How to generate a free QR code?

Last updated:   June 24, 2022

Do you want to know how to create a free QR code for your social media accounts, URL, text, video or email? Well, that’s possible using the QRTIGER QR code generator!  

QR codes promote faster and improve access to sites and networks desired for work, education, and entertainment purposes.  

But as we struggle to search for a QR code generator that can guarantee free and easy access for the target market, there are few steps that we can follow to generate a free QR code for a website, Facebook, Instagram, Wi-Fi, and more by using the best QR code generator. 

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How to create a free QR code

  • Go to
  • Select which type of QR code do you need
  • Enter the information needed to generate your QR code
  • Click static QR code (but it’s always better to choose dynamic)
  • Customize your QR code and do a scan test before printing
  • Download, print, and deploy your QR!

Creating QR codes for free or static QR codes do not allow you cannot change the information behind your QR code once it is generated in the QR code generator.

Whereas dynamic QR code, you can change the data behind your QR code even after printing and you can also track the data of your scans. 

But if you're curious about how dynamic QR code works, you can also create a free dynamic QR code using QRTIGER's free dynamic QR code trial version here. 

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6 steps on how to create a QR code for a link to your website

If you are in the business and influencing area, finding steps on how we can generate a free QR code for your website can be a hassle. Here's how to create a free QR code for a link to your website:

1. Open the website and copy the URL of the site that you want to market. Make sure that your website is SSL certified or otherwise, you’ll be facing server errors and website invalidation. 

2. Paste the copied URL to the “URL” section of the QR code generator online. 

3. Personalize your QR code

4. Click generate and test 

5. Distribute

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How to create a free QR code for your Facebook?

generate a free qr code for facebookBeing an online inspirer and entrepreneur is a difficult task to maintain.

But with the use of QR codes, you can easily track down your follows and sales inquiry with one scan.

Here is five-step guide to teach you how to create a QR code for a link to your Facebook page:

1. Find the best QR code generator that can offer both free and paid QR codes like QRTIGER – the best available online Facebook QR code generator.

2. Open and click “Facebook” from the generator’s menu.

3. Add your Facebook page, post, or event’s link in the given field below. If necessary, you can also add your messenger handle.

4. Then, click the “Generate Code” icon and proceed on personalizing your generated code.

5. You can choose multiple patterns, eyes, add a logo, and set colors to create identity of your QR code. 

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Free QR codes are called static QR codes and it only offers limited functions in generating such as one-link QR code function.

Whereas, paid QR codes, also known as dynamic QR codes, are codes that can be edited and offer more flexible services such as multi-URL functions, other social media inclusion, real-time monitoring of scans made in your desired timeframe and location, device type distinguishing. 

How to make a free QR code for Instagram and increase follow count?

As Instagram continues to dominate in the photo-sharing aspect of a social network around the world, efforts made by its developers reach two young generations, the millennials, and Gen Z.

In early 2021, there are 500 million active users daily. But in order to keep track of your Instagram follows and updates, you can use and make a free QR code for your Instagram.

Here are the 4 steps on how to make a free QR code for your Instagram account. 

1. Go to

2. Open the “Instagram” menu and enter the Instagram URL or your username on the given field.

3. Select “Generate Code” and modify your QR code by applying multiple patterns, eyes, adding a logo, and set colors. 

4. Download and test the QR code.

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How to remove tedious setup Wi-Fi password by making a free QR code?

generate a free qr code for wifi

The Internet has penetrated almost all aspects of our daily lives. It has become an important tool for easy and convenient ways of living especially in business, education, health care, and long-distance communication. With the aid of globalization, the concept of web searching and online search engines emerges.

All is almost possible with the use of the internet. But as we try to connect with the virtual world, internet connectivity is needed.

One of the easy and more convenient ways of connecting is through the use of Wireless Fidelity or Wi-Fi connection. 

Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that uses radio waves in providing wireless high-speed internet and network connection.

It is widely used in schools, institutions, business establishments, and homes.

The use of this technology enables easy access to sites and shops online without the hassle of using a wired connection or Ethernet connection.

However, as we go on to use this technology, strict security protocols were encrypted in order to secure a safe and reliable internet connection.

For some, it is needed and a commendable approach for it promotes data protection. But the burden of jotting down Wi-Fi password has been keeping people from enjoying the internet. 

As QR codes have gained popularity in the past few years, the integration of QR code uses has become a new creative norm for technologically inclined individuals. With just scanning a generated free QR code with your smartphone, limitless possibilities can be unlocked. 

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How to generate a free QR code for your Wi-Fi password?

With the right QR code generator, you can make a free QR code on how to give Wi-Fi password in 4 easy steps:

1. Enter a QR code generator available online.

2. Open the “Wi-Fi” menu and enter the required fields. You can indicate what type of password security encryption does your router has.

3. Enter your SSID for more accurate scanning. Your SSID can be found at the back of your router/modem.

4. Generate and customize your QR code. 

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The QR code generated Wi-Fi password can be used in schools, businesses, establishments, and offices, given that they have a Wi-Fi connection.

As the ways on how to set up Wi-Fi passwords on our devices advances, the burden of writing a Wi-Fi password can be replaced with an easy and accessible mode of information sharing. 

How to create a free QR code for Mp3 tracks? 

free qr code generator with logoSearching bop tracks from Google can be a burden and hassle to experience. Musicians and artists may usually add links to their promotional tracks, however, some users that have phones with laggy keyboard interfaces sometimes get frustrated on how they can easily listen to tracks that are suggested to them.

But as technology advances and numerous innovations and techniques get the public’s attention, the introduction of convenience information sharing has been a recommended standard to marketers, artists, and record labels.

With QR code integration, musicians and recording labels can able to attach the links of their soundtracks from SoundCloud, a trusted music sharing platform, and distribute it to stores, magazines, newspapers, and other marketing platforms.

There are online free QR code generators that you can use in generating your free Mp3 QR codes, and there are:

5 simple steps on how to generate a free QR code for your Mp3 tracks.

1. Open

2. Select the “Mp3” menu and attach your SoundCloud Mp3 link in the given field. 

3. Generate the QR code by clicking the “Generate QR Code” interface.

4. Download your QR code and test if it works.

5. Distribute the downloaded QR code to your friends and let them enjoy your music.

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How to easily connect your business email by making a Free QR code for email?

As our current situation worsens, business owners, who are finding ways in saving their businesses, are forced to redirect their operations online. By using their online business accounts, transactions that require email inputs can be tiresome.

Customers can also find saving their favorite business’ email tedious and worrisome as they tend to forget the list they made and sometimes accidentally throw it to their trash bins.

With the use of QR codes, the trouble of losing the list of emails lessens with one scan using your smartphone, regardless of the operating system used, as long as they have a QR code scanner.

Now that QR codes have uses that can be utilized in our day to day living, email QR codes may someday rule and change our view in connecting our business emails to our valued customers. 

As a tool in marketing, free QR codes in emails can be easily made in 5 uncomplicated ways.

1. open 

2. Navigate to the “Email” menu.

3. Input your business email.

4. Generate your QR code and then customize it by selecting a set of patterns, eyes, logo, colors, and even add a frame for clear scanning clearance.

5. Download the generated free QR code, test, and distribute it to your valued customers, clients, and business partners.

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How to create a generate a free QR code for YouTube and gain more views?

best free qr code generatorStarting your own content is hard and difficult. It requires a tint of imagination and relevance to your target audience.

Technopreneurs, influencers, educators, and inspirational speakers make their content on Youtube and reach out to their respective subscribers in a nice and sleek way.

But as a starting YouTube creator, competition and relevance may have been a hard thing to ponder as you are exhausting your effort and resources in promoting your channel.

However, you can change your tactics by adding the use of QR codes in promoting. Yet, you need a reliable and trusted QR code generator that you can use like QRTiger, and here are 5 concise steps in generating free QR codes for your YouTube videos. 

1. Open and select “create your own QR code with logo!” interface.

2. Click the “YouTube” Menu and enter your YouTube video’s URL.

3. Generate the QR code and customize it by choosing a set of patterns, eyes, add your channel’s logo, and select colors that correspond to your identity.

4. Check if the QR code works and download it.

5. Start circulating the QR code by adding it to your videos, posts, and promotional campaigns.

Your YouTube QR code can also act as a source for your future related videos. In this way, the trouble of linking your previous video’s URL in the description box will be lifted and the chances of gaining more views double as you are directly forwarding then straight to the video.

If you are adding advanced technological manipulation in your Channel’s interface, viewers who are looking for a new and unprecedented Creator-Subscriber interaction can become your loyal subscribers.

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How to convey secret messages by creating a free QR code?

qr code generator softwareEveryone has a childhood dream of becoming a secret agent and detective. This dream is mostly influenced by detective movies, stories, and TV shows.

As our imagination expands towards realistic functions, such as work, education, and decision making, the desire to relive our childhood experiences intensifies.

With the use of QR codes, you can awaken your inner detective self in doing tasks such as treasure hunting, passing confidential files and messages.

But nothing excites us more than conveying secret messages to our friends, loved ones, and even acquaintances.

The excitement of experiencing the luxury of being a top detective or secret agent can now be experienced in a smooth and cost-efficient manner.

One way of using your inner detective skills is through conveying messages where you can use QR codes as a substitute for private messaging. A QR code can store 7,089 characters which are convenient in relaying messages.

To further unlock your inner detective skills, you can use a trusted and Free QR code generator and generate it in the following 7 convenient steps:

1. Open the QR code generator.

2. Click the “Text” menu.

3. Input your message. 

4. Generate your QR code.

5. Modify your QR code by choosing a set of patterns, eyes, colors and you can add a logo to prove the identity of the sender.

6.  Test your QR code and download it.

7. Send your QR code to the person you want to convey your message with. 

By following these steps, you can now add excitement to your conversation with someone without risking any information leak.

How to share pinned ideas to your colleagues by making a free QR code for Pinterest?

qr code onlineWith more than 200 million monthly users, Pinterest has garnered a spot in improving business and creative market ideas.

It has become social media’s web-based bulletin board for projects, ideas, and products. As businesses resort for updated marketing strategy, this platform has helped millions in searching and pinning recipes, inspirational quotes, ideas, and life hacks for 10 years. 

For startup businesses, this platform helps them gather and drive more traffic and sales. If you are planning to increase your market sales, here are 5 basic steps in generating a free QR code for your pins,

1. Search for the best and trusted free QR code generator like QRTiger and open it.

2. Open the “Pinterest” section of the generator and input the link of the pin you want to generate.

3. Generate the QR code and customize it according to your business’s identity. You can customize the set of patterns, eyes, add your logo, set color, and may add a frame to label tags.

4. Test if the QR code works.

5. Download the QR code and circulate it through your posts, newsletters, and products.

By this means, you are a step away from boosting your business profile on the world wide web and be motivated to rise in the technopreneurs industry.

Creating QR codes for free with QRTIGER QR code generator 

Creating QR codes for free with QRTIGER, you can customize your QR codes according to your purpose, style or marketing purposes. 

By finding a free and trusted QR code generator, limitless possibilities and technological altercation can be possible. It is up to you if you want to explore or just stay behind.

To learn more about how to generate free QR codes, you can go to the best QR code generator available online. There you can explore and unlock new possibilities on where your imagination satisfies you. 

If you need to generate a bulk QR code, you can also contact QRTIGER so we can assist you further. 

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