30 Creative Uses of QR Codes in 2020

There are many uses of QR codes in real life. Using QR codes, you can catch the fleeting attention of your audience by making your campaigns as creative as possible! With QR codes you can be as creative as you can!

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QR codes are absolutely back! In 2020, These codes have become even more useful and essential especially in business and marketing.

However most people only know QR codes for smartphone payments and marketing, but did you know that there's so much more?

Here are some clever uses of QR codes you should use for your next marketing campaign! ideas for your next campaign.

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Creative Uses of QR Codes at Home

WiFi network sharingcreative uses of qr codes wifi qr codeHow many a couple of times did you ask for the WiFi and password, and yes you typed the password wrong, well with a QR code you can connect to the WiFi in just one scan.

Easy peasy! This works for Android and iOS11 also can detect a WiFi QR code and connect straight! It is best to use a Dynamic code in case you want to update your password. 

E-learningcreative uses of qr codes e-learningAllow people to scan to access audio or video course from their book with a QR code, this offers the best of both worlds a real book to study in but with a digital dimension. 

As a giftcreative uses of qr codes as gifts

Let people scan a QR code to see the online gift that you bought for them, this would keep the surprise effect for the receiver. 

Vcardscreative uses of qr codes vcardsA Vcard QR code is an easy way to get data in SXSW they already do this for 3 years to make contact exchange more easy and efficient. 

Creative Uses of QR Codes in Businesses or Industries

Next to packaged food in groceries or on the packagingcreative uses of qr codes packagingGive shoppers quick access to recipes that include the ingredients they see on the shelf this gives any consumer product a digital dimension and a direct added value to use your product.

This can be a great way to do marketing! A customized QR code is here better as people could associate the traditional black/white QR code with a bar code which they might not want to scan. 

On tables in restaurants to ordertables in restaurants as creative uses of qr codesScan a QR code order, pay, and wait for your food to arrive, this makes the whole process for the restaurant as yourself more efficient without losing the charm of being in a restaurant. This has been already widely used in restaurants in Asia.

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Posted next to paintings and sculptures at museumscreative uses of qr codes

Great for visitors who want to learn more about the artist, the time period, and the reaction to the photo. It could also include links to other work by the artist, related artists, and even the ability to buy the image on a mug or poster at the museum shop.

On historical sites and on walking trailscreative uses of qr codes historical walks

Sure, a plaque is fine for grandma, but I’d like to delve deeper, whether with a Wikipedia entry, or a video of a local historian explaining the significance of the site.

On recipes in magazines and newspaperscreative uses of qr codes recipe bookQuick link to videos, reviews, and feedback on the website. People love to get more information, they will otherwise anyway look online if they have an interest.

In bars 

creative uses of qr codes in barsTo engage your customers with information, games, lucky draws, surveys, or any other way to give your customers a digital extra.

Mobile paymentscreative uses of qr codes mobile payment

This trend has become a worldwide phenomenon as it makes payments, quick and safe. Your smartphones have become your wallet. Bitcoin was one of the first who really made the shift. 

On medical products and beauty productscreative uses of qr codes medical and beauty products

Nobody likes to read the medical brochure, but everybody would love to see a 30-sec video to understand the use and benefits of the medicine or beauty product. 

E-commercecreative uses of qr codes e-commerce

When you shop the goods to your clients that they order, let them do a quick survey and give them a discount. A great way to engage and convert your client into a new sale. When your customer is happy to receive your goods that's a great moment to convert your customer as a messenger to new potential clients. 

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Counterfeit of goodscreative uses of qr codes counterfeit of goods

Image Source

In many countries counterfeit,  is a real problem, with a unique QR code counterfeit that can be easily stopped. Many luxury brands already make use of this method. 

Bike and car sharingcreative uses of qr codes bike and car sharing

Now that bike-sharing is becoming a trend worldwide, QR codes offer a great way to unlock your bike or car. This can be used to unlock or pay for anything really. 

Marketing uses of QR codes

Ads inside elevatorscreative uses of qr codes ads in elevatorsIf I ran a dry cleaning service or something else that helped busy executives out I’d advertise inside elevators in tall buildings. Other good options might include flowers, kid activities, discounts on takeout food, etc.

QR Codes in train stations, bus stops, and subway stationscreative uses of qr codes trains bus stops

A quick scan would give you real-time information on when the next train, bus, or subway would arrive. Super practical.

On posters for events

creative uses of qr codes posters for eventsScan the QR and come on a page to inscribe and pay, this helps the organizer to have a better understanding of how many people would attend and if he needs to do more marketing.

On coffee cupscreative uses of qr codes coffee cupsPlenty of advertising opportunities here. Let the cup be the messenger. Coffee stores and customers can benefit a lot. 

On beer glassescreative uses of qr codes beer glasses

Ideal to see the story of your beer brewery or have an opportunity to buy online, it gives a great digital extension to your product to market and engages your clients. 

Uses of QR codes in trade show boothscreative uses of qr codes trade show booths

Scan a picture, (be entered to) win a free item by filling in your email.

On any printed adcreative uses of qr codes printed adGiving a digital dimension to a poster ad or flyer is always a great way to measure if your ads actually work.

On liquor bottles
creative uses of qr codes liquor bottles

Linked to cocktails; this would be especially good for new drinks you’re bringing to market and give people a straight understanding of your product.

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On invitations to an eventcreative uses of qr codes invitationsA great way to send out a real invitation and a QR to confirm, this keeps the best of both worlds. I have seen this many times.

On tags for sustainable clothescreative uses of qr codes clothes

Is that piece of clothing really sustainable? Let’s quickly scan and see its story. Clothing offers a great digital dimension to your regular shopping experience.

On real estatecreative uses of qr codes real estate

QR codes allow people to quickly find online more information about the property to buy or rent.

In a city gamecreative uses of qr codes city game

They let people walk in the city, scan, and solve questions. It's fun engaging and sounds like a real treasure hunt.

At video kioskscreative uses of qr codes video kiosks

QR codes can appear as people interact with your kiosk, whether it’s at the mall or your place of business.

On movie posterscreative uses of qr codes movie postersQR code takes them to a preview of the movie. It's a great way to give people a quick understanding of the movie and attract them.

Printed on foodcreative uses of qr codes food packaging

QR can be printed on food which makes that the food you eat interactively. We have seen it mostly on cakes and cookies.

Creative Uses of QR codes? There's a lot!

QR codes are super beneficial and we will keep seeing more and more uses in the near future.

What is important is to have a good call for action next to your QR code, a QR code is the same as a door, but if there is no sign to come in, nobody will enter! 

If you want to get the most out of QR codes, remember to use dynamic QR codes as they can be edited to any other link, WiFi password, data, and you can track data of your QR codes. What's more, a customized QR code drives 30% more scans than traditional black-and-white QR codes.

QRTiger offers an easy to use Custom QR code generator with logo and even has an API for brands who want to integrate QR code generation and tracking in their CRM. 

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