UCF Football Team Shows Off QR Code on Spring Game Jerseys to Boost Social Media and Branded Merch

Update:  August 19, 2023
UCF Football Team Shows Off QR Code on Spring Game Jerseys to Boost Social Media and Branded Merch

The integration of QR codes in UCF football Spring Game 2022 athletes allows them to easily leverage name, image, and likeness (NIL) by increasing social media visibility and merch sales.

University of Central Florida (UCF) players impressed audiences by presenting not only their last names but also a custom QR code across the back of their jerseys during the football Spring Game last April 16, 2022.

Last year, the team introduced a similar gimmick during the game when they showed their Twitter handles instead of their names at the back of their jerseys.

This year, rather than showing off Twitter usernames, roster numbers, or game positions, the UCF football team came up with a better idea.

Gus Malzahn, UCF team coach, posted a video on Twitter showing how the UCF QR codes work.

The video showed Malzahn scanning the QR code behind Davonte Brown’s jersey shirt which automatically lead him to the player’s online bio pages, social media platforms, and branded merchandise.

In an interview with Malzahn, the 52-year-old coach asserted that the innovative step was the school’s way of helping its athletes keep up with progression in the field of name, image, and likeness (NIL).

With QR codes, the UCF football coach is positive that individual athletes will make a name in the industry and also boost sales and profit of individually branded merchandise.

How QR codes in sports are used today

QR codes in the sports industry are not entirely a new scenario.

In fact, many sports companies have employed QRs in their marketing strategies that not only return the favor but also provide a great experience to sports enthusiasts as well.

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Here are sports companies that employed QR codes in their endeavors:

São Paulo Futebol Clube (SPFC) and Bitso partnership

Earlier this year, Bitso, a cryptocurrency company, announced a sponsorship worth almost 400,000 dollars with Brazil’s SPFC.

Both companies initiated an engaging experience for game watchers at home.

Football players wore jerseys that had sleeves printed with QR codes. Once scanned by the viewers, they are led to Bitso’s giveaway spree link.

NBA’s Utah Jazz use the Digital Seat Media QR code game seating

Sports QR code

Image source

NBA fans at the Vivint Arena conveniently order food and drinks, buy Jazz merch, open arena maps, or download the team’s interactive apps in the comfort of their seats.

This is made possible with Digital Seat Media’s QR codes placed on the arena’s seats during Utah’s Jazz team game.

Dallas Cowboy and Blockchain.com crypto exposure deal

Dallas cowboy QR code

Image source

AT&T’s 80,000-seater stadium will be adorned with QR codes during the Dallas Cowboys football game.

Both the sports team and cryptocurrency company, Blockchain.com, aim to promote their websites and consequently increase traffic and crypto-awareness.

QR codes in sports—seamless strategy to boost social media presence and merch sales

UCF football team introduced a creative and smart way of marketing their team and individually branded merchandise: a pioneer in the world of the college football industry.

Rather than relying merely on old-school and traditional team endorsement, the team and the school itself tried innovative ways to step up their game. 

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