Top 5 Best East Bay Restaurants

Update:  May 29, 2023
Top 5 Best East Bay Restaurants

Oakland is home to a rich culture, mouthwatering dishes, and scenic tourist spots. The city is known for its shady oak trees native to its land. And it also houses the best East Bay restaurants in the neighborhood.

It engulfs a rich community of diverse races that brought soulful cuisines to the neighborhood.

The flavors brought by these different interracial communities reflect the complexity and diversity of Oakland.

To bring back a little history, the first Chinese immigrants in Oakland first brought the diverse flavors of Chinese cuisine to the neighborhood. It was also then followed by Latino laborers,who introduced traditional Hispanic cuisine. After that, Oakland’s Black Community brought Southern and African cuisine to the neighborhood as well.

The far-stretched tapestry of food and culture in Oakland paved the way to making it known for its rich cuisine and historical culture.

It’s only right that we list down today’s top restaurants in Oakland in this guide. 

Must-visit romantic restaurants in East Bay, Oakland

Mississippi Catfish

mississippi catfish restaurant
If you are craving some fresh seafood cuisine during your stay in Oakland, never miss the chance to visit Mississippi Catfish, a nautically themed restaurant in the area.

They offer fried catfish, which is the chef’s personal favorite, as well as fresh and expertly prepared prawns and BBQ ribs.

A tasty Southern-style fish fry can be enjoyed in the neighborhood at Mississippi Catfish. Along with serving you the day’s freshest fish, it also offers some of its best-selling dishes, including a tasty peach cobbler and silky black-eyed peas.

Mississippi Catfish is one of the best East Bay restaurants you can dine in to.

FOB Kitchen

fob kitchen restaurantFOB Kitchen is not your average restaurant serving Filipino food. It goes beyond that. As one of the best East Bay restaurants in the neighborhood, it can surely cater to

Dulce, the owner, personally traveled to their motherland to learn the traditional culinary techniques in the Philippines. Her learnings didn’t go to waste as she soon opened FOB Kitchen to let the Oakland community experience a piece of Filipino heritage. The restaurant showcases the conventional “handaan” during gatherings. It’s colorful interior completes the Filipino experience, perfect for taking IG-worthy photos.

You can also try their  Filipino-inspired refreshing beverages and delicacies.

Get a taste of the tropics and order their best tortang talong with fresh veggies on the side and other sumptuous ingredients from the Philippines. Plates of deep-fried Lumpia Shanghai are a must-have as well.


pomella restaurant

Pomella is not your typical restaurant with straightforward cuisine. It is a multi-cultural restaurant that offers a variety of foods from various cultures, including Middle Eastern, Levantine, and Maghrebi cuisines, as well as North African, Mediterranean, and Mediterranean cuisines. Thus, it suits best for the business to be part of the East Bay restaurants.

The owner and chef grew up in Israel and are familiar with these culinary traditions. Thus, the restaurant’s focus is on this fusion of cultures, flavors, and traditions.

Don’t forget to order their delectable hummus and pita if you have a chance to go to the restaurant. Additionally, you can order a variety of salads, such as the Shirazi Salad Mezze.


lulu restaurantLulu serves you the best Palestinian breakfast, lunch, and brunch dishes. It is also one of the best East Bay restaurants.

A substantial break program with mana’eesh created with fresh and local ingredients is the menu’s foundation at Lulu restaurant. Its Californian take on Palestinian food is a result of the chef’s desire to understand more about the intricacies of the cuisine.

Order their best-selling breakfast meal, the Halloumi & Preserves Sando, which is made of ghee-fried halloumi cheese, preserves, wild arugula, Aleppo, and simsim bread. 

Horn Barbecue

horn barbecue restaurantAfter Matt Horn began opening pop-up shops throughout the Bay Area, Horn Barbecue quickly became a neighborhood favorite. It is one of the best East Bay restaurants in the area, offering a classic flavor of grilled meals.

The Horn Barbecue showcases Matt’s drive to create a distinctive barbecue style that genuinely captures the essence of his people and the scope of his imagination.

Some of the meat-smoking techniques used at Horn Barbecue have become popular in Oakland. The Horn Barbecue’s love is for grilling meats in accordance with the customs, culture, and arts of the area.

To place a pre-order for some delectable grilled meat at Horn Barbecue, go to their website.

Stand out from other Oakland restaurants in the neighborhood

Building a relationship between business owners requires collaboration between restaurants and businesses in the food service industry if you want to be part of the best East Bay restaurants.

lady having a breakfast

It creates a space for business owners to express their ideas and insights on their operations, their problems, and the solutions they came up with.

Making a name and brand for your company may be done in a variety of ways. These suggestions cover a range of platforms that might support your business.

Identify your target customers

Finding your target market is the first step in growing your restaurant’s customer engagement. Their demographics and lifestyle are top things to consider.

From there, you can decide your restaurant’s logo, the concept behind your restaurant and cuisine, the type of team to look for, and even the softwares to invest in. For those targeting the young and hip crowd, having a QR code menu as an option can also help draw more of them in your restaurant.Make your ordering process easier both for your customers and staff by looking into the best QR code menu online.

Elevate restaurant with technology

Thanks to technology, the restaurant business has been able to achieve many of its goals for market viability.

Restaurants can operate more effectively and can efficiently cater to customers. For instance, they can employ an innovative menu QR code app, which will aid in the growth of your business.

Using a digital restaurant menu QR code software like MENU TIGER, you can manage several branches using a single account. 

Its interactive menu enables customers to browse, place an order, and pay all at once. You can save money on labor because the program can serve consumers even when you’re running on a limited number of staff.

Additionally, the multilingual functionality of the digital restaurant menu software enables you to accommodate customers of other races. You can expand the amount of customers you serve by using the app to create a website and an online ordering page for internet users.

Even if it is expensive, technology is essential for the growth of your company. You can grow and make more customers happy by providing them with the best dining experience.

Assess and restructure digital menu 

The menu is one great way to make a good impression on potential customers and investors who might just be checking out your selection of food and drinks. Therefore, it would be preferable if you have an option to present your restaurant’s menu through a digital menu app.

The primary objective of your restaurant menu is to demonstrate how you will display your supplied goods and how you will price them.

No-code menu engineering makes it easier to create a solid menu. On your online ordering page, you can promote the products that are both lucrative and well-liked.

By designating your appetizers or desserts as “Specials of the Day,” you can reassess the profitability of these items or showcase the greatest meals on the menu under “Chef’s Favorites.”

You should take your target market’s preferences and comments into account while creating a menu. Determine the menu items that will appeal to your customer base by understanding what draws them to your restaurant.

Make customers keep coming back

For new restaurant owners, figuring out how to enhance employee-customer connection may take some trial-and-error.

To make your customers feel valued and respected inside your restaurant, establish outstanding customer communication. Make them remember you through positive engagements.

Personalize your interactions with diners. Restaurant staff members can ask customers for comments in an upbeat, empathetic manner.

By responding to their comments and questions, you can also offer outstanding customer experience.

The success of your restaurant over the long run is influenced by the customers’ satisfaction. Following customer feedback and comments, your restaurant can supply these consumers with efficient services depending on their chosen service patterns.

Your restaurant can collect customer feedback using MENU TIGER. The consumer feedback will help your restaurant give its customers a more individualized experience.

Memorable dining experience through interactive visuals

The interior design of a restaurant sets the stage for how your customers will enjoy their dining experience.

It’s in the lighting, the arrangement of the furniture, and the table settings.

A restaurant can provide its patrons with a visually appealing digital menu that matches the aesthetics of the restaurant. This is all possible with an easy to customize QR code menu with logo.

MENU TIGER: A technology for your restaurant’s future

menu tiger landing pageMENU TIGER is a commission-free digital menu software. It allows restaurant owners to create a more personalized and streamlined services to their target customers.

By delivering complete solutions for the restaurant industry, MENU TIGER strives to become a digital menu service provider. The software seeks to improve operations by providing a  smoother ordering service and maximize the staff’s productivity.

MENU TIGER offers restaurant owners a feature that allows them to oversee the general operations of their restaurants. The option to construct numerous outlets in a single account enables the restaurant owner to manage and oversee the primary activities of each branch from a single platform. The business owner can therefore choose an administrator and a number of users for each branch.

Aside from that, here are some other features of MENU TIGER that is surely helpful for your business.

  1. Cater to customers through QR ordering.
  2. Ability to translate interactive menu to any languages and serve foreign customers.
  3. Has a built-in tipping feature that will make customers decide how much tip would they put for your services.
  4. Curate a restaurant website and expand engagements online.
  5. Personalize restaurant website, online ordering page, and interactive menu QR code for brand consistency.
  6. Easy to update food descriptions, prices, and availability.
  7. Increase more sales by adding modifiers.
  8. Has a self-managed order panel that simplifies workstation productivity.
  9. Can download sales and revenue analytics to make marketing strategies

Serve your customers better with MENU TIGER today

The objective of the restaurant industry is not competition. It goes beyond that. Building a relationship between business owners requires collaboration between restaurants and businesses in the restaurant industry.

You also have to find a way to give back to your community, and your staff.

Establish your company’s brand and find more ways to stand out.

To know more about MENU TIGER, contact us today.

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