PayPal Payment Integration: MENU TIGER’s Easy Checkout Payment Method

Update:  May 29, 2023
PayPal Payment Integration: MENU TIGER’s Easy Checkout Payment Method

PayPal payment integration is available in MENU TIGER digital menu software to facilitate cashless transactions in restaurants.

Furthermore, the widespread usage of PayPal in the food and business industries leads to the rise in e-banking interfaces in restaurant management.

Over 51% of customers attest that they trust using PayPal in cashless transactions.

Thus, integrating PayPal will play a significant part in operating restaurants and delivering ease of comfort to potential clients to fully commit to a trustworthy restaurant business.

How to integrate PayPal as a checkout payment method in your online menu

Here are the easy steps in integrating PayPal in your MENU TIGER account.

1. Log in to your MENU TIGER dashboard and  access the Add-ons tab

menu tiger log in

2. Click Integrate to enable the PayPal option.paypal payment integration

3. Get your PayPal user ID.

4. Return to the MENU TIGER Add-on page and put your Client ID into the given area. Make sure to click on Save.

paypal payment integration menu tiger checklist

5. To test your PayPal integration, make sure PayPal appears on the checkout page of your online ordering page.cashless payment paypal

Benefits of PayPal integration to  restaurant’s online ordering page 

PayPal’s advantages are critical for a restaurant’s growth and success in the market.

It allows a restaurant to provide customers with a convenient and faster contactless payment option. 

But there are a few other reasons why restaurants should consider adding PayPal as a mode of payment.

Customers find restaurants with PayPal trustworthy.

Some clients believe restaurants that accept PayPal payments is trustworthy because this method of payment is extensively used by other businesses.tabletop tent menu qr codeAccording to research, 37% of consumers are more eager to buy from a shop that accepts PayPal.

As a result, it is preferable if your restaurant accepts PayPal and provides a secure environment for customers.

No commission fees from MENU TIGER

MENU TIGER does not charge a commission on top of PayPal’s processing cost.

Restaurants will just pay PayPal’s processing fee, allowing them to maximize their earnings.

Restaurant businesses can expand to new channels.

Restaurant that take PayPal can accept payments from practically anywhere. It accepts payments both online and on the fly.

Customers can pay in whichever way they wish in a simple and quick process.

Helps strengthen your restaurant business.

With capabilities to optimize operations and manage risks, restaurants that accept PayPal assists their daily necessities of running a business. 

Restaurant staff will no longer focus on transactional steps such as manual payment transactions.

The staff can refocus on serving the customers better and keeping them engaged while at the restaurant.

PayPal Integration: Innovative marketing strategies for your restaurant

Offering mobile payments can be useful for the restaurant industry, most especially if you put up a start-up restaurant business.paypal payment method on smartphoneFor example, some people are frequently on the go and always have their phone, ID, and credit card with them, but they rarely carry cash.

It’s simple to accept payment if someone comes in to eat at your restaurant and you happen to accept PayPal payment from customers.

Here are some other marketing strategies that you can employ to your restaurant business with PayPal payment integration.

Promote that PayPal is integrated as one of your restaurant’s payment options.

To inform more customers that they can pay via PayPal, restaurants regularly promote and advertise  it.

Because PayPal allows companies and customers to do cashless and simple transactions, this is a good method for attracting people when dining in a restaurant.

Furthermore, most consumers trust PayPal, so restaurants that accept PayPal gives them peace of mind. 

Support fast and efficient payment transactions.

Customers can make quick and easy payments at a restaurant that has PayPal payment integration.

For example, a busy restaurant may readily accommodate clients even during peak dining hours because they can place an order and pay without having to wait for a bill.

With a fast payment method, restaurants can increase the customers they can serve and boost their sales and revenue.

Helps restaurants to offer secured transactions

MENU TIGER can take use of PayPal’s security measures. PayPal protects both buyers and sellers.

It aids restaurants in detecting and preventing fraud and payment transactions.

PayPal offers account and system security, allowing restaurants to generate strong passwords and secure their equipment.

It also detects and alerts phishing, fraud, and fakes.

Open a MENU TIGER account today and start accepting PayPal payments for cashless transactions

For faster billing services on your restaurant, create a MENU TIGER account with PayPal payment integration today.

With MENU TIGER’s PayPal feature, you can provide better customer service and increase your sales.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial to any subscription plan with MENU TIGER to kickstart your online ordering page of your restaurant.

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