How to Use a Bulk vCard QR Code Generator

Update:  December 05, 2023
How to Use a Bulk vCard QR Code Generator

A lack of technology can hinder you from building a solid network that creates big opportunities.

A vCard QR code is a smart solution that automates contact-sharing and streamlines communication only with a scan. With this solution, connecting to a network of high-value professionals is much easier.

And the good news is: You can now create up to 3,000 customized static and dynamic QR codes in one go, including vCard QR codes, using QR TIGER’s bulk vCard QR generator.

This solution not only adds a modern touch to business cards but also transforms company ID cards into a networking medium.

It’s an innovative solution perfect for those who love to do things all at once. Read further to find out how this advanced solution works.

What is a bulk QR code generator for vCard?

Bulk QR code generator

A bulk vCard QR code generator is an advanced software that generates vCard QR codes in batch, so you don’t have to generate them individually.

QR TIGER’s bulk QR code solution can generate up to 3,000 vCard QR codes in one batch. For a seamless generation, it requires a CSV file with a standard template containing all the vCard information.

It can also generate a maximum of 3,000 customized static QR codes at once, which applies to URL, text, and number QR codes.

Take note that the number of dynamic QR codes you can generate using the bulk QR code solution depends on the inclusion of your subscription plan.

You may ask, “How do I create a bulk QR code?” The process is simple, and we’ll show you how in the easiest way.

How to create a bulk QR code in 7 steps

QR TIGER’s bulk solution makes it easy for users to generate hundreds or thousands of custom QR codes.

To start, you can follow this easy-to-follow steps:

1. Log in to QR TIGER vCard QR code generator.

2. Click Product then select Bulk QR code generator from the dropdown menu.

To enjoy this advanced solution, you can sign up for QR TIGER’s Advanced and Premium plans. New users can get a $7 discount on any yearly plan.

3. Download the vCard CSV template, then fill it out with the necessary information.

4. Once done, upload the CSV file containing your vCard information.

5. Choose Static QR or Dynamic QR, then click Generate QR code.

6. Customize your bulk vCard QR code to make it unique. Add your logo and a clear call to action (CTA).

7. Select a print format based on your layout preference, then click Download Bulk QR code.

If you have any issues or difficulties, feel free to ask for our assistance by contacting us immediately.

Why you should use a bulk QR code software

Fast and efficient bulk vCard QR code generator

Most companies find the traditional printing process time-consuming, especially when they need to produce a large number of business cards or ID cards. 

This can cause delays in distributing identification materials to employees, hindering them from networking opportunities.

QR TIGER understands the companies’ need for smart and efficient solutions. With its bulk QR solution, companies can now streamline custom QR code creation.

The software allows a maximum of 3,000 codes per QR batch. At this rate, companies can save a lot of time and effort.

Quick vCard update

vCard QR code

Once your business card or ID is printed, you can no longer make any changes to correct any inaccurate information.

Employees can enter their own data to minimize errors and have them double-check it for accuracy.

With a vCard QR code, employees can make corrections or updates to their information. This allows them to provide accurate and up-to-date details.

Now the question is: How do I create a QR code for my vCard? To create one, just select the vCard QR code solution from the solution menu and enter your details. Simply generate, customize, and download the QR code.


Digital business cards provide more benefits than traditional paper ones. Using a smart solution for business cards like a vCard QR code can help companies cut printing costs.

Reprinting business cards or ID cards can be costly. If employees’ information changes, they no longer have to print a new one.

Employees no longer need to discard business cards or ID cards containing old data and print new ones.

Brand consistency

Companies often struggle to maintain consistent design elements across all ID or business cards. This can lead to a lack of brand identity and professionalism.

Using QR TIGER’s bulk solution, they can customize vCard QR codes for business cards or ID cards. They can easily integrate their brand kit to align with the company’s identity.

Easy integration

QR codes are smart tools that are easy to integrate into business cards or company IDs. Maintaining accurate information is much easier using a bulk vCard QR code generator.

You only need to create a custom vCard QR code containing your information and print them on your business cards or ID cards. Scanners can then access your information and save them immediately on their device.

Information security

Traditional business cards and ID cards prominently display your information, making it easy for the public to access.

Unlike traditional business cards or ID cards, the vCard QR codes contain all your contact details and social media in one complex pattern—the unique code accessible when scanned.

This way, employees can protect their information from unauthorized access. With a vCard QR code, employees can choose who can access their information.

Centralized management system

You can manage and monitor all the vCard QR codes or any other QR code campaigns in one platform using QR TIGER.

This streamlines the workflow and boosts the efficiency of managing and updating the vCard information.

Helpful tips for using a bulk vCard QR code generator

QR TIGER understands that seamless QR code generation is crucial for companies to produce QR codes in bulk with no issues efficiently.

Here are the five helpful tips to successfully generate vCard QR codes in bulk:

Enter accurate data

It’s crucial to double-check the data entered on your CSV file for accuracy to ensure that your vCard QR codes contain the correct information when scanned. This allows early detection of manual entry errors of information.

Make it professional

Design plays a crucial role in the success of your business. Hence, creating a professional-looking QR code design is important. It’s essential to create a striking impression that lasts.

Keep your QR code design simple so it’s easier for the batch QR code scanner to read your QR code. Choose a set of patterns, eye shapes, colors, and frames that match your brand personality.

Advanced features you can enjoy on QR TIGER

QR TIGER is one of the best bulk QR code makers online, allowing companies to create a maximum of 3,000 customized static and dynamic QR codes in one batch.

Their enterprise-level performance makes them ideal for companies looking for smart and efficient tools that won’t break the bank.

Here’s the list of bulk QR code features you can enjoy on the software:

QR code editability

A vCard QR code is a dynamic solution. They contain a short URL that redirects scanners to a changeable landing page.

Instead of printing a new set of business cards, users can edit their QR code to update the stored information. This way, they can provide scanners with the most updated contact details.

Check QR TIGER’s affordable subscription plans to find the best package that best fits your company’s needs. They offer a freemium plan that allows users to create three dynamic QR codes for free.

QR code campaign tracking

QR TIGER’s dynamic QR codes have tracking capabilities. This allows users to track their QR code performance. You can see the total number of scans, scan location, scan time, and the type of device used.

This data gives you an overview of the QR code engagement and the scanner behavior that can help you optimize your strategies.

You can see where your potential clients come from or discover opportunities.

Wide solutions

QR TIGER is renowned for its wide range of offerings, from basic to advanced solutions.

Aside from the vCard QR code, they also have other dynamic solutions that they can use, like the File QR code.

Users can also create static QR codes. They recently added new static solutions to their software: SMS QR code, Event QR code, and Location QR code.

Customization tool

QR TIGER’s impressive customization tool allows users to make their bulk vCard QR codes unique. This way, companies can easily incorporate their branding to establish credibility.

Their bulk vCard QR code generator allows users to download their fully-customized QR codes with logos in PNG and SVG format to achieve the highest print quality.

Software Integration

QR TIGER supports QR code integration to major CRM platforms. You can integrate them into Canva, Zapier, HubSpot, Google Analytics, and

QR TIGER: the best QR code software for bulk QR codes

Work smarter and faster with QR TIGER’s bulk QR code solution.

With its set of advanced features and enterprise-level performance, businesses can effortlessly create and manage QR codes on a large scale.

Whether you’re looking to enhance marketing campaigns, maximize your networking potential, or streamline processes, QR TIGER QR Code Generator offers the tools and capabilities to make your QR code strategy successful.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities that QR codes bring. Unlock the full potential of QR code technology with QR TIGER today by signing up.

Frequently asked question

How do I create a QR code for my vCard?

To create a fully-customized vCard QR code, simply log in to QR TIGER and choose the vCard QR code solution and select your desired digital business card template design.

Add all your information, generate, customize, then download your QR code. You can print or save it on your device to share your vCard QR code.

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