How to generate a URL QR code in 5 steps!

Last updated:   January 12, 2022

A URL QR code is just similar to a website QR code. Converting a URL into a QR code is easier instead of having your audience type out a full URL address in their smartphone devices, which can be time-consuming and arduous. 

What is a URL QR code? 

What are QR codes and how do they work? There are a wide array types of QR code features you can create. 

One of the most used QR code solution there is- is a QR code for a URL. This converts a URL into a QR code. When scanned using smartphone devices, redirects users directly to any website it is associated with.

QR codes are generated using a QR code generator online. This smart tech-tool is scan-able using a smartphone device.

Now that smartphones have a built-in scanner to scan QR codes, your users or target audience won’t have a hard time adapting.

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What is the QR code generator to use to convert your URL into a website QR code? 

To generate or convert a URL into a QR code, go to QRTIGER is a professional QR Code generator online.

It generates or creates a variety of QR code solutions from URL, vCard, File, Social Media, H5 editor, WIFI, App Stores, Multi-URL, MP3, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and so much more. 

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How to create a URL QR code in 5 steps?

  • Go to
  • Paste your URL into the URL input box
  • Choose Static or Dynamic 
  • Customize your QR code by adding a logo, choosing a different set of patterns, eyes, and colors.
  • Download your QR code and make sure it works!

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Why switch to Dynamic QR code? 

The information stored in a Static QR code is fixed. You cannot edit/change it, and the scans are not trackable, unlike the dynamic QR codes which are flexible, allowing you to edit and track the number of scans. 

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How to create a URL QR code? Step by step guide!

1. Choose a free QR code generator with a logo online like QRTIGER.

If you’re a beginner and you want to convert your URL into a QR code, you can also choose a free QR code generator online like QRTIGER to test things out.

QRTIGER allows unlimited scans of your QR code even if it is static, and it will never expire.

2. Paste your URL into the URL input box

Simply copy and paste your URL address into the URL input box and click “generate QR code.”

url qr code generator3. Choose "Static QR code or Dynamic QR code"

When creating a URL QR code, it is always best to choose dynamic as this type of code is editable and allows for retargeting and tracking.

A static QR code will only lead you to a permanent URL and does not allow you to change the behind data of your QR code and it is not trackable.

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4. Customize your QR code

qr code generator with logoAdd a logo, choosing a different set of patterns, eyes, and colors. A customize QR code stands out than a black and white QR code.

Make sure to make your QR code simple and stylish enough to be noticeable and readable.

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5. Download your QR code and make sure it works

After you are done customizing your QR code, you can scan it on your phone to make sure it works, and it correctly leads you to the right URL address you entered before deploying it.

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Where to use a URL QR Code?

QR codes are currently being used in a lot of industries. It can be used in flyers and brochures, Business Cards, the Education sector, store windows, etc. 


undefinedA URL QR code is a website QR code. If you run a business web page online, you can generate a QR code that will redirect your scanners to your website.

This is a great way to increase your traffic. Don't forget to add a frame and call-to-action in your QR code to generate more scans!

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Flyers, Brochures, and catalogs 

Convert your website URL to a QR code to increase traffic to your website and blog.

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Business Cards

url qr code dynamic in business card During networking, business conference, or meetings a URL QR code right on your business cards make it easier for prospects and investors to find out more details about you or your company. 

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Create a QR code from URLs to complement your student’s learning materials. For example, create a QR code for Video Links or Wiki Links to explain more about the subjects.

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Store Windows

url qr code in window storeConvert your promotional URL to QR code, and offer discounts and freebies to encourage window shoppers to visit your store. 

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Other real-life examples of URL QR code is being used

Physic Garden at Ashmore Hall - Each of the plants in Physic Garden features a unique QR code linking students to historical texts when they scan using their smartphones or through a QR code phone app.

Student Display Art and Community Exhibit – This exhibit features murals of students. At various areas along with the mural, “attendees could scan a QR code with their phone camera and an online video starring Bishop Feild students pops up, telling the story which inspired the mural.”

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Climate Conscious Shoppers – “Customers can scan a QR code on a packet of chicken with their phones and find out when the bird was born, who the farmer is if it was raised using antibiotics when it was slaughtered and processed, and when it arrived at the store.”

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Convert URL to QR code with QRTIGER QR code generator online! 

QRTIGER is a professional QR code generator in the online market today. We can help you convert a file or website into a QR code quickly and efficiently.

If you need to generate hundreds of QR codes for your organization or business, contact us now for more information!

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