How to Scan a Bondee QR Code

Update:  August 03, 2023
How to Scan a Bondee QR Code

Still, got no neighbors on Bondee? You can create a Bondee QR code to share your profile.

Since its launch, Bondee has been taking over the online world with its entertaining and creative concept. Users can create 3D avatars, build their rooms, and hang out with their friends in the virtual space.

You can create a QR code for your profile with its built-in QR code generator, so it’s easier for you to connect with other users.

If you’re missing out on this trend, read this article to learn more about Bondee and how to access and scan its in-app QR codes.

What is the Bondee app, and how to use it?

Bondee app

Bondee is a social app that simulates living in a metaverse setting where users can find and interact with friends and other users.

The newly-launched app, developed by a Singapore-based tech company named Metadream, integrates a QR code generator to level up the user experience.

Its simple yet amusing concept has sparked people’s interest, especially on social media.

It is a metaverse simulation of life with friends, a virtual plaza where you can hang out with other users.

Here, you can have creative freedom and express yourself digitally.

To create an account, you’ll need to sign up using your mobile number and then add your birthday and name. After this, you can set your Bondee ID and password.

After that, you can modify your avatar’s appearance and clothing, then design your room according to your preference.

Once through, the next step is to add your friends as neighbors.

You can add other users by searching their phone numbers, user IDs, or Bondee links.

But if you want a faster way to add neighbors, you can use its in-app QR code generator feature.

How to access your Bondee profile QR code

Bondee QR code

Bondee is the latest software to integrate QR codes into its interface.

Each user has a custom metaverse QR code they can share to let other users quickly add them as neighbors.

By using QR codes, it’s much faster to add other users on Bondee.

You won’t have to ask for your friends' phone numbers or search for them using their user IDs or profile links.

To access your QR code, open your Bondee app and select Add friends.

After that, tap the QR code icon in your screen’s upper right corner, and there you have it—your Bondee profile QR code.

You can show this page to your friends so they can add you.

You can also send it through Messenger or save the QR code as an image to your gallery.

How to scan a Bondee QR code

Scan bondee QR code

Bondee’s QR code generator feature is one of the many creative QR code ideas in the tech industry.

It can boost the user experience as it’s now more convenient for them to add users.

Scanning the QR code is quick and easy.

Tell your friends to show you their QR codes on their Bondee app, then follow the steps below:

  1. Open your Bondee app and select Add friends at the upper right corner of your homepage.
  2. Select Scan.
  3. Point your camera to the QR code.
  4. Set your desired nickname. You can also create a custom nickname for the other user.
  5. Tap Send’ and wait for them to confirm your request.

If you and your friends are far from each other, you can share your QR code images instead. Here’s how to scan a QR code image using Bondee’s scanner:

  1. Open the Bondee app and select Add friends.
  2. Select Scan, then tap Albums in your screen’s upper right corner.
  3. Find the QR code image, then tap it.

What’s more in Bondee, and why is it popular?

Bondee game

Although it only launched on January 17, Bondee managed to rank as the top-used app in just a snap.

It is free to download on Google Play and App Store.

There must be something in this app that gets users hooked since more and more people download and use it.

Now that you know what the Bondee app is, it’s time to dive deep and discuss the game features users enjoy.

1. Create and customize avatars Bondee, and why is it popular?

Bondee, the newly-launched social app, encourages users to unleash their creativity with its impressive customization tools.

This is one of the entertaining parts of the game.

Upon getting started, users must create and customize their avatars.

They can design their “virtual self” by choosing their skin tone, facial features, and hair.

The app inspires users to channel their inner fashion designers by dressing up their avatars with various trendy outfits and accessories from the virtual wardrobe. 

2. Share status and chat with friends

Bondee allows you to share your thoughts and feelings.

This metaverse app creates a digital safe space where users have the freedom to share anything by adding a status.

On the app’s homepage, you can add a status and say something or upload a photo with a caption, which will then appear on the app’s feed.

You can also see your friends’ posts and leave comments on them.

You can also chat with friends or create a group chat on the app and talk about shared interests or anything under the sun.

3. Interact and take part in virtual activities

Once you add friends by scanning their code using the QR code scanner, you can see them roam around your home page.

Here, you can interact with your friends or do engaging virtual activities.

The fun part is you can do a lot of awesome things like a party, play games, pet the cats, go shopping, watch a movie, and more.

You can also choose your hobbies, go to work or study, or just chill. You can see what your friends are doing, too.

You can also set your mood, such as love, happy, fighting, sad, daydreaming, and more.

4. Create and design rooms

The most fun part of this new social app that caught many users’ hearts is the room decoration, where they can create and design their own spaces or apartments. 

You can beautify your room with furniture, fixtures, and home accessories and customize the walls and floor. 

Also, you can enhance their virtual plaza by choosing a background, atmosphere, lighting, and ambiance.

Once connected, you can see your neighbors or friends, visit their virtual places, hang out, and leave a note.

Users posted snaps of their virtual space after decorating them, leaving their followers curious and leading them to download the app to try it out themselves.

5. Wander around the virtual world

The Bondee app welcomes you to Bondee Floating, where you can set sail and explore the wonders of the digital world.

Here, your avatar can enjoy wandering the sea and exploring the unknown.

While floating and sailing, you can throw or pick up a drifting bottle.

Also, you can add a note with a photo about anything you want to share with a group of people.

You also have a “floating album,” where you can keep your favorite photos permanently.

Create QR codes for a convenient customer experience

Adding the Bondee QR code to the virtual platform allows users to add each other faster.

They can simply show their QR codes to other users and instantly be neighbors in one scan.

This is only one of the many testaments to QR codes’ versatility and ability to provide overall user convenience.

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