How to Make Your Restaurant or Bar Menu in a QR Code?

Last updated:   January 25, 2022

The touchless menu QR code or the digital menu QR code has been infiltrating among restaurants and bar industries globally. But what is this hype all about? And how do menu QR codes are used?

The emergence of “no-touch” menus through scanning QR codes has been infiltrating among restaurants and bars industry in the global arena. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurant owners have opted to go digital to ensure customers’ safety as they get back to their operations.  

Now that bars and restaurants have resumed in the Post COVID-19 lockdown, major changes in the usual operations have also changed. 

Regulations have been made when it comes to dine-in accommodation, and social distancing practice continues to be observed among these businesses to avoid virus contraction. 

One of the ways restaurants and bar industry are safely reopening is through transforming their menus contactless to mitigate virus spread that goes through multiple hand menu exchanges that can potentially cross-contaminate. 

Furthermore, you can even use a QR code this Black Friday season to ensure a safe shopping spree amidst COVID-19 while boosting your sales! 

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QR code for restaurant: What is a digital menu QR code?

qr code digital menu

A digital menu QR code is an online menu that allow diners to scan and access the digital menu that will be displayed on their smartphone devices once scanned.  

To ensure safety among guests and employees, the National Restaurant Associations is encouraging restaurants for contactless menus and ordering systems to communicate and conduct business with reduced need for close contact.

QR codes menus are generated using a QR code software online, and there are 3 QR code solutions that you can create for your ‘no-contact’ menu. 

The emergence of “no-touch” menus through QR codes 
has skyrocketed globally. Don’t get left behind.
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How to make a touchless menu QR code for restaurant?

qr code menuUsing QRTIGER QR code generator, you can generate 3 QR code solutions for a touchless menu QR code for restaurants and these include QR solutions such as a PDF, JPEG, and H5 editor. 

PDF and Jpeg QR code are all under the Menu QR code category while H5 editor is a separate solution where you can make a customize landing page for your menu without buying a domain or hosting.

Note: (Menu QR code category is also similar with the File QR code category as well.)

Both Menu QR code and File QR code solution lets you generate PDF, Jpeg, PNG, MP3, MP4, excel file QR code.

When your menu is generated using a PDF QR or Jpeg QR code, it let diners view your menu digitally, allowing for a contactless menu.

You can generate your menu QR code for restaurants in Dynamic QR code. 

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Why are dynamic QR codes better for your QR code menu?

dynamic qr code menu

The menu QR code category is a dynamic QR code in nature. Unlike Static QR codes, dynamic QR codes are flexible, allowing you to change the information behind your QR code menu to another landing page by updating the data behind your QR. 

 For example, if you have some changes in your menu, you can update the data of the generated QR code menu. Therefore Dynamic QR code:  

  • allows you to change the content of your QR Code without creating the code again
  • update all your QR codes at once whenever you want
  • it saves your time and money as you never need to reprint flyers or update any consumer product out there if you have your Dynamic QR Code printed 
  • relevant for business, marketing, and advertisement and is good for long-term use.
  • the scans are trackable 

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As customers are expected to proceed with more caution, restaurants can implement QR codes and set clear expectations to guide diners to navigate to “new normal in a restaurant.”

Integrating QR codes in restaurant menu are one of the preventive measures we can take to prevent and avoid virus contraction.

How to make your menu in a PDF or JPEG file

  • Go to
  • Upload your PDF or JPEG menu in the ‘Menu’ category
  • Generate QR code menu
  • Customize your QR code menu
  • Test your QR code menu
  • Download your QR code menu
  • Deploy your QR code menu

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How to make your menu in H5 editor 

H5 editor makes straight a web page about your restaurant or bar or any services you offer (no need for domain and hosting). It makes it easy for customers to find more information about your products or services in one scan.

h5 qr code menu

In H5 editor, you cannot only include your menu but practically add videos, links, and images that allow the customer to know more about the service that you offer.

How to make your restaurant or bar menu in a QR code?

Step 1. Go to www.

qr code generator

The internet has thousands of QR code generators, but how sure you are of its credibility? Choosing a reliable and established QR code generator with a logo online like QRTiger is a must as you will compromise your restaurant service. 

The best QR code generator to use should be secured, continually updating, has responsive customer support, accurate data-tracking, and has multiple design options for your QR code menu.

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Step 2. Click on the Menu QR code category

qr code menu solution

Since both PDF and Jpeg QR codes are under the file menu, click on this category to upload your file or preferred QR code solution.

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Step 3. Click on the “generate” QR code.

generate qr code menu
To start generating your QR code menu, click the generate button to proceed to the next step.

Step 4. Customize your QR code menu

customize qr code

After generating your QR code menu, you can now start customizing the design of your QR code. Choose the layout and patterns, set unique edges, adjust the colors, add a frame, etc.

A customized QR code results in 80% more scans than the monochromatic QR code, so it is vital to stylize your QR code menu to catch attention.

Furthermore, it is also essential to make your menu QR code part of your branding to create brand awareness among your customers.

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Step 5. Scan test your QR code menu

test qr codeEven before you deploy your QR code menu, you must test the QR code it in different smartphone operating systems to make sure it scans.

It is important to check if your menu QR code and see if it leads you correctly to the menu or to the web page if you have generated an H5 editor QR code. 

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Step 6. Download your QR code menu

download qr code svg

You can download your menu QR code in SVG or PNG format. Both are great to use in print or online advertising.

Step 7. Deploy your QR code menu

deploy qr code menu

Once you are done checking your QR code menu, you can now employ it in the print materials of your menu, and it’s ready to use. 

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5 very important tips when making your QR code menu

1. Make sure your landing page or PDF menu is smartphone-friendly

qr code menu smartphone friendly

Your QR code menu scans will come from smartphone devices so make sure it loads quickly. Make sure your landing page is in portrait size and your text is big enough so your guests won’t need to zoom. 

Keep your file size small so that it will load quickly.

2. Do not invert your QR codes’ color

qr code proper color contrast

If you are planning to customize your menu QR code by adding colors for a better and visual effect, make sure your background color is lighter than the foreground color and avoid mixing light colors together. Scanners are set to scan QR codes with better contrast. 

3. Customize your QR code menu

customize qr code design

Steer away from a plain-looking QR code menu if you want to get your customers' attention.

Making a creative QR code design by adding colors, logo, design, and choosing your layout patterns will make it stand out. You can also add a logo of your restaurant to make it look more professional while promoting your brand! 

4. Put a call-to-action in your QR code menu

qr code call to action
To give your customers an idea that they should scan the QR code to see the menu, put a call-to-action in your QR that says “scan for menu!” or “scan me!” Otherwise, they wouldn’t even know that it is intended for scanning your online menu.  

5. Scan or test your QR code menu before printing it

Even before you print your QR code menu, make sure to scan it and see if it redirects to the correct landing page to make sure. 

No Touch menu QR codes: A modern way of enjoying the dining-in experience in the new normal society

Digital menus that are generated using customizable QR code software are only seen to skyrocket in the foreseeable future.  

While there is no specific time when the COVID-19 pandemic will last, businesses are finding new and alternative ways to stay afloat in the midst of the crisis. 

As restaurants are slowly reopening in different parts of the globe, strict guidelines and measures, like generating a menu QR code for a contactless interaction, have been implemented amidst our continuing battle with the pandemic. 

Furthermore, technology advances like QR codes do not require a high cost, which makes them practical to use.

QR codes are also used in converting a URL or even a  social media into a QR such as a Facebook QR code. 

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Related terms  

Contactless menu QR code for free  

QR code menu is a dynamic QR code. Therefore, you will need to have a paid subscription in order to use the solution. However you can also avail the trial version to explore the menu QR code.

To generate a contactless menu QR code for free, go to register for a free trial and upload your menu.  


How to generate a menu QR code for free 

Go to > upload your PDF or JPEG menu in the PDF category > Click generate QR code > customize your QR code > click download. 

brands using qr codes