How to make social Shopify QR code and get more online sales

Last updated:   October 14, 2021

A social Shopify QR code houses all your social media pages and e-commerce platforms including your online store on Shopify in one QR. 

The online shopping habits of consumers due to the pandemic continue to drive growth in e-commerce platforms. This results to a need to have a more strategic and engaging mobile marketing campaign.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce platform that hosts online stores of small and independent businesses. During the pandemic, many small businesses have shifted to online platforms to sell their products or goods to people.

E-commerce platforms like Shopify have served as the lifeline of these business owners as it offers an avenue to sell

As most brick-and-mortar retail stores are closed, Shopify is now frequented by shoppers.

Why do you need to use a social Shopify QR code?

With the global potential of e-commerce business, sellers have to use more than one channel to sell or promote to their customers and to reach broader audiences. 

This is where social media comes in. It is proven to be one of the effective marketing strategies to increase online presence and ultimately connect to customers.  

But making your online business on Shopify stand out from a highly competitive market is a challenge. With a social Shopify QR code, you can integrate all your social media business pages and your Shopify store URL in one QR code.

It allows you to connect with your customers and engage them in a new technological way.

So how do you use this powerful QR code solution to achieve an effective social media marketing campaign? How can you make the most out of your social Shopify QR code to get more online sales?

Social Shopify QR code

How do I get more online sales? At one point, you may have asked that question as an entrepreneur selling online via Shopify.

There are different evergreen strategies you can try to boost your online sales and to connect to your customers. One strategy to integrate all your social media and e-commerce platforms in one QR code. 

The social Shopify QR code allows you to connect to your customers in a new digital way.

As can be seen, by successful online stores, connecting with customers and utilizing key digital platforms to reach a broader audience allows them to convert more sales and get more repeat customers.

Customers are more active online now at the height of the pandemic. This fuels for more digital transformation in terms of marketing and sales in e-commerce platforms.

With a social Shopify QR code, your customers will be able to see all your social media business pages along with your Shopify online store by scanning one QR code. 

It is a powerful QR code solution that allows online businesses to generate leads, drive more sales, and connect to customers in a new digital way. 

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Connect your Shopify online store with social media platforms in one QR code

Using the social Shopify QR code increases your brand’s online visibility and even drives more sales as customers can connect with you in multiple social media channels by scanning one code.

As mentioned, when the QR code is scanned, it redirects your customers to your online storefront on Shopify.

It also displays all the social media pages you’ve been using to promote your business.

For instance, if you are using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect and engage with your customers you can add these on your social Shopify QR code.

There are many social media channels and e-commerce platforms you can add to your social Shopify QR code when you generate it using QRTiger. 

In effect, your customers can easily see all your business pages as well as your Shopify store by a simple scan and connectivity.

Your prospective and loyal customers can connect with you, subscribe to your channel, as well as like and follow your social media platforms. 

Thus, it becomes easy to reach new customers and engage them effectively using the power of social media!

Create QR code: How to generate Shopify social media QR code

Step 1: Copy the URL of your Shopify online store

Go to your Shopify online store and copy the URL.

Step 2: Go to QRTiger’s social media QR code solution

Then proceed to

Go to its social media QR solution which allows you to house and connect all your social media pages and online resources in one code.

Step 3: Click on Shopify and paste your URL

Then click on Shopify and paste your URL. As you add the Shopify icon, the tab is placed at the bottom of the link tabs. Move the Shopify tab to the top by clicking the up arrow icon on the right side of it. Once the tab is moved one step above its succeeding tabs, repeat the process until the tab is at the top of all other social media tabs.

Step 4: Add your social media pages and other social media pages/ online resources that you have

To maximize the uses of social media QR code solutions, including your social media business pages where you are most frequently active in customer engagement and your social media marketing efforts.

Step 5: Click on the “generate dynamic QR code” button to start generating your QR

Step 6: Customize your Shopify social media QR code 

To increase brand recognition and brand recall, customize your Shopify social media QR code. This way, your QR code looks more on-brand and aligns with your campaign theme.

Step 7: Scan test

Test your Shopify QR code first to check if it works and redirects to correct URL addresses.

Step 8: Download and deploy your Shopify social media QR code

Finally, download and deploy your QR code to online and offline mediums to get the most out of your QR code campaign.

How to use social Shopify QR code

Increase traffic on Shopify and followings on your social business pages

Driving traffic growth bridges the gap between consumers and your brand.

With a social Shopify QR code, you can use it to promote your Shopify store and build more relationships with your customers by connecting with them on social media.

As an e-commerce platform, you can build your brand identity using this QR code solution and get more business owners to have a listing on your website.

For the Shopify store owners, they can increase their web traffic by using the code in their marketing efforts. 

Since social media is considered to be the gateway of customers, using the Shopify social media QR code will allow them to not just boost web traffic but also to reach out more to interested customers whilst connecting with them using the social media QR code.

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Display QR code on offline/print materials

To reach more customer base, shop owners on Shopify can print QR codes on their flyers, brochures, magazines, and product catalogs.

These compelling marketing materials serve as a powerful and effective mechanism to carry the brand no matter how small. So adding your social Shopify QR code in print allows entrepreneurs to bridge offline marketing to online marketing. 

As the QR code can be customized, it is easier to blend it with the visual design and does not destroy the overall theme of print material.

 It adds a digital element to the visuals presented to a customer and engages them to interact and take action. 

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Online marketing

Your social Shopify QR code is scan-able even when displayed online! As you reach out to more customers, you can display the QR code on your website, social media channels, and other digital pages.

With the flexibility of the code, it allows marketers and shop owners to connect with customers in two ways: via online and offline!

Tracking your social Shopify QR code success through QR analytics 

Social Shopify QR code is a dynamic type of QR code that allows you to measure your QR code campaign. As a dynamic QR code, it tracks the number of scans, the demographics of your scanners, and their location when they scanned the code.

This way, you’ll be able to monitor your QR code campaign performance regularly and be more data-driven in your strategy execution.
Furthermore, allows you to edit the content embedded in its code.

For instance, if you already printed your QR code or deployed it online and you want to update the content or add a digital resource you can still do so with Shopify social media QR code.

It saves you time and resources as you don’t have to reprint again the code in case you wanted to modify the content.

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Shopify social media QR code: Get more orders and increase online visibility with QR code technology

Social media is the gateway to your customers. Hence, leveraging its potential to drive sales and maintain brand identity using QR code technology becomes essential in its overall success.

Using the Shopify social media QR code, your business can get more orders online, grow your traffic, and increase your brand visibility online.

This is an effective digital tool that will help you grow your customer base as you can both use it on your online and offline marketing efforts.

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