What to Know About Bing QR Code

Update:  August 16, 2023
What to Know About Bing QR Code

Microsoft Bing is a web search engine operated by Microsoft. This is one of the competitors of Google.

Since Google has diverse offers to its users, Microsoft Bing also provides such to compete with the advancement of technology.

Along with these features is the integration of QR codes into their search engine. Since QR codes are becoming trendy and quick to navigate to websites or other landing pages, it has come to their senses also to add this feature to their Microsoft Bing software.

They also incorporate QR codes as readable codes to their software, as seen in the application in the market.

How does it work? Read this blog to know more. 

The purpose of adding a QR code feature to Bing and Google Search Engines

Bing QR code

QR code feature is an accessible technology for your smartphone devices. 

The sole purpose why Microsoft Bing and Google Search engines integrate QR code technology into their web browsers is for users to generate quick web links into a QR code without using third-party software. 

Convert your website link or any landing page with a URL QR code solution from Bing and Google Search.

Instead of copy-pasting lengthy URLs, you can just generate a QR code for that.  Users can scan it, and they will direct to the URL you embedded.

The web links’ QR code is scannable using QR code reader apps. 

Bing QR code generator: How to generate a QR code in Bing

Here is how you can create a QR code using the Microsoft Bing browser.

  • You need to open first the Web Browser of your choice.
  • Type in the search bar of the browser, “bing.com” or https://bing.com, then press Enter to continue.
  • Search in the provided space in Microsoft Bing for the page or website you want to access.
  • Once redirected to the searched website, press “right-click” on the empty space.
  • Choose “Create QR Code for this page” and generate a static QR code. Since you already generated a QR code using the Bing QR Code Generator, you can save the image and print it out to deploy the code to your customers.

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QR code generator software: A better alternative than generating QR codes in search engines 

Bing and Google browsers only allow you to generate a static URL QR code for your web links. 

With a dynamic URL QR code generated using a QR code generator software, you can enjoy advanced features that these browsers lack, such as updating your URL to a different URL, putting passwords, tracking QR code scans, and many more. 

So, instead of generating QR codes on search engines, QR code generator software offers advanced features and more solutions for you to use.

For example, QRTIGER  provides 17+ different QR code solutions you can generate from.

You can create different solutions in a Dynamic type of QR code like a video QR, vCard QR, File QR, Social Media QR, Multi-URL QR, and others.

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Why QR codes are becoming popular among web search engine browsers?

QR Codes are getting popular and available in the market. Moreover, here are some reasons why QR codes are popular among web search engine browsers.


QR codes can make easy contact tracing of patients and regulate contaminated individuals.

Cashless Transaction

Avoid human contact with cashless transactions as promoted by banks. E-commerce emerges with the rise of QR codes crawling back to life.

Contactless attendance

QR codes are useful in checking attendance in offices, especially amidst the pandemic. Contactless interactions are seamless with the use of QR codes.

QR codes are getting more popular these days. Hence, search engines like Microsoft Bing and Google Search integrated a QR code feature on their web browsers.

This signifies that overriding a QR code feature into a search engine helps them be updated with the new QR code technology. In this way, these search engines can offer you services like generating a QR code for your selected URL or online pages.

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Generate a QR code now!

Microsoft Bing has upgraded its features with the spread of QR code generators and scanners online, competing with other web browser competitors.

It has now provided services that offer to generate QR codes for you.

Moreover, consider that QR codes have become trendy today. Always choose the best QR code generator in creating a QR code befitting to your liking.

To know more about QR codes, visit QRTIGER now.

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