9 Linktree Alternatives: Drive More Traffic Using These Apps

Update:  August 17, 2023
9 Linktree Alternatives: Drive More Traffic Using These Apps

Most people now use search engines like Google to find pretty much everything. 

Platforms such as Linktree allow you to drive more traffic to your website, making it rank higher. Here are 9 Linktree alternatives which you can use to drive more traffic to your website, socials, and content. 

9 Best Linktree Alternatives that help you drive more online traffic

Linktree is the first and most popular link in the bio platform. But there are also other alternatives that you can use to boost traffic to your social media and other platforms. 


Contactinbio website

ContactInbio is a page builder that helps influencers and brands. Users can customize the links and the landing page’s background color, width, and font.

They offer 12 free themes, while 56 themes can be accessible in the premium plan. 

This service offers a contact form where your ContactIn viewers can communicate and send messages to your ContactInbio inbox. 

They also have a feature called blocks where you can redirect the viewers to different content.

They have a text block, image carousel, video block, and social media button. 

They offer their basic plan for free. Their business plan costs $7/month, while the enterprise plan costs $28/month. 

QR TIGER Link in bio QR code

This Linktree alternative houses all the links of your social media accounts in one H5 webpage that can be accessible by scanning a QR code.

Social media QR code

You can also add your food ordering and delivery platform if you are a restaurant owner. 

QR codes can be displayed and are scannable in any medium, both printed and digital, thus expanding your audience reach.

You can print your bio link QR code on your products or offline campaign and connect your offline materials to your online platform. 

Their regular paid plan costs $7/month. 

Tap bio

Tap bioTap Bio is a user-friendly interface that allows you to create mobile-optimized landing pages.

This marketing tool helps highlight multiple links. 

This service uses an innovative “card-based” system.

This system not only creates one landing page, but you can also add multiple links for each card you created. 

You can create a card for your youtube platform and links multiple Youtube teaser. Or you can create a card for your blogs and feature various blogs. 

They offer their basic plan for free. The silver plan is $5/month, while the gold plan is $12/month.


Campsite bioCampsite.bio is a neat interfaced link builder platform that provides various features even on its free version. It allows you to add unlimited links, add your social media accounts,  change the title and provide a short description for your link. 

You could also customize and change the songs and color of the landing page for branding. It even lets you see your viewers’ analytics on the free version. 

They offer a basic plan for free, while its pro plan costs 7 dollars. 


Link bioLink.bio is a simple link bio link service that provides elegant and minimalist design.

It also allows you to add unlimited links and provides link tracking.

This platform is easy to use, but unfortunately, it is not yet customizable, and many features are not accessible in the free plan.

They offer a free plan. At the same time, the premium plans start at $0.99/month. 

Link in Profile

Link in profile

The downside is that you can only add links on your Link in Profile by adding your desired link on an Instagram post. 

They offer a free trial for 30 days, while the personal plan costs $9.99/month.


Lynx in bioLynxInBio is an easy-to-set-up service. It offers a limited feature for its free plan in which you can only add 5 links, choose from the standard theme selection and enjoy basic click tracking. 

While on the paid plan, it allows you to add unlimited links and customize your URL and theme to match your brand.

It also allows you to customize your domain and provides advance click tracking. 

Their Pro plan costs $5/month. 


BeaconsBeacons is a Linktree alternative that allows monetization blocks.

This tool not only enables you to boost your online presence and e-commerce platform but also allows you to accept financial support from your followers. 

Setting up a platform that personalizes your landing page by just answering a few questions is easy.

It also provides a fully customizable layout. 

You can add your social media platform and YouTube videos, making it ideal for content creators and brands. 

Their creator plan is for free, while the Entrepreneurs plan costs $10/per month.



This Linktree alternative enables you to create micro landing pages containing the link of social media or web pages to which you want to drive traffic.

It also enables you to add your logo, social media posts, and messenger services.

You can also display your latest blogs, YouTube videos, and Soundcloud.

You can add stickers and subheadings and choose the template of your choice to customize your landing page further.

Shorby offers a free trial, and the plan starts at $15/month.

Use QR TIGER’s link in bio QR code for social media

One known limitation these social media networks impose is the one link embedding to a user’s profile. And for some who are active in using multiple social media platforms at once, this restriction is can be a huge bummer for increasing their social media circle online. 

With this limitation, brands and social media influencers can’t increase their network traffic and engagements. 

To resolve this issue, smart brands and influencers can use the social media QR code solution of QR TIGER QR code generator online to embed multiple links/social media channels in one QR code. 

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