QR Code for a Restaurant Menu: Order Via Scan

Update:  May 29, 2023
QR Code for a Restaurant Menu: Order Via Scan

A QR code restaurant menu allows customers to place their orders and pay without any hassle straight from their table using their smartphones. For restaurant owners, this ultimately saves time, money, and manpower.

Having an interactive QR code restaurant menu system helps restaurants streamline their online ordering process for increased customer satisfaction.

It also ensures that restaurants have updated and professional-looking digital menus that are easy to navigate.

Indeed, there are a lot of benefits when you use a QR code restaurant menu. Let's dive into some of these advantage, and discuss what this online ordering system is all about.

What is a QR code restaurant menu?

A QR code restaurant menu is today’s newest restaurant trend. It is a type of digital menu that uses a QR technology to make contactless ordering and payment possible.

Moreover, it encompasses a virtual digital menu for your restaurant where your customers can access it in your restaurant website.girl at cafe with menu qr code table tentThis is an alternative to paperback or cardboard menu. With a QR code restaurant menu, your restaurant ensures the health and welfare of your staffs and customers.

It also brings leverage to your restaurant in offering a scannable digital menu which essentially projects better visualization to your concept, branding, and theme.

You can create your QR code restaurant menu with MENU TIGER while also providing a restaurant website and seamless restaurant operations with the order fulfillment system of the software.

Create your best QR code restaurant menu system with MENU TIGER

MENU TIGER is a digital menu software that optimizes to your restaurant operations needs while also building up an online presence with a website.

Creating a digital menu is not that hard. MENU TIGER provides an easy and cost-effective way in making a digital menu.

This will help your restaurant to offer a no-contact menu to your customers. Moreover, a digital menu can maximize your restaurant’s productivity with less manpower working on duty.

This is a reliable and easy-to-use software. Here are the steps in creating a QR code restaurant menu for your business:

1. Go to MENU TIGER and sign up to create an account for your restaurant.sign up account in menu tiger

2. Go to Stores section and proceed creating your store.

add stores menu tiger interactive digital menu software3. Customize your menu QR code by adding your logo, setting colors, patterns and eyes.

You can also add a catchy call to action statement. After that, set the number of tables. Download each of the QR code which you will display on the respective table.

customize menu qr code menu tiger interactive menu software4.Then go the Users tab beside the Tables tab so you can add users or admin to each of your store.

add user or admin in menu tiger

5. Go to Menu section and click Foods.

Set up the digital menu by adding categories and food list. You can also upload images of your dishes, set its prices, ingredient warnings, and description. 

set up digital menu in menu tiger

6. Then proceed to Modifiers to start adding modifier groups such as toppings, dressings, steak doneness, etc.

After setting up the modifiers, go back to your menu list so you can add the modifier groups to each food list.

add modifier groups interactive menu software7. Custom-build your restaurant’s website and make use of the Promotions and Most Popular section to grow your sales.

You can also add additional language to your menu and website to cater to your multilingual audience.

custom build website in menu tiger

8. Set up the payment integrations with Stripe, PayPal, and Cash.

set up payment integration with menu tiger9. Track orders in the MENU TIGER software dashboard and fulfill your customers’ meal orders.

track incoming orders menu tiger order panel

MENU TIGER also offers you a non-boring digital menu. You can customize your QR code restaurant menu easily using the software.

Add a little bit of personality to your digital menu by incorporating a logo, switching up the patterns, eyes, and color scheme of your scannable code.

This will totally project befitting visualization of how resourceful your restaurant is.

Why should you use a QR code restaurant menu?

menu qr code table tent Contactless interaction is not the major reason as to why you should use a digital menu for your restaurant, there is an array of purposes on using one for your restaurant or for your cafe, like a cafe QR code.

To wit, here is a list of levelling up an edge to your restaurant operation with a QR code restaurant menu.

Eradicate sharing paperback menu between customers

waiter cleaning table with a menu tiger table tentThe QR code menu fosters a contactless transaction through digital menu ordering to ensure a safe staff and customer interaction. 

For instance, you can generate a cafe QR code for your coffee shop and cater to your client's orders and queries through the dashboard. A cafe QR code is an innovative way for your coffee shop to follow strict pandemic guidelines and ensure the health of both staff and customers.

Not just that, it also definitely follows the strict health protocols like social distancing since ordering a meal can be done with one scan.

Seamless order fulfillment system

Your restaurant no longer needs to let a staff take a meal order from the customers. The customers only need to know how to scan a menu QR code and they will be redirected to the restaurant’s digital menu for quick ordering and contactless payment.lady scanning menu tiger table tentThe orders placed is reflected on the dashboard in real-time. Hence, the kitchen staff can track and fulfill the orders of the customers.

QR code menu ordering maximizes productivity with less manpower

A digital menu can maximize productivity even with less manpower. It is undeniable that the restaurant industry learned to mitigate catering to customers physically.waiter serving wine to guest with a menu tiger table tentRestaurants can facilitate more efficiency with digital menu since it can accommodate unlimited transactions simultaneously.

Moreover, restaurants not just promotes social distancing but also improves a safe fine dining experience with a digital menu.

Hence, if you are catering a coffee shop business, a cafe QR code is best for you to ensure the safety and security of your staff and customers.

Offer cashless payment

Most consumers today opt to transact through e-banking. Worry no more! Incorporating a QR code restaurant menu with an e-banking payment method is the way to go.menu tiger table tent with payment methods Your customers no longer need to line in queue to pay since they can instantly do so using the MENU TIGER software. It is not just made your restaurant seamlessly offer a comfortable dining experience but also a convenient payment method.

Speed-up order time

A digital menu also lessens the time of your customers waiting for staff to take orders or fall in the queue.

This accelerates the ordering process since customers can simply look into the website for available meals and instantly make an order and settle the payment.guy scanning a menu tiger table tent This is best fit for individuals who are busy and always on the go since there is a faster way in ordering a meal with just one scan.

Update restaurant menu concept easily

Restaurant no longer needs to update and upgrade from scratch by employing a digital menu. Basically, no need to reprint loads of paperback menus.menu tiger table tent at restaurant With MENU TIGER, your restaurant business can update and edit the menu food list in the software. Moreover, you can also update the modifications and allergen information of your offered meals. All the changes will reflect in real-time.

Entice customers with food visuals

Going digital means offering great food visuals to your menu. With a QR code restaurant menu, you can integrate and add food images that best describes your offered meals.menu tiger table tent enticing customer Your customers do not need to imagine the food being ordered since they can basically see the image inside the digital menu. This is an enticing marketing strategy that makes your customers drool over your best food images.

Improve customer’s experience

A digital menu with QR technology offers a comfortable user experience for restaurants and customers. The use of a QR code restaurant menu promotes a hassle-free transaction between customers and restaurant staff.girl eating at restaurant with menu tiger table tentMoreover, you can also integrate in the digital menu the contact information of your restaurant. Your probable customers can leave some feedbacks with the embedded information.

Customer feedbacks are important since it helps improves a restaurant run a customer-friendly operations.

Digitalize restaurant concept

Imagine putting your physical restaurant to a digital platform with a restaurant website and a digital menu. This is possible with MENU TIGER's interactive restaurant software.

two guys at cafe with a menu tiger table tent

Making a restaurant website with MENU TIGER does not require coding skills. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate software. Hence, restaurants do not have to hire additional staff for web development.

Moreover, restaurant customers can see how in-depth and meticulous your restaurant theme is from the brick-and-mortar establishment to the customization of a restaurant website and another branding alteration with a digital menu.

This integration also helps your restaurant have a sense of exceptional mark and stand out from competitors.

Promo upselling

menu tiger table tent promo upselling Promo upselling is important to incorporate in a restaurant business. No need to worry! Moreover, your restaurant can gauge to better sales and marketing strategies with digital enterprising.

Upscale your restaurant operations with a QR code restaurant menu 

Why should you use a QR code restaurant menu for your business? The answer is simple. It helps you offer the best dining experience for your customers. It is your partner in having an efficient and faster ordering process resulting to more satisfied and happy customers. 

MENU TIGER offers a digital menu for your restaurant powered by QR technology. It has a seamless order fulfillment system that maximizes restaurant productivity even with less manpower.

It can also consistently deliver your restaurant’s presence from the brick-and-mortar establishment to the accessible website and digital menu.

Thus, there are unlimited advantages to incorporating a QR code restaurant menu into your restaurant operations.

QR technology is the future of the restaurant industry. Integrating a QR code restaurant menu is the stepping stone to a restaurant’s brighter future.

To know more about QR technology and digital menu system, visit MENU TIGER now.

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