Usher Blazes the Super Bowl 2024 with Apple Music QR Codes

Update:  February 14, 2024
Usher Blazes the Super Bowl 2024 with Apple Music QR Codes

Usher, the King of R&B, performs at the Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show,  a spectacular “One performance. 30 years in the making” that was definitely worth the wait.

Usher didn’t just rock Vegas, he fired it up with his 30-year career victory lap in Apple Music’s Super Bowl LVII halftime show. 

Apple Music created this master plan as they are pushing to leave an indelible legacy along with the big stars in the music industry.

“We’re trying to extend the campaign to more than just a show on a Sunday afternoon,” said Oliver Schusser, Apple’s Vice President of Apple Music, Apple TV+, Sports, and Beats.

“We are so proud of what we were able to accomplish together with the NFL and Roc Nation last year, and now, with the insanely talented Usher set to take the stage, we’re looking forward to another incredible Halftime Show from one of the world’s all-time greatest performers.” 

The unparalleled singer and performer, who just wrapped up his “Usher: My Way,” a sold-out 100-show Las Vegas residency, shared that he is excited about the opportunity to shine on the NFL’s biggest stage.

“It’s an honor of a lifetime to finally check a Super Bowl performance off my bucket list. I can’t wait to bring the world a show unlike anything else they’ve seen from me before.”

Usher headlined the Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show in Las Vegas

Apple music QR code
In partnership with the NFL and Roc Nation, Apple Music delivered a performance with Grammy Award-winning superstar Usher as the headliner. It was a long-anticipated moment. And what a show it was. 

Usher grooved to the Super Bowl LVIII stage with his classic and smooth R&B swagger, reminding everyone why he has been a king for three decades.

The superstar pulled on his diverse tapestry of discography by performing a sweeping medley consisting of 11 songs. He graced the stage and entered like a smooth criminal, with his opening riff of “Caught Up,” a 2004 hit echoing through the Vegas night. 

Usher did what Usher does best: he moved and glided across the stage like a suave professional, singing his classics with gusto like “Yeah!” and “Let It Burn.”

But the night wasn’t just about solo performances. Usher and a battery of global icons have staged wild and heartfelt entertainment, adding their unique flavor to the mix. 

The soulful Alicia Keys joined him for the timeless classic “My Boo,” which is beloved by generations. Usher’s longtime mentor, Jermaine Dupri, brought a touch of jazz to their “Confessions Part II” tandem. 

The electrifying H.E.R shoots up her distinctive R&B magic into “Bad Girl,” while the legendary duo of Lil John and Ludacris brought the crowd to their feet with their lively “OMG” and “Yeah!” remix.

And let us remember Usher adding a unique twist to the performance by rollerskating through Will.i. am’s legs. It is truly a testament to his talent and a highlight of the event.

“We want to make the halftime show press conference the artist’s moment,” Oliver Schusser said. “We really wanted to elevate that and make that great. We did that last year. This year, we made it even bigger.” And they did not disappoint. 

Usher captivated the audience with pure, unadulterated talent, bringing the house down. 

Apple Music QR Code supercharged Usher’s road to halftime with movement and memories

Getting ready for the event, Usher put together a playlist named “My Road to Halftime,” exclusively available on Apple Music. The playlist features songs from Outkast, Alicia Keys, Jay-Z,  and many other performers and musicians.

Viewers and listeners can immerse themselves in the artist’s top tracks across his catalog of bangers, R&B, and club ballads and relive Usher’s spectacular halftime show, complete with alluring stage presence and smooth vocals. 

Usher’s road to halftime becomes an exciting adventure shared by millions across the globe. 

“Music has always been the best way to set a mood, explain an emotion, or define different moments in time,” Usher expressed to Apple Music.

What can viewers see in the Apple Music QR code?

Apple music halftime show
The Super Bowl Halftime Show is a spectacle designed to enthrall, captivate, and ignite conversation. 

Through the Apple Music QR code channel, listeners can check out the singer’s curated playlist featuring his hits and collaborators. Usher and Jermaine Dupri created a mix of songs in immersive audio with jams. 

Supporters can also dig into Usher’s highly anticipated ninth studio album, Coming Home, through the music streaming app and experience his discography in spatial audio. 

They can also access more Super Bowl performances, radio episodes, dance party playlists, and popular NFL player playlists. 

With a quick QR code scan, fans are welcomed with a 2-month free trial on the app, where they can access a broad range of playlists instantly accessible at their fingertips. 

Their ingenious use of a QR code generator served as a gateway to a world of music. Captivated by the show’s energy, viewers were presented with an immediate and interactive avenue to enjoy and delight in music as much as they could.

The transcending impact of QR codes across music and the arts

The QR code’s impact fueled online interaction, with fans sharing their experiences and discoveries on social media platforms. 

This further amplified the reach and resonance of the Super Bowl Halftime Show. 

QR codes became a symbol and portal of Apple Music’s commitment to innovation and audience engagement, proving that these simple pixelated squares could open doors to a world of possibilities.

This demonstrated how technology can enhance the artistic experience, empower audiences, and form deeper connections between performers and supporters. 

So, the next time you encounter a QR code, try to unlock what is behind these gateways. Why not give it a scan? Behind it could be an amazing and unforgettable experience.

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