How to make your restaurant or bar menu in a QR code?

Last updated:   July 11, 2022

You can create a QR code menu for your restaurant using interactive restaurant menu software such as MENU TIGER. This digital menu QR code offers an easy and safe order-and-pay experience to your customers.

Aside from the menu software, you can also create a QR code for your restaurant's menu cardboard using a PDF menu, JPEG menu, or H5 Editor solutions.

However, these solutions are only applicable for turning your menu cardboard into a digital menu and do not necessarily provide a robust solution compared to MENU TIGER restaurant menu software.

Using a contactless dine-in menu in your restaurants not only lessens the risks of virus transmission but also enables a convenient ordering process for your customers.

But what is a menu QR code and how do you make one? In this article, we sorted some of the QR code menu solutions you can use to kickstart a contactless ordering system in your restaurant.

QR code for the restaurant: What is a digital menu QR code?

A digital menu QR code is an online menu that allows diners to scan, access, and place their order using their smartphone device. The digital menu will be displayed on their smartphone screen once scanned.

QR code menus are generated using QR code software online, and there are 4 QR code solutions that you can create for your “no-contact” menu. These solutions are:

  • MENU TIGER: Digital menu QR code with mobile payment integration
  • PDF menu QR code 
  • JPEG menu QR code 
  • H5 editor menu QR code 

Take note that PDF, JPEG, and H5 editor menu QR code does not offer mobile payment integration but only for converting your menu cardboards into digital. 

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How to make a QR code for restaurant menu with mobile payment integration using MENU TIGER

Creating, publishing, and running an interactive menu on a menu board is easy with the right menu software.

Whether developing a mobile version of your existing menu or creating an entirely new digital version, using MENU TIGER not only makes this process simple but also affordable, in part due to savings from eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming upfront design work.

Maximize your revenue by adding mobile engagement to your bar or restaurant.

With MENU TIGER, you can turn regular paper menus into mobile-friendly digital menus that convert more customers with a simple scan of the customized QR code menu on the table.girl breakfast menu tiger qr code table tent All your customers need to do is scan the QR code with their mobile device. They then get instant access to the menu from which they can place, modify, and complete their orders.

Restaurants can monitor the orders coming in by viewing them on the dashboard. You can also run promotions on your restaurant website and engage your customers with email campaigns and push notifications by making use of the customer details report.

Overall, MENU TIGER is every restaurant’s partner in managing their restaurant menu, creating branded QR codes, and managing your stores on a single platform.

How to make your restaurant or bar menu in a QR code with online payment integrations

You can create your digital menu that allows your customers to order and pay instantly using MENU TIGER, an interactive restaurant menu QR code software. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Go to to create an account. 

There are thousands of QR code generators and digital menu software online, but how sure are you of their credibility?menu tiger website log in MENU TIGER is powered by QRTIGER, one of the leading QR code generator software worldwide. This menu software lets restaurants offer streamlined and tailored services to customers with a menu QR code.

The best QR code generator and digital menu software should be secure, innovative, and responsive to customer queries. It’s also good to have accurate data-tracking and multiple design options for your QR code menu.

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Step 2. Go to the Stores section.

menu tiger website stores Write the name of your store on the space provided. Also, include your store’s address and phone number.

Step 3. Customize your QR code menu.

Customize the design of your QR code menu. You can also add a logo and call-to-action phrase. Moreover, you can also change the QR code patterns, colors, eye patterns, and frame tiger customize qr code

A customized QR code results in 80% more scans than a monochromatic QR code, so it is vital to design your QR code menu to catch attention.

It is also essential to make your menu QR code part of your branding to create brand awareness among customers.

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Step 4. Set the number of tables.

menu tiger set number tables Set the number of tables in your store. The QR code menus will be deployed on each table.

Step 5. Add admins and users for each of your stores.

menu tiger add admins usersClick Add under the Users icon. Fill in additional administrators’ and users’ contact information. Type the email address and password.

Do a password confirmation and verify the access through the email address.

Choose whether the access level is an Admin or User.

Note: An Admin can access most of the sections except Website and Add-ons. The User can only track and fulfill orders in the Orders section.

Step 6. Set up your menu categories and food list.

Click the New button on the Categories section to add new tiger menu categories  After creating a menu category, click the category you create and list down the menu items.

Each food list includes descriptions, prices, ingredient warnings, and other pertinent information.

Step 7. Add modifiers.

menu tiger website modifiers Salad dressings, beverage add-ons, steak doneness, cheese, sides, and other menu item customization is categorized as modifier groups. 

You can create a Modifier by clicking Add in the Menu panel.

Step 8. Personalize the restaurant website.

Personalize the restaurant website by adding a cover image, restaurant’s name, address, email, and phone tiger website personalize website You can also set the language(s) and currency(s) accepted in your restaurant website. Moreover, you can also add details about your store in the About Us section.

Enable Promos to promote various campaigns and promotions of your restaurant and flash it in the restaurant website.

Highlight the best-sellers, trademark dishes, and other menu items in the Most Popular Foods section of the restaurant website.

Let customers know about the benefits of dining at your restaurant in the Why Choose Us section.

Set the fonts and colors to match the brand of your website and establishment.

Step 9: Enable your payment integrations

menu tiger enable website payment integration
To activate payment options via Stripe, PayPal or cash, proceed to Add-ons section. 

Step 10. Scan test your QR code menu.

menu tiger website scan test qr code Before deploying your QR code menu, you must test the QR code in different smartphone operating systems to make sure it is scannable.  

It is important to check your menu QR code and see if it leads you correctly to the menu or to the webpage. 

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Step 11. Download each QR code menu.

Go to the Stores section to download each QR code tiger website download table qr codeYou can download your menu QR code in SVG or PNG format. Both are great to use in print or online advertising.

Step 12. Deploy your QR code menu.

eating healthy menu tiger table tent

Once you are done checking your QR code menu, you can now deploy it in some printing materials of your menu like a tabletop tent, and it is ready to use!

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Step 13. Track and fulfill orders.

waiter menu tiger track order
The Orders section allows you to keep track of your customers’ orders.

Turn your menu cardboard into digital: How to create a QR code for a menu in PDF, JPEG, and H5

fine dining restaurant menu tiger qr code table tent

If you are still a little reserved about using a menu software, you can also try first QRTIGER QR code generator, and create a QR code for menu cardboard using PDF QR code, JPEG QR code, and, H5 editor QR code. 

PDF and JPEG QR codes are all under the Menu QR code category in which you only need to upload a PDF file of your menu or a JPEG file. 

While the H5 editor menu QR code is a separate solution where you can make a customized landing page for your menu without buying a domain or hosting. 

Note: (The menu QR code category is similar to the File QR code category.)

When you create a QR code for a menu that is generated using a PDF QR or Jpeg QR code, it only lets diners view your menu digitally, allowing for a contactless menu.

You can generate your menu QR code for restaurants in Dynamic QR code, so you can update your menu anytime without having to regenerate another QR code which can bring you a lot of hassle.

However, if you want a more powerful solution for your restaurant that will make it easy for your customers to order and pay, you can never go wrong with an interactive restaurant menu QR code software. 

Aside from that, the software also helps the restaurant to build an online presence through a custom-built website, manage multiple store branches in one account, and localize the menu with the multiple languages localization feature.

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5 very important tips when making your QR code menu

h5 qr code

1. Make sure your landing page or PDF menu is smartphone-friendly

customize qr code menu Your QR code menu scans will come from smartphone devices so make sure it loads quickly.

Make sure your landing page is in portrait size and your text is big enough so your guests won’t need to zoom in. 

Keep your file size small so that it will load quickly.

2. Do not invert your QR code’s color

customize qr code inverted

If you are planning to customize your menu QR code by adding colors for a better visual effect, make sure your background color is lighter than the foreground color and avoid mixing light colors together.

Scanners are set to scan QR codes with better contrast. 

3. Customize your QR code menu

customize qr codeSteer away from a plain-looking QR code menu if you want to grab your customers’ attention. 

Making a creative QR code design by adding colors, logo, and design, and choosing your layout patterns will make it stand out.

You can also add a logo of your restaurant to make it look more professional while promoting your brand. 

4. Put a call-to-action in your QR code menu

qr code call to action
To give your customers an idea that they should scan the QR code to see the menu, put a call-to-action in your QR that says “scan for menu!” or “scan me!” Otherwise, they wouldn’t even know that it is intended for scanning your online menu.  

5. Scan or test your QR code menu before printing it

Even before you print your QR code menu, make sure to scan it and see if it redirects to the correct landing page. 

Create a QR code for a menu: A modern way of enjoying the dining-in experience in the new normal society

The emergence of “no-touch” menus through QR codes has skyrocketed globally. Don’t get left behind.

Digital menus that are generated using customizable QR code software are only seen to skyrocket in the foreseeable future. Not only that but QR codes for restaurant payments are also poised to skyrocket. 

While there is no specific time when the COVID-19 pandemic will last, businesses are finding new and alternative ways to stay afloat in the midst of the crisis. 

As restaurants are slowly reopening in different parts of the globe, strict guidelines and measures, like generating a menu QR code for a contactless interaction, have been implemented amidst our continuing battle with the pandemic. 

Moreover, technology advances like QR codes do not require a high cost, which makes them practical to use.

QR codes are also used in converting a URL or even a  social media into a QR such as a Facebook QR code. 

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Create a QR code menu for free  

The QR code menu is a dynamic QR code. Therefore, you will need to have a paid subscription in order to use the solution. However, you can also avail of the trial version to explore the menu QR code.

To create a QR code menu for free, go to register for a free trial, and upload your menu.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How to generate a menu QR code for free 

Go to > upload your PDF or JPEG menu in the PDF category > Click generate QR code > customize your QR code > click download.