30 Creative Uses of QR Codes in 2023

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Update:  May 23, 2023
30 Creative Uses of QR Codes in 2023

QR codes have many possible use-cases when applied in real life whether for personal, marketing or for professional use.

Using QR codes, you can catch the fleeting attention of your audience by making your campaigns as creative as possible. 

Today, these codes have become even more handy and integral especially in business and marketing in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. 

However most people only know QR codes for smartphone payments and marketing, but did you know that there's so much more?

Here are some clever QR code ideas you should use for your next marketing campaign! Here are the ideas for your next marketing campaign.

Creative ways to use QR codes for personal use

1. Wi-Fi network sharing

Wifi QR code

How many couple of times did you ask for the Wi-Fi and password, and yes you typed the password wrong.  With a Wi-Fi QR code you can connect to the internet in just one scan.

When the Wi-Fi QR code is scanned, it will instantly connect users to the Wi-Fi. 

2. E-learning

Audio QR code on book

QR codes are also a popular tool in e-learning to provide a digital dimension to learning materials.

For example, people can scan the QR code to access audio or video course from their books. 

A video QR code will automatically direct scanners to a video while an MP3 QR code when scanned plays an MP3 file. 

3. As a gift

QR code for gifts

You can add a surprise element to your gifts by incorporating fun QR codes on gift cards.

Let people scan a QR code to see the online gift that you bought for them. This will allow an element of surprise for the receiver. 

4. vCards

Vcard QR code

A vCard QR code displays all your contact details to your scanner's smartphone device.

Furthermore, they can directly save all your details on their smartphone gadget, unlike static business cards that only only gets thrown away in the trash bin and not serving its purpose. 

Creative ways to use QR codes in business and marketing industries

Here are smart QR code ideas to use if you want to elevate your corporate operations and services:

5. Next to packaged food in groceries or on the packaging

QR code on product packaging

You cannot have all the information about your product in one packaging, right?

But worry no more. You can print fun QR codes to give a digital dimension to your product packaging and give consumers a quick access to information about your product. 

This can be a great way to do marketing.

A customized QR code is better as people could associate the traditional black/white QR code with a bar code which they might not want to scan.  

6. On tables in restaurants to order

QR code on table

Digitized your menu and make it contactless using a menu QR code. 

QR codes have already been widely used in Asian restaurants to reduce the paper consumption and waste from cardboard menu. 

7. Posted next to paintings and sculptures at museums

QR code for paintings

Great for visitors who want to learn more about the artist, the time period, and the story about the paintings display in museums.

It could also include links that direct to the other work of the artist, related artists, and even the ability to buy the image on a mug or poster at the museum shop. 

8. On historical sites and on walking trails

QR code for history

Sure, a plaque is fine for grandma, but I’d like to delve deeper. Whether with a Wikipedia entry, or a video of a local historian explaining the significance of the site. 

Using a QR code, users can just scan the QR and they will be directed to a landing page that contains the  historical story of the site. 

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9. On recipes in magazines and newspapers

QR code for recipe QR codes can be used to direct scanners to quick link to videos, reviews, and feedback on the website. People love to get more information.

They will, otherwise, look online if they have an interest. 

10. In bars 

QR code in bars

QR codes in bars can be used to engage your customers with information, games, lucky draws, surveys, or any other way to give your customers a digital extra. 

11. Mobile payments

QR code for mobile payments

This trend has become a global phenomenon as it makes payments, quick and safe.

Your smartphones have become your wallet. Bitcoin was one of the first who really made the shift. 

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12. On medical products and beauty products

QR code on beauty products

Nobody likes to read the medical brochure, but everybody would love to see a 30 seconds video to understand the use and benefits of the medicine or beauty product. 

You can use a video QR code that will direct scanners to video links. 

13. E-commerce

QR code in ecommerce

A great way to engage and convert your client into a new sale using a QR codes on product tags and direct them to a quick survey. After that, you can give them a discount on their next purchase. 

When your customer is happy to receive your goods that's a great moment to convert your customer as a messenger to new potential clients. 

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14. Combat counterfeit goodsCombat counterfeit products QR codeImage Source

In many countries counterfeit,  is a real problem, with a unique QR code counterfeit that can be easily stopped. Many luxury brands already make use of this method. 

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15. Bike and car sharing

QR code on bike

Some bike companies are using QR codes in a clever way. Tern Bicycles, for example, now places QR codes on bikes.

These codes are encoded with identifying information for individual bikes: every owner's bike has its own microsite, accessed by the QR code. 

Source: bikebiz

Marketing uses of QR codes

16. Ads inside elevators

QR code in elevator

If you run a dry cleaning service or something else that can you as a marketer to promote your product, QR codes in elevators and tall buildings is a clever way to place it due to the high traffic of people that passes by. 

17. QR Codes in train stations, bus stops, and subway stationsQR code in train stations

A quick scan would give you real-time information on when the next train, bus, or subway would arrive. Super practical.

18. On posters for events

Poster QR code

You can direct the QR code to online information about your event.

19. On coffee cups

QR code on coffee shops

Plenty of advertising opportunities here. Let the cup be the messenger. Coffee stores and customers can benefit a lot. 

You can direct the QR code to your social media pages using a social media QR code  to boost your online visibility. 

20. On beer glasses 

QR cod on beer glasses

Ideal to see the story of your beer brewery or have an opportunity to buy online, it gives a great digital extension to your product to market and engages your clients. 

21. QR codes in trade show booths

QR code in trade shows

You can convert your Mailchimp sign-up forms into a QR code to get new email sign-up forms. 

22. On printed ads

QR code on printed ads

Giving a digital dimension to a poster ad or a flyer is always a great way to measure if your ads actually work. You can track the QR code scan engagements using dynamic QR codes. 

23. On liquor bottles

QR code on bottlesQR codes on liquor bottles would be especially good for new drinks you’re bringing to market. This gives people a straight understanding about your product.

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24. Invitations to an eventQR code on invitationYou can use QR codes for your events to let exclusive guests enter. This also prevents uninvited guests from entering and crashing events.  

25. On tags for sustainable clothesQR code on clothes

Is that piece of clothing really sustainable?

Let’s quickly scan and see its story. Clothing offers a great digital dimension to your regular shopping experience. 

26. On real estate

QR code on real estate

QR codes allow people to quickly find online more information about the property to buy or rent.

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27. In a city game

QR code in city game They let people walk in the city, scan, and solve questions. It's fun engaging and sounds like a real treasure hunt.

28. At video kiosks

QR code on video kiosks QR codes can appear as people interact with your kiosk, whether it’s at the mall or your place of business.

29. On movie postersQR code in movie posters QR code can take them to a preview of the movie.

It's a great way to give people a quick understanding of the movie and attract them to buy tickets for the show.

30. Printed on food packagingQR codes on food packaging

A QR can be printed on food packaging's which makes it interactive for your buyers.

For example, you can direct the QR code to a video and showcase them a step-by-step guide how it's made! We have seen it mostly on cakes and cookies.

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Creative uses of QR codes? there's many to choose from using QR TIGER QR code generator

QR codes are super beneficial and we will keep seeing more and more uses in  many years to come.

What is important is to have a good call for action next to your QR code.

A QR code is like a door in a store or restaurant: if there isn't a sign to come in, no one will come in.

If you want to get the most out of QR codes, remember to use dynamic QR codes as they can be edited to any other link, Wi-Fi password, data, and you can track data of your QR codes. 

What's more, a customized QR code drives 30% more scans than traditional monochromatic QR codes. 

QR TIGER offers an easy to use a free QR code generator  and even has an API for brands who want to integrate QR code generation and tracking in their Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 

Generate your QR codes with us today! 

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