QRTIGER Multi-URL QR Code Is Product of the Day at ProductHunt

Last updated:   February 28, 2023

QR Codes are getting popular these days and are expanding in usage worldwide.

From retail product promotion to personal branding to business websites, they are widely used to keep track of real-time statistics results – aiding in creating quality marketing and advertising campaigns.  

And a Multi-URL QR Code lets business marketers redirect people to different URLs based on their geographical position, time, date, device type, and a number of scans. 

Thus, one can use the same QR code to display different kinds of information/data to the prospective audience. The information saved can also be changed multiple times afterward. 

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ProductHunt: Product of the Day

ProductHunt is a renowned platform that lets people discover quality trending products online. Every day, ProductHunt awards the “Product of the Day” title to a product or service.

In this regard, the QRTIGER Multi URL QR code was regarded as the Product of the Day on 14th august 2019. But is it really worth using this Multi-URL QR Code by QRTIGER?

Keep following to find out more about the perks of employing multi-URL QR code in your marketing and advertising campaigns.

Features of Multi URL QR Codes

Setting aside the ability to bridge the offline and online world, a multi-URL QR code opens vast opportunities to marketize your products and services.

Some key features of a multi-URL QR Code generated with QRTIGER are as follows:

Location-Based RedirectionLocation based redirection QR code

When you create a multi-URL QR code using QRTIGER, you have the option to redirect your audience based in New York and Florida to two different URLs.

This works best if you want to marketize different products or services for people available in different cities, states, or countries.

Time/Date Based RedirectionDate based redirection QR code

Similarly, the user has the ability to replace URLs based on the time of the day.

For example, after 12 AM, people scanning the code will be redirected to the URL offering midnight deals. And when the time duration ends for midnight deals, the URL will again be replaced by another one.

Mobile OS Based RedirectionMobile OS based redirection

Marketing your business application to people having smartphones with different OS has always been a major problem for marketers.

This is where multi-URL QR codes come in extra handy.

Upon scanning the same QR code with an iPhone, Android, and Windows phone, it’ll redirect users to their perspective app stores.

Therefore, saving time and space to print multiple URL codes for different OS.

Real-Time TrackingTracking QR code

QRTIGER offers real-time tracking of the data collected by the codes.

The total number of scans, time/date of the scan, device type, and location will all be available at a single dashboard.

In this way, marketers can easily determine if a product is winning or failing.


Custom QR codes

Last but not least, QRTIGER provides the accessibility to customize the QR codes by changing colors, adding a logo, customizing the eyes, and pattern of the code.

Make a QR code that fits your brand's style. This will make customers more likely to scan it.


In a nutshell, a multi-URL QR code is an easy solution to marketize various information using a single QR code.

You can target different people available at different locations and time zones.

Sounds fascinating, right?

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