What are QR codes used for? Top 10 use-cases in 2022

Last updated:   September 07, 2022

What are QR codes used for? If you are starting to work or planning to use QR codes but you don’t have any idea of the possible uses of QR codes, here are the top 20 uses of QR codes in 2022 and in the future. 

QR codes are very useful in a variety of ways- business or personal. QR codes are mostly used in marketing as it is convenient for instant access to information. 

Users can use their smartphones, scan the QR code, and unlock the data behind the QR code.

What is a QR code and how does it work? 

A QR code or Quick Response code is a 2-dimensional bar-code developed in Japan in 1994. A bar-code is a machine-readable optical label that contains data or information about an item to which it is attached.

In practice, QR codes often contain data for a locatoridentifier, or tracker that points to a website or application.

A QR code uses four standardized encoding modes (numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, and kanji) to store data efficiently; extensions may also be used.

QR codes are generated using a QR code generator online and they are customizable in QRTIGER.

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What are the two types of QR codes:

what are qr codes

There are two types of QR codes: Static and Dynamic

In most cases, Dynamic QR codes are used a lot as it enables users to redirect his QR code to another information without having to reprint another code again.

This type of code is mostly used in business and marketing as it allows re-targeting or changing the data of your QR code to another file.

Moreover, dynamic QR code also tracks the data of the scans.

Static QR codes, on the other hand, do not allow changing the data of your QR code and tracking of scans.

It leads to a permanent address and is hard-coded. Thus, it is only advisable for one-time use or personal use.

Dynamic QR codes also have advanced features compared to static QR code. 

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Are QR codes free?

QR codes are free when it is static. Static QR codes are free to create and you can create as many as you want.

However, if you want an advanced type of QR code, you need to switch to Dynamic QR codes if you want re-targeting and tracking of your QR code scans.

Although dynamic QR codes will require your active subscription, it is worth it in the long run if you are planning on utilizing QR codes for marketing and business.

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How QR codes are used in the Coronavirus Pandemic? 

Before we jump into the most use cases of QR codes in our everyday life. Let us highlight first how the QR code technology has been useful during the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

So, how QR codes have been extra handy using this pandemic? Let’s find out!

1. Contact tracing 

uses of qr codes in everyday life

Countries like South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, ChinaNew Zealand, and others are utilizing QR codes for contact tracing individuals who may be a suspected virus carrier.

First off, each respective country’s implemented contactless registration to collect the information or data of individuals.

It helps the local government to do an easy and smooth contact-tracing and verify guests who have been reported to be infected by the COVID-19.

Moreover, this allows the concerned officials to get exact and accurate information about the person.

This also goes to show how important these QR codes are when it comes to contact tracing.

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2. Contactless registration

Before contact tracing happens, contactless registration in high-risk avenues such as bars, hospitals, restaurants, malls, and other establishments are mandated before an individual can enter.

Guests have to fill out a form using their smartphones by scanning the Google Form QR code. 

This process avoids multiple hand exchanges of pens and paper.

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3. Digital menus 

qr codes in digital menu

One way restaurants are safely re-opening during the Post COVID-19 is transforming their menus into digital by using a PDF QR code. 

Guests who opt for dine-in or take-outs can scan the digital QR menu in order and avoid touching the physical cardboard menu. 

Restaurants in New Orleans, New York, Chicago are serving up a contactless menu for their diners.

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4. Digital money transferring

To steer away from handing out physical payments like cash and cards, digital money transferring using QR codes have skyrocketed. 

Banks and payment companies like SafeCharge utilize QR codes in their transactions to make money transfer faster and safer all at once.

What type of QR code solutions are there?

QR codes vary in solutions and there are multiple types of QR codes you can create. Here are the lists

URL– this feature converts a URL into a QR code. 

Vcard– there’s no way you can put all of your information in a limited space of the business card, right? Using the Vcard QR code feature, you can embed more information on your business card without having to worry about the space! 

Social media– social media QR code links all of your social media platforms in one scan

H5 editor– H5 editor QR code enables you to create a straight web page of your own.

WiFi– you can create a free WIFI QR code. Using this feature, there’s no need to type passwords as you can connect directly to the internet by scanning the code. 

App Stores– App Store QR codes are dynamic QR codes that redirect users to an app to download your app right away. This will redirect users to different URLs based on their smartphone operating software (Android OS or Apple’s iOS.)

Multi-URL– A Multi-URL QR Code is also a Dynamic QR code that is composed of multiple URLs that can be used to guide and redirect users based on their time, geographical location, date, and device’s operating system.

For example, if a person scans a Multi-URL QR code and he is based in Japan, he will be redirected to a Japanese website.

If he is from China, he will go to a Chinese website, or if he scans from the United States, he will be redirected to an English website. All of this is possible in one QR code using a Multi-URL QR code. 

Mp3– You can use an MP3 QR code to convert your sound file into a QR code. This is useful for music events or podcasts. 

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest- Unlike the social media QR code that allows you to connect all of your social media platforms in one QR code, you can also opt to generate an individual QR code for them if you want. 

Email– If you want to boost and upgrade your email marketing campaign, digitalization is a way to go! You can use an email QR code to attract pique your recipient’s attention that will drive attention to your reader. 

Text QR code– This feature allows you to create plain texts with emojis! 

What are QR codes used for? Top 10 use-cases 

1. Connecting all social media channels using a Social Media QR code

what is a qr code and how does it work

QR codes are not just used to make your individual social media channels, using a social media QR code, users can opt to link all of their social media accounts in once QR code!

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2. Direct WiFi access and network sharing


Using a Wi-Fi QR code, people can connect easily to Wi-Fi by scanning the QR code, without having to type the password. 

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3. Product Packaging


You can win the trust and confidence of your consumers by providing them the genuine ingredients or recipes of your product when they scan the QR code!

You can redirect the QR code about the story of your product or company or redirect them to how-to videos. You can check out the product packaging trends of today. 

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4. QR codes on banner and advertising


You can add a digital touch to your advertising or marketing campaign with the use of QR codes in your marketing material like banners and add more information about your product or services.

A customized QR code with a cool graphic design attracts the attention of your scanners. 

Moreover, the QR code with encoded information can save extra space on your banner or promotional materials by giving them digital information.

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5. T-shirts and clothing

advantages of qr code

Elaborate product details, share the vision of your company, get feedback from your buyers or link the QR code on your social media accounts, and encourage people to scan your QR code.

6. QR Codes on Tickets

Turn your traditional tickets more fun for the customers by having a QR code with an extra promotional coupon for the winners! Moreover, it also adds creativity to your tickets.

Make your ticket more than just a ticket!

7. QR codes for customer survey

You can use a QR code to link to a survey form and get the overall satisfaction rating of your customers.

You can also give them discounts for participating in!

Surveys allow you to improve even better by gathering your audience’s opinions!

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7. Wine and liquor bottles


You can make your liquor bottles fun and excite by using a QR code that will link them to the video to see the story behind their favorite liquor brand!

This provides a digital extension to your product that engages your customers.

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8. Magazines and Newspapers


Make interactive dealing with your readers in the print media industry.

You can also lure the readers to visit your company website through a QR code by giving them prizes, free meals, or discounts that can only be used by when they scan the code! This generates traffic to your website!

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9. vCard 


Upgrade your business cards through QR codes that will provide your clients with more information about you! You can add your social media profiles in your QR code attached to your card!

It will make you more notable and will likely increase your chances of getting prospective clients and business partners!

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10. Retails

Enhance the customer experience in your retail business by integrating a QR code that will give further details to your customers about the products you offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why QR codes don’t work?

There are a lot of reasons why QR codes don’t work and this includes:

  • The QR code is not the appropriate size
  • Wrong positioning of the QR code 
  • The expired
  • Leads to a broken link 
  • Is over-customized
  • The QR code colors are inverted
  • It doesn’t have enough contrast 
  • The QR code is blurry
  • Pixelated QR code

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Should I use a QR code?

QR codes are convenient especially in the times of COVID-19 for faster information dissemination. Moreover, a QR code generator is affordable to use.

QR codes are used a lot today to combat the transmission of the virus by being con-tactless.

How many QR codes are possible?

Users can create as many QR codes as possible and each QR code are unique of their own.

brands using qr codes