What is an app store QR code and how to use it?

Last updated:   July 11, 2022

QR codes are great for promotion and customer engagement. However, the rise of app store QR codes has paved the way for a productivity boost! 

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QR codes are robust, and at QRTIGER, we continue to build features that harness its prowess. App Store QR Codes are one of the many features essential for marketing success.  

In this blog, we'll learn more about these types of QR Codes and how you can use them for your business. 

What is an App Store QR Code?

App Store QR codes are dynamic QR codes that redirect users to different URLs based on whether the device is running an Android OS or Apple's iOS to download/install your app. 

How does the app store QR code work? 

A smartphone running an Android operating system will have an entirely different user interface than an iPhone.

This is because an iPhone uses an exclusive operating system created and developed by Apple. App Store QR codes, therefore, detect a device's operating system and apply different logic for each. 

How to create a QR code for app download? 

  • First, just go to www.qrcode-tiger.com and click on App Stores
  • Input the URL for iPhone and the URL for android
  • Click on Generate QR code. This feature only works for users with a paid account so make sure you're logged in with your account.
  • Customize or stylize your QR code and click on the green download button.
  • Your QR code is downloaded to your computer, and you are now redirected to the Track Data page. You can edit the URLs you've entered on the Track Data page. You can also check the QR code data of all your URLs. You'll be able to track the time, exact device, and location of your scanners. 

Installing Apps in an iOS vs. Android Device

One of the main differences between the two devices is installing an application.

In an Android device, you'll need to open Google Play Store while on the iPhone or other iOS devices such as an iPad, you'll need to open the App Store. 

You may not know this, but this cause headache for the app's developer.

Why? Because they'll need to submit two different versions of the same application, e.g., Todoist/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, in TWO other App Stores!

If they want to support more operating systems like Blackberry's or Nokia's OS, the app developer will need to submit to more app stores. 

This is why on many promotional landing pages, you can get the app by clicking on either of the buttons depending on what type of mobile device you use.

This is why App store QR codes are great for app marketing to boost app downloads on both devices. 

What is the benefit of the App Store QR Code?

With an App Store, QR Code made on QRTIGER; you don't need to worry about marketing two different links for two other operating systems (android vs. ios). 

When a user scans an App Store QR Code, QRTIGER's powerful engine will detect what operating system the user is using to scan the code.

In just a matter of seconds, the scanner is redirected to a URL based on his device's operating system.  

This type of QR code is very easy to create/generate, but the benefits are unlimited! Furthermore, you can also 

1. Edit your App stores URL to a different URL 

In case you type the wrong URL and have deployed or printed your app stores QR code already, you can still edit your URL to a different URL, and you don't need to create another QR code.

You can change your URL in real-time, and scanners will be redirected automatically to the URL you have replaced.

Therefore, you can also recycle your App Store QR code for future uses, saving you money in the long run. 

2. You can track your QR code analytics for an adaptable marketing campaign

Knowledge is power. And data is often the key to knowledge.

Therefore, DATA brings excellent power! You now know one thing: your scanner's OS. How can you use this to your advantage?

You can market differently to an android user versus an iPhone user. 

How will App Store QR Codes make a Difference in Your Marketing?

Sure enough, it's easy to link to two different URLs.

But imagine your links printed on a thousand marketing flyers, business cards, packaging, or posters only to find out your designer used the wrong URL!

Not only does this mistake cost you money, but also thousands of potential sales and recurring revenue. Therefore, not using an App Store QR Code is a significant loss of opportunity for your business!

Redirect to different App stores using one QR code

The most obvious use case would be redirecting your users to various app stores.

If you have a different set of apps for an iPhone or Android device, then you can use QRTIGER's App Store QR code to redirect your users correctly.

Market your app in two advertising platforms with QR codes (online and offline)

You can print your app stores QR codes in physical marketing materials and deploy them online.

An app store QR code is scannable either way for you to get the most out of your QR code campaign! 

What Powers App Store QR Codes?

App Store QR codes are dynamic QR codes. 

With Dynamic QR codes, everything is possible!

A dynamic QR code contains a short URL, e.g., qr1.be. Once you open this URL on your device, the logic behind the short URL is applied. 

Dynamic QR codes are mighty! You can change the URL behind your QR code at any time; this will help you save money and time on printing, and you can also track your QR code scans.

Many brands already use dynamic QR codes for A/B testing to update their marketing campaigns whenever they need them. 

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Related Tech: Multi-URL QR Codes

A similar feature available in QRTIGER is Multi-URL QR Code. In a Multi-URL QR Code, your scanners are redirected to different landing pages based on various conditions.

Unlike App Store QR Code where you can create QR codes that redirect based on the device's OS, Multi-URL QR Codes can comprise of multiple URLs in one QR and can redirect scanners on different URLs based on 1. time, 2. amount of scans, 3. language, and 4. location. (There should only be one QR code per feature under the Multi-URL)

Location-based – the QR code redirects on the basis of location and geographical position. 

Time-based – the QR code redirects on the basis of the time and time zone of the scanner. 

Amount of scans – the QR code redirects on the basis of how many times the user has already scanned the QR code. 

Language-based- the QR code redirects the scanner based on his language setting. 

Create a QR code for app download with QRTIGER QR code generator 

With the emergence of many apps in this generation, there's no doubt that mobile apps will be taking a huge role in the present and in future society.

Moreover, it has the most impact on business success in the present year and beyond!

It is an in-demand technology amongst users that continuously change the framework of how businesses and the market operate most conveniently and more quickly.

There's no denying that for enterprises and businesses to catch up, grow and flourish in this ever-evolving competitive world, mobile app innovation and development is not an option but a must for expansion as it meets the in-the-now demand of the consumers.  

Using a QR code generator with a logo online to create your App Store QR code will be more effortless and more seamless for you to market and encourage people to download your app in just a scan away! 

The bottom line here is that you won't need multiple QR codes for various reasons. One is enough to do everything! Generate your App Store QR code now with QRTIGER: www.qrcode-tiger.com

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