How to Use a Bulk vCard QR Code Generator

Last updated:   March 28, 2023

A bulk vCard QR code generator allows users to generate vCard QR codes in bulk without having to do it one by one. QR TIGER QR code generator provides users to create custom vCard QR codes in bulk in one go. 

Since making vCard QR codes for different clients can require more time and energy in the making, how can the use of a bulk vCard QR code generator help modern business card makers out there? What is a QR code?

As some love to do things one at a time, a few consider doing the work in bulk.

Just like generating a vCard QR code for clients, time can be a vCard maker’s problem when doing them. Because of the time constraint, a new solution is presented to people who love to do things in bulk.

To learn more on how to make vCard QR codes in bulk, here are some concepts that you need to acquire.

What is a bulk vCard QR code generator?

Bulk QR code generator vcard

A bulk vCard QR code generator is a QR code generator that enables bulk vCard QR code generation with just one click so you don't have to generate them individually.

This type of QR code solution falls under the bulk QR code generator category where the generation process requires the use of a CSV file to generate the codes in one go.

A CSV file can be read in Excel for vCard QR code generation.

QR codes in bulkBulk QR code generation is present in manufacturing, retailing and any work that requires item serialization. 

There are two types of QR codes that you can employ in your bulk QR code generation process, the static bulk QR codes and the dynamic bulk QR codes.

These two types have the same function as the regular QR code generation process. But for a more competitive edge, the use of dynamic bulk QR codes is a highly recommended QR code type.

How to use a bulk vCard generator?

To use the bulk QR code generator for your bulk vCard generation, here are the following steps that you can follow.

1. With the Bulk vcard generator in Google Sheets or Excel File, you only have to input all the needed information or details into a Spreadsheet or Excel File, and then save it as a CSV file after. 

Google sheets csv file

To copy the full template, you can also download QR TIGER's template for bulk vCard QR code and don't forget to save it as a CSV file.

You can create a CSV file with Excel for vCard QR code making.

If your clients work in a corporation or group, it is best to attach their profile picture for a more professional-looking QR code output.

To attach the image, simply copy and paste its link to the provided image section. 

In this way, you can make sure that your QR codes display the right information when scanned by you.

2. Go to QR TIGER

QR code generator with logo

After encoding the necessary information into a spreadsheet or excel file, proceed in opening a QR code generator online.

QR TIGER is a trusted and reliable QR code generator that allows users to generate their QR codes with ease and comfort.

3. Log into your QR code generator account

QR code generator

Once you have opened the QR code generator, log into your QR code generator account.

If you haven’t created your QR code generator account yet, you can look through the different pricing bundles that fit your QR code generation budget and sign up for one.

Through this, you can continue creating your vCard QR codes in bulk.

4. Upload your saved bulk QR code CSV file and choose dynamic QR. Then, click Generate Bulk QR

Generate bulk QR code

Wait for the QR codes to be generated. It will be downloaded in a zip file and the unique QR codes will also be saved in your bulk QR campaign data where you can edit its file. 

You can log into your account and see it. 

Benefits of using a vCard bulk QR code generator

As creating things in bulk can unburden people from doing them one at a time, the use of a bulk vCard generator can give you the following benefits.

Fast and efficient

Fast bulk QR code

Since time-bounded work requires a faster intervention, the use of a bulk QR code generator is necessary. Because of that, many QR code users can finish their work before the deadline.

With its fast and efficient one-time QR code generation prompt, users will no longer have to repeat the same process over again.

Stores all vCard QR codes in one folder

Bulk vcard QR code

The best thing about creating QR codes in bulk is their capability to store data in one folder. Because of that, users can easily skim through the QR codes without worrying about getting them cluttered in the storing area.

Helps you keep up with your schedule

Generating vCard QR codes in bulk can accelerate the time spent in generating them. Because of that, users that rely on scheduled work can easily improve their means to deliver their work within the scheduled time of submission.

Tips in making a successful bulk vCard QR codes using the best vCard QR code generator

As creating the QR codes in bulk is crucial a crucial stage for every QR code user, QR code experts layout five important tips in making successful vCard QR codes in bulk.

Enter the right data

Bulk QR code csv file

To make sure that your vCard QR code displays the right data when scanned, you must first do a data check before sending them to the bulk QR code generator.

Adding multiple links in one QR code is possible with this feature. 

By doing this, you can ensure that the data you give out to the developer is accurate.

Thus, minimizing the probability of making any QR code generation mistakes.

Create an eye-pleasing vCard QR code design using the best bulk vCard generator

Customize QR code with logo

As visuals are important to create a greater impression with QR codes, modifying its QR code design is crucial. 

You can include with a set of patterns, eye shapes, and color scheme but make sure not to over-customized your QR codes. 

Keep a professional-looking vCard QR code

Vcard QR code with logo

The sole purpose of business cards is to create more connections in the business industry. And with the design dictating whether the business card belongs to a professional owner, keeping a professional QR code is important.

Because of this, QR code experts advise QR code users to keep their QR codes look professional by adding their logo and a compelling call to action to it.

Since calls to action can stimulate more scans from people, adding a compelling call to action to the QR code is a great move for users.

Choose the best QR code type for your bulk vCard plus QR code generation: Here's how

To pick the best QR code type for your bulk vCard QR code generation, here are some QR code factors that you need to consider.

Design Output

Dynamic QR code

To provide a visually appealing QR code output, QR code users deliberately consider which type of QR code they will use in their bulk QR code generation.

As the use of Static QR codes can compromise the design output of the QR code being generated, QR code experts recommend the use of dynamic QR codes.

In this way, the design output can keep a clean look.

Editability of the QR code's content

Editable dynamic QR code

By considering the QR code’s capability to change or update the data after generation, the use of dynamic QR codes is great.

As people in the business industry do change some of their pertinent information, the use of them can easily let you keep up with their information changes.


Dynamic QR code trackable

Measuring your vCard QR code’s scans is can be done by tracking its total number of scans made, and more, the use of dynamic QR codes can allow users to trace pertinent scan data in real-time.

Through this, users can know how effective their modernized business cards are to their clients.

Make your vCard QR codes in Bulk with the best bulk vCard generator 

As technology speeds up, a tool like bulk QR code software that makes things go faster can be very useful.

Because of this, businesses in the business card industry can fasten their QR code generations with a bulk QR code generator available online.

Using a professional and the best QR code generator available online, they can work with confidence and ease.

To start generating your vCard QR codes in bulk, you can start your QR code journey with the best QR code generator and unlock new business potentials with the QR code technology. 

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