QR-Rhythm: How to Create & Scan an Apple Music QR Code

Update:  January 21, 2024
QR-Rhythm: How to Create & Scan an Apple Music QR Code

Are you an Apple Music user? Here’s a treat for the love of music and hunger for technology: the Apple Music QR code can be your best bud!

Imagine the ease of getting in tune with your favorite soundtracks, playlists, and artists in a scan—just exactly what a QR code can do.

These smart codes offer a seamless gateway to Apple Music’s platform and can close the gap between the printed and digital worlds.

What’s great is you can easily create one with the best QR code generator online software. Discover what else the Apple Music and QR code tandem can do.

It’s Symphony When Music Blends With Tech

So, how exactly does a QR code provide comfort and ease to Apple Music users?

Suppose you want to recommend a song you love to a friend or family member. The tendencies are: (1) they’ll have difficulty searching for the song, or (2) play the wrong song.

Instead of giving them the song title or album name, why don’t you send them a QR code that directly leads to that specific media?

The song, album, or playlist will automatically appear after scanning the code and pressing the play button is all left to do.

You can even promote your favorite artists and songs using QR codes—making them a sought-after tool for sharing and advertising.

Two Ways To Create an Apple Music QR Code

Apple Music’s in-app QR code maker

Did you know you can create a QR code straight from Apple media services and promote your song through it? See the steps below:

  1. Go to the Apple Media Services website.
  2. Search for a song or an album.
  3. Scroll down and fill out the information boxes.
  4. Check out the choices to promote the song product: Links or QR codes.

You can do minimal customization after you’ve hit the Generate QR code button, like changing the color and adding an icon.

Custom QR code generator

QR code generator

You can also use reliable QR code software like QR TIGER as your Apple Music QR code generator to create a customized QR code that’s more attractive, functional, and efficient in the long run.

This software offers both static and dynamic QR codes. You can create static codes without an account. You can also sign up for the freemium version to use dynamic QR codes for free.

Plus, you can guarantee the safety of your data as it is ISO-27001 certified and GDPR compliant.

To create a custom QR code, you need to get your Apple Music link first by clicking the meatball menu icon and selecting Copy link, then follow the rest of the steps below:

  1. Go to the QR TIGER website. You can log into your account if you already have one.
  2. Click on the URL QR code solution and paste the Apple Music link on the blank field.
  3. Choose between Static or Dynamic QR, then click the Generate QR code button.
  4. Customize your QR code for Apple Music.
  5. Run a test scan to check if it works, then download your QR code.

How to scan a QR code for Apple Music

Scan QR code

Scanning a QR code is easy; even beginners can do it. All you need is your smartphone.

You can check your device settings for the built-in QR code scanner feature if you’re using an Android 8 and up version or iOS 11 and above.

Once enabled, open your camera app and hover it on the QR code. It should scan the code in seconds.

The other way is through a third-party scanner. You’ll find many apps on the Play Store or the App Store. One you can use is the QR TIGER scanner app, which also lets you generate basic QR code types.

Now that you know how to scan QR codes for Apple Music through these methods, you’ll have a smoother experience when you encounter one.

Who can benefit from the use of this QR code?

Many can surely benefit from using this QR code, and listed below are just a few of them:

Music Producers and Labels

Music producers and labels base their earnings on the number of reach and engagement, and that’s why it’s handy to have a tool that helps you boost these metrics.

They can embed a URL that directly links to their produced songs and advertise it online and on printed media platforms. Anyone who scans the code will get immediate access to the songs.

And with a dynamic QR code, they can accurately track scans in real time.

Social Media Manager

QR code on social media

How do you market an artist or an album in today’s saturated industry? Become an effective social media manager and promote songs thru QR codes.

Leave out the printing of posters and flyers for advertisement; just use social media QR code or URL QR code and take advantage of the number of social media users. All it takes is just a post on your favorite site.

Music enthusiasts

Where are the music enthusiasts? Time to discover and share new sets of songs for others to rock on thru QR codes.

Create one using a QR code generator and let others scan the code to reveal your favorite songs—this requires no tech skill at all, so you’re guaranteed to use QR codes smoothly.

5 Reasons Why QR TIGER is Best for your QR Code for Apple Music?

Although Apple Music offers a free static QR code, it has no valuable advanced features that will come in handy for marketing purposes.

Meanwhile, QR TIGER has more functions and features that can help you get the most out of any QR code campaign, whether static or dynamic.

Here’s why you should go for QR TIGER and its dynamic QR codes:

Allows you to edit link destination

Dynamic QR codes store a short URL that redirects to your embedded. Since your link isn’t hard-corded, you can edit or replace it anytime without generating a new code.

You don’t have to worry about your previously printed QR codes because your changes will reflect automatically. You can update your Apple Music link anytime.

Track scan analytics

Dynamic QR codes have a tracking feature that lets you monitor your code’s scan analytics, from the number of scans, time and date of scanning, scan location, and devices used.

This is helpful if you’re advertising for a song as a producer, an artist, or an affiliate. It helps you identify your market and which demographics need more attention to strengthen it.

You can access and monitor your dynamic QR code’s scan metrics on the QR TIGER QR code generator dashboard. Simply log in to your account to find it.

Customize your QR codes

Why make boring white-and-black QR codes when you can have a customized one? 

Visuals attract more scanners; the more unique-looking your QR code is, the more it’s likely to catch the audience’s attention.

QR TIGER provides an easy-to-use and comprehensive customization suite that lets you modify your QR code’s appearance. 

You can change your QR code colors and choose between a solid or gradient shade, select from different patterns and eye styles, and use frame shapes other than the typical square.

It’s also possible to add logos to your code. You can add the Apple Music logo so scanners know where it leads. You can also add a catchy call-to-action to encourage scans.

GPS tracking for your Apple Music song QR code

Do you have a target location for your audience? The GPS QR code feature is for you. It allows you to monitor the precise location of scanners, which will also reflect on the GPS hit map.

Apart from that, you can also use its geofencing. It allows you to control who can access your QR code based on their location, which you can set through the longitude and latitude. 

Only those within the radius’s boundaries can access the data.

Wide range of advanced QR code solutions

Social media QR code

QR TIGER offers 20 QR code solutions, and users can use two of these to create a QR code for an Apple Music playlist: URL and Social Media.

The URL QR code embeds your Apple Music link, while the Social Media QR code can hold your Apple Music link along with your other social media platform links.

When users scan this code, it opens up a social media landing page that displays all the platforms where they can follow or add you.

Get in sync with Apple Music through QR codes

The number of Apple Music users is growing. If you use it to engage with audiences, it’s a must to maintain smooth interaction within the app.

What else can you wish for besides having your favorite music and discovering new songs most conveniently? Good thing the Apple Music QR code has got your back!

Say bye to the complexity of sharing URLs and manual searches, and say hello to QR codes. You can enjoy a wide choice of music, artists, and playlist in just a scan.

To be a game-changer in maximizing the Apple Music platform, tap on the best QR code generator today and get yourself groovin’ with a QR code at hand.

Visit QR TIGER and sign up for an account. Contact our 24/7 customer service for assistance.

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