How to Use App Store QR Code Generator

Last updated:   March 27, 2023

Since in-app advertising annoys users, how can app store QR code generators be the solution for your app marketing? What are the improved ways of marketing your app?

To stop the users’ annoyance with in-app promotions, QR codes for the app store started to surge.

Since then app store QR code generators compete in gaining company clients. 

To find the best QR code generator for the app store, you must first learn the basics of making QR codes for the app store. 

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What is an App Store QR code?

App store QR codeAn app store QR code is a dynamic QR code solution that connects the user directly to the device’s default app store to increase the number of downloads.

There are two dominant app store apps, App Store for IOS devices and Google Play Store for Android devices. 

An app store QR code works by scanning the QR code, and it automatically directs users to the app’s download page on the app store (IOS or  Android). 

Since an app store QR code is a multi-URL QR code, no problem will occur when scanning.

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How to generate an app store QR code? 

  • Open QR TIGER QR code generator online
  • Select the App store category in the category
  • Generate and customize your QR code
  • Test if the QR code works
  • Download and deploy your App store QR code

5 Reasons why you should generate an app store QR code 

To catch up with the ever-changing technology, new marketing styles are added. With the use of app store QR codes, here are 5 reasons why you should generate an app store QR code:

Can be advertised on two platforms

Generate app store QR codeSince QR codes support dual-platform usage, advertising on print and digital platforms is possible.

In this way, app developers can easily market their apps.

By integrating QR codes for the app store in their marketing campaign, users from two different platforms will increase the app’s number of downloads.

One QR code for different types of devices

QR codes for app stores is a dynamic QR code that has multi-URL features.

By taking this feature as a prominent strength in marketing, users with different device ecosystems can easily scan the QR code and unpack its content.

In this way, you can’t get negative feedback from your target audience.

Optimized for mobile users

QR code optimized mobile platformSince most of your target users use mobile phones, optimizing your marketing content for mobile is important.

QR codes for apps are dynamic and can easily adapt depending on the scanner’s perspective.

If the person scans it from a print ad, the content will be optimized toward mobile landing pages and fastens the loading period.

Interchangeable data

Dynamic QR codes are editable QR codes. App store QR codes are dynamic QR codes.

Therefore, the data encrypted in the QR code is editable and can be updated even after you have deployed it. In this way, you can save more time from generating new QR codes and focusing on the marketing campaign.

Enhances multi-platform app advertising

Finding the best solution for multi-platform advertising for apps can be expensive and exhausting. Through the use of QR technology, you can advertise on both offline and online platforms. 

How to use an app store QR code generator and generate an app QR code 

1. Open QR TIGER QR code generator online

QR code generator

Every QR code journey starts with the use of a QR code creator. By opening the best and trusted online QR code generator like QR TIGER.

In this way, you are able to continue your QR journey without having to worry about redirecting errors and QR code expiration.

By selecting the best QR generator for apps like QR TIGER, the QR code you are generating is safe and working.

2. Select the App store category in the menu

App category menu

After you have opened the app store QR code generator, select the App store category, and fill the required fields.

In this category, you can see the areas where you can fill in two different app URLs, one for Google Play Store and the other for the App Store.

This only means that QR TIGER can also provide you with a Play Store QR code generator.

3. Generate and customize your QR code

Generate customize QR code

Once you are done entering the necessary needs, you then proceed to generate and personalize your QR code.

When customizing your QR codes for the app store, you need to follow the correct guidelines to ensure the QR code’s scannability.

In this way, you can exercise your creativity in customizing your QR code without compromising its scannability.

4. Test if the QR code works

Test QR code app store

To make sure your QR codes work after you have generated and customized your QR code, testing is a must. By testing it using different devices, you can infer any needed revisions on your QR code.

In this way, you can assure the QR code’s performance when scanned and used by your target users.

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5. Download and deploy your App store QR code.

Download App store QR code

Once you are satisfied with your generated, customized, and tested QR code, you can download it and deploy it in your dual-platform advertisement.

By downloading it in print quality, the quality of your QR code for apps will be preserved even when deployed in print paper.

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Uses of QR code for App store

To know more about QR codes for the app store, here are some use cases where QR codes for the app store can be widely implemented.


Finding the recommended apps for online learning can be hard to search. But with app store QR codes, you can embed the app’s URL (in Android and IOS) and share it with your classmates or students. 

Boost downloads for your Restaurant Apps

QR code download restaurant apps

Since a new normal ordering system is implemented, restaurateurs are developing apps for customers to download when ordering.

To fully utilize the ordering app system, QR codes for the app store are useful in automating the download prompt.

In this way, your customers won’t be having a hard time opening their dedicated app store to search and download the app.

Promote Ecommerce retailing apps

Online shopping apps can maximize their app marketing through the use of app store QR codes. By adding them to their dual-platform marketing campaign, the number of downloads will skyrocket.

In this way, eCommerce retailers’ economies will boom and more people can be helped in this selling platform.

Game and Software developers

As 22.15 % of apps are accounted for the gaming category in IOS App stores, competition between game developers surges.

By noting these figures, gaming apps amount to most of the in-app ads today. To avoid making the same mistakes, QR codes for the app store is emerges.

By integrating these in the app’s dual-platform advertising, the annoyance users feel lessens and increases the chance of increasing the number of downloads.

In this way, developers can make their apps successful and user-friendly.

Maximize sportswear companies' app downloads

QR code app downloads

Sportswear brands are also promoting their own apps to connect with their customers and establish an ongoing relationship with customers.

Nike is one of the well-known sportswear companies that use app store QR codes to encourage their customers and website visitors to download their Nike App

Users will scan the QR code posted on the Nike website to easily download the app. 

Tips on how to maximize your QR code for the App store

To maximize your QR code for the App Store, here are the following 5 best tips.

The QR code’s visual

QR code visual

As visually appealing objects stir people’s attention, customizing the QR code’s visual help stimulate your target audience’s astonishment.

To maintain your QR code’s scannability, there are different editing techniques that you can follow.

By remembering the universal rule in customizing a QR code,” the foreground color should be darker than the background color, you are preserving the QR code’s scannability.

Add your Logo, Image, or Icon

QR code with logo

Having a logo for your app enables you to have a sense of branding and identity in the app's domain.

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QR code’s sizing

QR code sizing

In keeping the QR code’s basic works in scanning, right-sizing matters.

The minimum size a QR code must follow is 2×2 cm or 0.8 x0.8 in.

In this way, your QR code is visible and can be easily seen by users.

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Consider its printing quality

As app store QR codes are dynamic QR codes, the quality it holds is remarkable.

Unlike static QR codes, which only depend on the code’s graphics in storing data, dynamic QR codes use a short URL in storing data.

In this way, the QR code you are going to use in your media campaign is quality and clutter-free.

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Benefits of using QR codes for the App Store

By using the right free app store QR code generator for your apps, you can harness the following benefits.


Since implementing media campaigns can be energy and resource exhausting, the use of an app store QR code can ease your tiredness.

Instead of paying other app developers more in including your app in their in-app ad program, you can use app store QR codes in advertising it for 10 secs only.

In this way, users won’t burst their bubbles and automatically close the ad.

By saving money from paying for additional ad features, app store QR codes can be economical and user-friendly.

Relieves user’s distress

As pop-up ads can disrupt the user experience in using an app, you can use app store QR codes to relieve a user’s distress. In this way, you can let the user continue its usage while the QR code is not disrupting it.

Convenient to use

App store QR codes automate app downloads. By omitting 2 to 3 predecessor steps in downloading an app, the convenience it brings to users is evident.

This is a great ground for technological innovations that eases a person’s task process by one or two steps.

As the makings of app store QR codes are complicated, the magic it brings to users is astounding.

It conveniences users in experiencing it.

Optimal marketing platform changes

App store QR codes are optimized for mobile use. In this way, when a mobile user scans the QR code from a computer, the desktop content is converted to a mobile view.

In addition, users can have faster-loading pages and access the app without interruptions.

Gives out a new user experience

As app store QR codes are not yet widespread across the world, the experience a user will encounter is new and fresh out of technological experimentation.

In the future, when app marketing will resort to an app store QR code strategy, people can experience a whole new user experience and accordingly will rate its effectiveness.

Why is it best to choose the best Play Store store QR code generator?

As QR code generators are competing for internet dominance, different QR code solutions were introduced. One of the QR code solutions is the app store QR code.

To get the best free app store QR code generator online, there are important qualities that you need to check out.

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To end the dominance of annoying in-app ads, app store QR code generators are introducing new QR solutions. With the use of app store QR codes, in-app advertising can be optimized.

If you are an aspiring app developer, finding the best QR code generator for the app store can be your stepping stone in upgrading app marketing.

To start your QR journey, you can choose a professional QR code generator and unlock limitless QR solutions to mediocre problems.

Frequently asked questions

Are there free dynamic QR code generators online?

As of now, there is no free dynamic QR code generator online.

Since dynamic QR codes require the use of short URLs, QR code generators require a plan subscription for you to unlock this feature.

You can refer to the bundles and pricing here.

Does the QR code generator have vector formats?

YES. QR code generators have vector formats.

As vector formats are print quality and original file formats, users prefer vector formats when printing QR codes. Because of that, QR code generators offer vector formats such as SVG and EPS.

How to download apps from the App Store or Play store using App store QR codes?

By scanning the app store QR code on your mobile device, it will automatically direct you to download the site of the app on the device’s default app store, Google Play Store for Android, or App Store for IOS.

You then click the download button and the app is downloading. It’s simple with app store QR codes.

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