Set up a Greek food restaurant with MENU TIGER features

Update:  July 14, 2022
Set up a Greek food restaurant with MENU TIGER features

A digital menu software provides Greek food restaurants an interactive menu.

Menu QR code can present Greek foods using an interactive menu to customers.

Greek foods are a staple in Greece and a trend to some restaurants in western countries.

Some Greek food restaurants are making names for it and offer similar delicacies from Greece.

The question now is, how can you integrate an interactive restaurant menu QR code software in your Greek food restaurant operations?

MENU TIGER: An interactive restaurant menu QR code software

interactive restaurant softwareMENU TIGER is an end-to-end service providing solutions for Greek food restaurants. Restaurants can integrate MENU TIGER in their business operations.

The software lets the restaurant create a menu QR code that customers scan to open the digital menu of a Greek restaurant.

Aside from a menu QR code, here are some other features of MENU TIGER that are beneficial for Greek food restaurants.

Create a Greek food restaurant website

custom-made greek food website menu tigerBuild an online presence for your Greek food restaurant with a custom-made website. You can use your restaurant website to expand your restaurant’s reach.

A restaurant website allows you to promote your business online and interact with a broader audience without having to physically interact with them.

Moreover, you can post a link to your website on a local business and restaurant directories, and others.

Customize menu QR code

customize menu qr code menu tigerAside from the basics of a menu QR code where customers scan, place an order, and pay, your Greek food restaurant can also customize these menu QR codes for consistent branding.

Implementing a QR menu increases your key medium for engaging with customers while also giving your restaurant a personality for a more diverse marketing strategy.

To customize your Greek food menu QR code, you can change the QR code pattern, colors, eye pattern, frame design, and call-to-action phrase.

You can also add a restaurant logo to help with your Greek food’s brand identification.

Create a user-friendly ordering page

menu tiger ordering page

Your Greek food restaurant customers can use their smartphone devices to scan items on an easy-to-use online ordering page. 

Build a restaurant website that incorporates an online QR menu that allows you to communicate with customers online.

Manage multiple restaurant branches in one account

With MENU TIGER’s features, you can manage multiple restaurant branches in one account. You don’t have to create separate accounts for each location. 

Thus, you can oversee the general operations of each branch in one account.

Cross-sell and upsell your Greek food menu items

greek food table tent menu tigerPromote your most popular and best-selling Greek food meals using the restaurant website features.

Moreover, you can also cross-sell the lease menu items on your Greek food restaurant to the best-selling dishes in the customer app.

Aside from that, your restaurant can also upsell some menu items and offer upgraded versions of these items to customers.

Offer cashless payment options

offer cashless payment menu tigerMENU TIGER offers Stripe, PayPal, and Google Pay payment integrations to provide cashless payment transactions to customers. 

Track sales, revenue, and customer data

menu tiger dashboard

MENU TIGER has a dashboard that lets restaurant owners keep track of their sales and income.

This can also lets you recognize the customer patterns and plan strategic methods.

Employ a QR menu ordering fulfillment system

menu tiger ordering fulfillment systemGreek restaurant owners can track and manage customer orders using the MENU TIGER’s ordering fulfillment system.

MENU TIGER offers an organized structure.

Unlimited ordering system

MENU TIGER offers your restaurant an unlimited ordering system where you can maximize the profits gained in your restaurant.

You no longer need to pay a QR menu developer.

Simply integrates with POS systems

A digital menu ordering system lets you integrate easily with POS systems to facilitate transactions.

Customer profiling for a more personalized service

menu tiger customer profiling

MENU TIGER gives customers the option to fill in necessary information once they open the restaurants’ menu app.

Moreover, once customers fill in information such as email addresses, phone numbers, order history, and preferences using this tool.

Create retargeting campaigns, incentive programs, and provide new and returning consumers a more tailored experience.

Get feedback and generate report

menu tiger get feedback

Create strategic reports based on the customers’ feedback received through emails and others.

This will help your restaurant produce other strategies and gimmicks to satisfy the preferences of the customers.

Receive tips from customers

menu tiger receive tips

In leveraging daily restaurant operations, the tipping feature of interactive restaurant menu QR code software benefits the restaurant industry.

The tipping option of digital menu software is available to customers.

Customers can place their meal orders by scanning a QR code on the menu, adding their preferred menu item(s) to the cart, selecting a tipping percentage, or manually entering the amount.

Set up multiple language translations

menu tiger multiple language

To serve to international customers, you may localize your MENU TIGER admin and customer apps.

A digital menu app offers multiple language translations for restaurants to localize their menus.

MENU TIGER provides consumers with different language translations.

Furthermore, MENU TIGER offers Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, and other languages in its software.

Run promotions

menu tiger promotionsPromotions are an effective marketing approach to run and use.

It enables your restaurant to increase revenue, attract new customers, and capitalize on special events and seasons.

Fortunately, MENU TIGER helps you streamline your digital menu and increase your promotions.

You can set up promotions in the Website section of your MENU TIGER account. Create a promotional title, a well-detailed description, and add an image banner.

How to create an interactive restaurant menu QR code using MENU TIGER

With MENU TIGER, you can seamlessly create a digital menu for your Greek food restaurant business. Simply follow these steps:

1. Create an account and sign up with MENU TIGER.

2. Go to the Stores section and set up your store name.

3. Customize your Greek food menu QR code.

4. Set the number of tables in your restaurant.

5. Add admins and users to each of your stores.

6. Setup menu categories 

7. Add the food list for each menu category

8. Add modifiers.

9. Personalize your Greek food restaurant website.

10. Download the QR code you have generated for each table.

11. Track and fulfill orders.

Can you operate a Greek Food truck business?

Yes! Of course you can operate a Greek food truck business. Food truck businesses can benefit from the essential features of MENU TIGER.

In running a successful Greek food truck business, here is a plan guide you can follow that uses the features of MENU TIGER:

Create a Greek food truck business plan.

Creating a business plan for a Greek food truck business can help align the business’s goals, strategies, objectives, and techniques in one piece.

This is a practical approach to attaining goals for a food truck business.

Making a business plan for a Greek food truck business includes conceptualizing the menu list, creating a brand, and looking for the right location where to park to engage with more customers.

Furthermore, a business plan includes potential expenses, competitor analysis, marketing strategy, and the right workforce.

Thus, having all these elements in your business plan will surely be a helping hand and reference for a Greek food truck business.

Make a Greek food truck digital menu using MENU TIGER.

menu tiger food truck digital menu

A digital menu for Greek food truck business is advantageous.

Customers can easily scan a menu QR code to access the digital menu of a food truck business. 

A digital menu can help a Greek food truck business provide visually-pleasing food graphics to entice customers.

The digital menu also features the best-selling menu items and promotes the least sold items. 

Digital menu is a convenient tool in showcasing a business’s offers.

It also lets the business owners easily update and edit the items without spending extra expenses.

Establish an online presence using the custom-made website.

Promote and advertise a Greek food truck business using the features of MENU TIGER.

MENU TIGER lets food truck owners build an online presence using the custom-made restaurant website.

Consequently, in order to achieve the aesthetics and essentials of a restaurant website, supply the necessary and important information about a Greek food truck business. 

Hence, an owner can jot down the historical background and objectives of the food truck business to entice customers about its roots.

Aside from that, owners can also edit the color scheme and add aesthetics for consistent branding.

Remember that the best way to advertise a business in this modern era is to leave maps of digital footprints across the internet.

Thus, it lets a business attract and engage a wider scope of clientele.

Top 10 Traditional Greek Food and Beverages you can add on your digital menu

The top 10 traditional Greek food and beverages are some staples that you can include in your digital menu.

Here are the top 10 traditional Greek staples.


Taramasalata menu tigerTaramasalata is a traditional Greek dip that goes well with any Greek meal.

This fish roe dip is delicious. It’s a smooth mixture of pink or white fish roe.

Taramasalata can be served with either a potato or a bread foundation. It’s also scrumptious with a squeeze of lemon or a drizzle of virgin olive oil.


Moussaka menu tigerMoussaka is a rich, creamy meal cooked with seasoned beef or lamb. It’s layered with fried eggplant and bechamel sauce and primarily cooked in tomato sauce.


Papoutsakia menu tiger

A typical Greek meal is papoutsakia. It’s a tomato-based meat sauce loaded with baked eggplant.

Papoutsakia is baked with a bechamel sauce and cheese until golden brown.

Since the dish resembled a small shoe, the name Papoutsakia was created.

Olives and olive oil

Olives and olive oil menu tigerGreeks have been farming olive trees for ages; legend has it that Athena granted the city of Athens an olive tree in exchange for its favor.

Local olives are served with Greek meals, some cured in a hearty sea salt brine and some eaten uncured from the tree. 

Olive oil is also freely used in cooking and salads, as well as drizzled over most dips and foods. A lot of taverns make their own oil.


Pastitsio menu tigerPastitsio is a type of lasagna popular in Greece. There are cooked pasta layers, juicy minced beef, bechamel, and tomato sauce in this dish.

Moreover, it is a delicious meal that is covered with melted cheese.

Pastitsio’s minced beef is simmered in a tomato sauce with a few other spices.

Fresh fish

Fresh fish menu tigerFresh fish is a staple in Greek cuisine. Tourists and locals alike enjoy the harvests from the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas while relaxing at a seaside tavern.

The majority of these fresh fish are grilled. Ladholemono, a lemon and oil dressing, is commonly drizzled over it.

Furthermore, some fresh fish, such as barbouni (red mullet) and marida (whitebait), are better cooked fried.


Kolokythokeftedes menu tigerKolokythokeftedes is the Greek name for courgette balls.

A patty or a gently cooked ball is usually how the dish is cooked. Grated courgette is combined with dill, mint, and other spices to make this dish.

For a fresh balance of taste, tzatziki is the best pair for courgette balls.

Feta and cheese

Fresh cheese is a delight in Greece. Ask for creamy and exquisite feta preserved in large brine barrels behind market counters.

Try tyropita (cheese pie) in bakeries, and salads like Cretan dakos topped with a crumble of mizithra, a soft white cheese, in tavernas.

Honey and baklava

Greeks adore sweets, which are frequently made with olive oil and honey and wrapped in flaky filo pastry.

Honey, filo, and crushed nuts are used in traditional baklava. 

Olive oil, honey and flaky filo pastry are usually the sweets Greeks adore. Traditional baklava is mostly honey, filo, and crushed nuts.

Galatoboureko, a decadent custard-filled pastry, is another option. Local thyme honey sprinkled over fresh, thick Greek yogurt is a more straightforward dessert.


stifado menu tigerA Stifado is a beef stew food from Greece. Furthermore, Stifado commonly used tomatoes, spices, and other herbs in preparing.

Moreover, rice, chips, hilopittes, or orzo pasta are the usual servings.

Mashed potatoes on cold winter days is the best partner for the Greek food.

Enjoy the 14-day free trial of MENU TIGER to set up your Greek food restaurant

You can use MENU TIGER’s features to create a more detailed restaurant menu for your Greek food restaurant.

Additionally, the MENU TIGER digital menu software allows you to create a menu QR code for your restaurant, as well as provide customers with fast and efficient ordering experience.

MENU TIGER offers a 14-day free trial to assist you in establishing your restaurant and creating a QR code for your menu.

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