dedicated local storage can be a hassle for users to do. Because of this, they are having a hard time in individually generating them.

As an answer to that problem, QR codes in bulk automatically store all the generated QR codes in one folder.

Through this, it declutters your storage and automatically organizes it without the need to manually transferring them from one folder to another.

Improve workflow process

bulk qr code generator offlineBulk QR codes accelerate the time spent in generating them. Because of that, users with systematic working habits can catch up with their pace.

Through this, businesses in manufacturing sectors are able to improve the workflow process without any problem.

Things to consider when using a bulk QR code generator with logo

When using a bulk QR code generator, users need to consider four useful tips in making successful bulk QR codes.

This way, they can avoid instances in generating QR codes that result in an unsuccessful generation and waste the user’s efforts.

Carefully enter the correct information

The main function of QR codes is to hold information that is related to the campaign or context users want their audience to see. 

A QR code that directs people to wrong information can lose their trust in the brand or product that links them to scan. Because of that, many companies are losing more customers.

To avoid this issue to occur, users must carefully enter the correct information in their CSV file before they upload them in the bulk QR platform.

In this way, they can ensure that the QR codes they are generating will direct them to the correct link, even after many scans are made.

Keep a visually eye-catchy QR code

As users are generating their bulk QR codes, designing the QR codes simultaneously helps them decrease the time in customizing them.

But as they are customizing them, users should always keep their QR codes visuals appealing to your target audience.

In this way, they can increase the chance of it getting scanned by people.

Furthermore, it will create a lasting impression on potential customers, which will contribute to an increasing number of customers.

Add your logo and Call to Action

bulk qr code generator with logo freeQR codes with professional-looking visuals increase the scanning rate by 30%. Because of that, users are adding their logos and a customizable frame with a call to action tags on their QR codes.

In this way, their QR codes will look more professional and can be identified by their customers with the logo and branding elements included in it.

Maintain a clutter-free QR code

undefinedScanning a QR code with a cluttered view can bother the person who is scanning the code. Because of this, some of them tend to avoid QR codes with crowded dots and act like they didn’t see it.

To address this problem, users should always consider the pros and cons of using the static and dynamic QR codes.

As static QR codes store data in its graphics, the smaller the data stored is the better. Because of this, users are given limited usage of it. Unless you use dynamic QR codes, the amount of data you can add will not affect the QR code’s visuals.

Thanks to its ability to convert content into a dynamic URL, users are able to embed data without any worries of creating an imbalance QR code graphics.

This is the reason why businesses are using dynamic QR codes in their bulk QR code generation because it enables them to add data without compromising the QR codes graphics.

Work Smart with QR TIGER's Bulk QR code generator

As technology advances its pace with work, a faster solution like a bulk QR code generator can be a great tool to have.

Because of this, individuals who work smart with QR codes can easily create bulk QR codes through the use of the best QR code generator available online.

In this way, they can work with confidence and ease.

To start working smart with bulk QR codes, you can start your QR code journey with the best QR code generator and unlock new horizons with dynamic QR codes.

Should you need to generate a bulk QR code for a various or customize solution, you can also contact us now.

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