How to Make an Instant App QR Code?

By:  Roselle
Update:  August 17, 2023
How to Make an Instant App QR Code?

If you have an app and want to make a demo version with it and share it instantly, an instant app QR code is one way to do it.

With mobile usage increasing from 6.95 billion users in 2020 to 7.26 billion in 2022, applications and services in mobile phones have become the central focus of most businesses today.

Because of that, many users are bombarded with apps they need to download and use for their phones.

And as the mobile app size increases with every update, many users opt to uninstall other apps that they rarely use.

To solve this issue, Google has introduced a new method for developers to encourage smartphone users to continue using their apps. And this is the instant app feature.

It is a feature where Android users don’t need to install the app on their phones to use it.

What is an instant app?

Instant app

Instant apps enable users to acquire content from an app without downloading and installing it.

It saves users’ storage on their devices, conveniently slinks users to a particular app function, and is only available for Android.

The instant app feature was first introduced in 2017 and has enabled developers to extend their offerings further without downloading the app.

You can access an instant app only via Google Play Store mobile app.

How to make an instant app QR code?

In creating your instant app QR code, you must first copy the app link to convert and share.

Once you have the link, you will then convert it into a QR code by following these QR code creation steps:

1: Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online

Turning your instant app link requires a QR code generator that provides functional QR codes to place with your digital and physical advertisement post.

QR TIGER is one of the best QR code generators to find and integrate app links into a QR code.

2: Select the URL category

Choose the URL category and place your saved instant app link in the URL space.

3: Generate your instant app QR code

After placing your instant app link in the URL space, continue generating your instant app QR code by clicking the generate dynamic QR code option and creating the QR code.

4: Configure the QR code layout

Once you’ve created your Instant Apps QR code, you can configure its layout by choosing the eye shapes, colors, and patterns that go with your design.

They can also include a call-to-action and a frame to match your print template.

5: Do a scan test

After you’ve customized your instant app QR code, run a scan test to ensure that it’s scanning quickly and that there are no data landing errors.

6: Download and deploy your instant app QR code

Download your App Clips QR code and distribute it in your space. To ensure a high-quality QR code output, download your QR codes in SVG format. 

Benefits of using Instant App QR code

By adhering to Google’s goal to futurize users’ means to upgrade their app integration, they need to create a faster way to share they can achieve this with instant app QR codes.

Aside from providing an easier way for users to try on the app before fully downloading them, here are some benefits that you can get from integrating an instant app QR code for your app.

Reduces steps needed to try the app

As the steps in using an app require a user to download one before using it, an instant app QR code reduces the need for a user to search for the instant app they need to try.

Futurizes the way people use an app

As users will not need to download the full version of the app to take a brief experience, an instant app QR code futurizes the way people use an app.

From going to the Play Store and looking for the app to test and see if it is worth the space, instant app QR codes eliminate the search part and readily display the content needed by the user.

Creates a new way to promote an app

Instant apps are tailored to store a demo version of the app a developer promotes to 1.4 billion users in the Google Play Store.

An instant app QR code creates a new and convenient way to reach more users and efficiently market their app to their target audience.

Since users don’t need to search for the app they want to try on, these QR codes can simplify the process by just scanning and clicking the try now button on the landing page.

Instant App QR code – futuristic way to effortlessly use an app without fully installing one

As great as mobile apps can be for mobile users today, the annoyance of downloading heavy single-use apps emerges.

With the introduction of the instant app feature in the Google Play Store, app developers can now simplify promoting their Android mobile apps to millions of users online.

To make it easier to access and use, Android App developers can turn their instant app link into a QR code and expand their means of promoting the demo version of their app online and offline with just a scan on the user’s smartphone.

Convert your instant app link into a QR code with QR TIGER, the most advanced QR code generator.

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