FashionTV Channel Makes Use of QR Codes to Advertise on TV

Update:  August 08, 2023
FashionTV Channel Makes Use of QR Codes to Advertise on TV

Due to the COVID-19 cases, which seemed to be getting out of hand, many events were canceled or moved around the world, including the Cannes International Film Festival, the Olympics, the Music & Arts Festival, major concerts by celebrities, fashion show events, and many more.

All of these event postponements aimed to flatten the curve of the virus outbreak that is happening globally.

Nevertheless, with the use of technological advances, industries have found a way to connect with their audience, even being quarantined at their homes as per government instructions to avoid contracting the disease. 

The fashion industry television channels, such as FashionTV, have come up with smart marketing ideas for their business.

When viewers from the FTV channel scan a QR code, they are provided with some great sources of comfort and entertainment who are mostly stuck up in their households. 

How did they do it? Continue reading to find out!

What is a QR Code, and how does it work?

Quick Response code or QR code operates like barcodes that we usually see attached to items in grocery stores.

QR codes consist of black dots that represent information encrypted in the code.

They can save various kinds of info, be it in the form of a video clip, a picture, a URL of an internet site, a product internet page, a soundtrack, social media accounts, etc.

The QR code is generated using the best free QR Code generator online, like QR TIGER, and the data or information stored in a QR code can be accessed using a smartphone or a QR code reader just by scanning the code. 

Static QR code vs. Dynamic

There are two types by which you can generate your QR code: Static or Dynamic. 

A Static QR code is not a flexible type, this means once you enter the data or URL of your QR code and generate it, you cannot change it.

It will link you permanently to the first URL you entered.

With the Dynamic QR codes, you can edit/modify your URL to another URL anytime and even track data of the scans!

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How did the FTV Channel scan a QR code campaign to push its advertising?

FashionTV, which is a multimedia platform offering a review of global fashion through television, recently aired the replay of London Fashion Week just this month of March 

The TV company uses a QR code that pops up on the TV screen once in a while.

When viewers from the FTV channel scan the QR code, they will be redirected to the company’s website, where they can stream ads and various fashion shows of numerous premium brand names, in style designs, fashion fads, Haute couture, commercials, and many more. 

QR code for advertisement

By making Use Of QR Codes, their target audience can have the flexibility to choose which style crazes they wish to see simply by scanning the code that appears on TV.

This enhances the involvement amongst their TV viewers in an interactive and very direct means.

They can browse over the page and watch stories of international luxury brands such as Prada, Lanvin, Versace, and Tommy Hilfiger, and even image galleries and photo shoots of supermodels! 

Fashion websites

With many people staying at home, the company’s QR code marketing strategy provides the target market an amusement.

At the very same time, they are enhancing their website web traffic by driving them to their internet homepage.

This likewise reduces people’s stress and anxiety by being locked up at their residences brought by the perilous disease.

They can watch multimedia programs that will somehow entertain and curtail their fear and worry.  

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The future of QR codes on television

With the global health emergency the world is going through- that mainly affects how people socialize and communicate with each other, technological advances are significant to use that will somehow make people stay connected in difficult times like this. 

Yes, it greatly impacts business industries, but so is our relationship with one another. 

Amid everything that is happening in the world right now, modern technologies like QR codes make a way for connectivity between people, even while being separated by physical walls.

What people helped to build, can be a source of great comfort to some during a time of high anxiety and fear, even if it’s just sharing or viewing a meme, TV show, fashion show, or any entertainment to bring some levity to the day.

Related Terms QR scanner

To access the content of the code shown, viewers of the FTV channel should scan a QR code displayed on their website, open their smartphone gadget in photo mode or download a QR code scanner like the QR TIGER QR code application. 

Point the camera app towards the QR code for 2-3 seconds to unlock the content. 

Chanel QR code scanner 

One of the most famous luxury brands in the world, Chanel, uses QR codes to elevate their customer’s experience of their brand.

To scan the QR code using a QR code scanner or reader, you can also download a QR code reader that works with Android phones and iPhone users. 

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