How to Create a Digital Business Card With a QR Code

By:  Ricson
Update:  September 08, 2023
How to Create a Digital Business Card With a QR Code

Did you know that you can now create a digital business card with a QR code?

Users can instantly view your contact details with one scan and save them on their devices.

This innovation is an excellent alternative to printing business cards, which are no longer viable in the digital world where people are always on the go.

They’re also a more suitable option in the post-pandemic world. Plus, QR code business cards are cost-efficient, environment-friendly, and convenient.

And with the best QR code generator online software, you can quickly turn your free digital business cards into a QR code.

Learn how to create a QR code for the business card here.

vCard QR code for digital business cards

Digital business card QR code

You can create a fully-customized QR code for a business card in digital form using the vCard QR code solution.

It is a dynamic QR solution redirecting scanners to your free digital business card.

Once the card appears on their smartphones, they can choose to save it on their device.

It lets you add contact details such as your email, phone number, social media accounts, company, or organization.

You can even include your photo and personal description on your vCard to give scanners an idea about you and your company.

Using a vCard QR code for digital business cards can save you from printing expenses and help reduce waste.

It’s also accessible anytime, anywhere. People can share or swap digital business cards without being in person.

How to create a digital business card with a QR code using a vCard QR code generator

QR TIGER, the best QR code generator, offers a vCard QR code solution that’s easy to use. You can use it without a subscription by signing up for our free trial.

Follow these steps to create a vCard QR code for your digital business card:

  • Go to QR TIGER and select the vCard option
Vcard QR code generator
  • Fill in your contact details
  • Click Generate dynamic QR code
  • Customize your QR code’s design
  • Run a test scan using your smartphone
  • Download your QR code

Information you can store in a vCard QR code digital business card

  • Name of the vCard holder
  • Title and organization
  • Phone number (work, mobile, and private)
  • Email
  • Website
  • Address (street, city, ZIP code, state, country)
  • Profile picture
  • Personal Description
  • Social media and messaging app links

Generate multiple vCard QR codes using a bulk QR code generator

Did you know that you can create multiple vCard QR codes in one go?

This is possible using the bulk vCard QR code generator.

This feature can help administrators in creating digital business cards for their employees.

They no longer have to make one vCard QR code at a time.

Here’s the catch: you’ll need an Advanced or Premium plan to use QR TIGER’s bulk generator feature.

But with the convenience it brings, it’s undoubtedly worth your money.

Once you have subscribed to any of those plans, follow this guide to create a QR code for your business card in bulk:

  1. Go to the QR TIGER homepage and click Bulk QR code at the top
  2. Click Download vCard QR code template
  3. Open the CSV file and fill in the required details
  4. Upload your CSV file, then select whether you’ll use static or dynamic QR codes
  5. Click Generate Bulk QR
  6. Download your vCard QR codes

Where to use a QR code for your digital business card


You can create a custom virtual background for Zoom and add a QR code for your digital business card. Participants can scan the code while in the video conference.

This way, attendees can still network with others even though they’re not in the same physical venue.

Digital resumes

Elevate your digital resumes with a QR code redirecting scanners to a free digital business card.

It will add flair to your resume and provide a convenient way for employers to reach you.

Having a digital business card QR code also keeps your resume looking organized.

Instead of putting all your contact details, you can embed them within a vCard QR code.

Online portfolios

Professionals in the creative industry, such as graphic designers, video editors, and photographers, use portfolios to curate and highlight their best works.

They can create a vCard QR code and include it in their portfolio.

When potential clients like to work with them, they can quickly contact them by scanning the QR code.

Social media business profiles

Social media QR code

Major social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter now let users create business profiles for promotion and marketing strategies.

After setting up a business profile for your company or establishment, create a QR code for a digital business card to let potential customers reach you quickly.

You can add the QR code to your profile pictures, headers, cover photos, or on your social media posts.

Printed materials

“Can I put a QR code on business cards?”

Absolutely. QR codes can give your printed business cards a digital upgrade. They’re also excellent space savers.

QR codes can facilitate quick access to information.

If you see a QR code on a poster or a magazine, you can scan it to find a website, an image, or any other digital data.

This digital tool can include complete contact details on print ads without occupying too much space.

Why you should switch to a QR code for digital business cards

1. Convenient

Gone are the days when you must bring paper business cards and hand them out to people.

You can easily share contacts with a QR code anytime and anywhere.

Save your QR code as an image and show or send it to people you want to connect with or contact.

Let them scan it with their devices to access your info.

Also, a QR code business card can store all your contact details, something paper cards cannot do due to their small size. With QR TIGER, it's easy to create a QR code for a business card.

2. Contactless

COVID-19 has turned everyone into germophobes. People avoid touching surfaces as much as possible to prevent unseen microbes and germs.

This is why paper business cards aren’t the best option anymore.

Here’s when a QR code for digital business cards comes in.

People only need to scan your vCard or social media QR code to access your contacts and social pages.

No need to hand them printed cards you’ve already touched.

3. Cost-efficient

Since you will no longer be printing business cards, you can cut paper and printer ink expenses.

Suppose you’re still printing cards.

You’d have to publish a new batch in case there’s an error on the card or if you need to update your contact details. That’s too pricey.

The vCard QR code is dynamic, which means you can edit your details anytime or when necessary. And you won’t have to create a new QR code to do that.

4. Choose sustainability

Did you know people discard 8 billion business cards in a week out of the 10 billion issued annually? That’s 88 percent of printed cards.

Switching from print to digital business cards can greatly help the Earth breathe by reducing the need for paper from trees. It also minimizes waste production.

5. Cool to use

Although it’s been two years since QR codes became popular, most people are still amazed by how fast they can provide access to digital data.

Switching to digital business cards with QR codes can create a lasting impression on people.

This can help you seal the deal or get the job.

Advantages of a dynamic QR code for business cards

1. Editable

Edit QR code

You can edit the contents within a dynamic QR code business card without creating a new one, and you can do so anytime you want to or when necessary.

This is handy when you need to change or update the contact details in your vCard QR code.

2. Trackable

This feature gives you access to your dynamic QR code’s real-time scan analytics. You can now check whether people scan your QR code for business cards.

Data you can track include:

  • The total number of scans
  • The location and time of each scan
  • The scanner’s operating system

3. Short URL

You may not know this, but all dynamic QR codes have a short URL to host your digital information.

Generating a dynamic QR code embeds the short URL instead of your data, resulting in an organized-looking QR code regardless of the data’s length or size.

You can use the short URL in places where a QR code usually wouldn’t be suitable, such as your newsletters or website posts.

Social media QR code for digital business cards

Social media QR code
An alternative to the vCard QR code is QR TIGER’s social media QR code: another dynamic QR solution that can store multiple social media links.

Once users scan this QR code, they will find a landing page that contains all your social handles, with one button for each link.

Tapping the button will redirect them to the corresponding social media, and users can then quickly like or follow your page or subscribe to your channel.

This dynamic solution can surely help business owners and marketers in their social media marketing strategies.

Influencers and content creators can also use this to increase their following as they network with people.

Software update: button clicks tracker

The social media QR code greatly improved with its latest update: the button clicks tracker.

You can now track the number of clicks for each social media button on the QR code’s landing page.

To access this feature, go to your QR TIGER dashboard.

This can help you determine which social media platform you should focus more on for your promotions.

Also, a social media QR code is a powerful solution that enables you to edit/update/remove any of your social media handles, even if you have already deployed or printed the QR code.

Create a digital business card QR code with QR TIGER

There are still printed business cards, but they are far behind digital options.

It’s high time you switch to a digital business card with a QR code.

This alternative is faster, more convenient, and more sustainable in the long run. And with QR TIGER, you can guarantee the quality of your QR codes.

Go to the best QR code generator online now and create customized QR codes for your digital business cards.

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