How to create a QR code game using a Multi-URL QR code number of scans feature

Update:  August 04, 2022
How to create a QR code game using a Multi-URL QR code number of scans feature

A multi-URL QR code number of scans feature can redirect scanners to different landing pages including online games where scanners can have the chance to participate and win a game online and redeem the prize via online.

After a specific number of scans, the QR code switches its URL direction. This is a great promotional technique for a variety of marketing personas.

So how does this exactly work? Let’s find out!

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What Is a Multi-URL QR Code Number of Scans Feature and How to Use It as An Interactive Game for Marketing?

The number of scans feature of a multi-URL QR code consists of various URLs in one QR code that can redirect scanners to different landing pages depending on the number of scans the user have set.

The QR code changes the URL direction after a certain number of scans. For a range of marketing personas, this is a wonderful promotional method. When personalizing it, you may select the number of scans.

For example, the 1st-10th QR code scans can redirect to a product’s sales page, 11th – 30th scans can redirect to your business social media sites to maximize your social media presence, then the 31st scans can redirect to a game online where scanners can participate and have a chance to win a prize then the 32nd- 40th scans can redirect scanners to freebies etc.

You can also set your number of scans QR code in loop. That means, the scans will set on repeat and never ends.

Marketers can use the multi QR code number of scans feature to create an interactive marketing strategy for their target audience while also advertising and promoting their brand or business.

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How to make a multi-URL QR code amount of scans feature

qrtiger qr code generator

Go to and select the multi-URL QR code solution.

QRTiger is a useful QR code generator that is ad-free and has a user-friendly design. It allows users to create QR codes without any hassle.

The QRTiger QR code generator offers several aspects that a user should consider; it has the ability to build useful QR codes as well as a variety of options for use.

1. Under the multi-URL QR code types, choose the number of scans feature

multi-url qr code number of scans feature

2. Enter your 1st URL in the start URL box where you want to redirect your scanners to a certain landing page

multi-url qr code first url

Enter a maximum number of scans before the user switch to another URL

3. Enter the 2nd URL where you want to redirect your scanners

NOTE: You can add more URLs as many as you want and you can set the scans on loop

Why should you use a multi-URL QR code number of scans feature for your marketing scheme?

Accessible using smartphone devices

The content/online landing pages of your multi-URL QR code is accessible directly using a smartphone device which is great to drive mobile marketing campaign as well.

To access the content/URLs embedded in your multi-URL QR code, using your smartphone device in a photo mode, point your camera towards the QR code and wait for 2-3 seconds for the QR code content to be accessed (make sure your phone setting has been enabled to scan QR codes).

Another option is to download QR code reader apps or use your existing social media apps that scans QR code such as Messenger, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

Can embed more than one URL in a QR code for multiple marketing campaign

When you utilize the multi-URL QR code solution and select the number of scans option, you can include more than one URL that you can also use for multiple URL redirection for different marketing campaign landing pages and make it interactive.

You are free to put as many URLs as you wish on it.

Users can set the number of scans on loop

mult-url qr code scan loop

To make the scanning of your QR code on repeat. You can set the number of scans on loop so it never ends.

What more can you do with a Multi-URL QR Code solution and what powers it?

The nature of any feature under the multi-URL QR code is dynamic which means, you can change the landing pages of one or your URLs in your multi-URL QR code solution even if it has been printed or deployed online (websites, TVs, live streaming, social media etc.)

You can change the landing page of your QR code at any time, even in real-time as it is a dynamic multi-URL QR code.

Moreover, you can also track your QR code scans analytics (time when you get the most scans, the location of your scanners, device used when your QR code was scanned).

You can update or change your URLs in the Multi-URL QR code solution to another URL

One of the advantages of a multi-URL QR code is that users can change the landing pages (URL) of their multi-URL QR code.

Take for example the multi-URL QR code number of scans solution.

Marketers can change the landing page/s of his multi-URL QR code even after the number of scans before the URL switches to another URL has been set.

Users can do this anytime.

Track QR code scans

qr code scan tracker

You can track your QR code scans in real time.

This allows you to assess the performance of your marketing campaign and, if necessary, make changes to your QR marketing approach.

QR code analytics offer information like the time of day when your campaign receives the most scans, the location where your campaign receives the most scans, and the device that your scanners use to scan your multi-URL dynamic QR code.

These data analytics can also be viewed in real-time.

The 3 other types of multi-URL QR code solutions, and why businesses should use a multi-URL QR code in their marketing campaigns?

Because multi-URL QR code solution can embed multiple URLs in one QR code, this QR solution can be a new way to engage customers and enhance customer experience.

Apart from the Multi-URL QR code number of scans redirection, there are other 3 types of features that is under the multi-URL QR code and each type can embed multiple URLs for different redirections.

Multi-URL QR code language redirection feature

multi-url qr code retarget feature

If you operate a business internationally, you’re likely dealing with customers who speak a variety of languages and come from various cultures.

You wouldn’t really want to send your Spanish customers to a page designed for Americans, would you? 

Multi-URL QR Code language redirection feature will be really useful in this situation to redirect customer to a landing page that is set to their language.

You may use a single QR code to promote your products, goods, or anything else you have to offer by creating distinct and separate landing pages for different types of audience of different languages.

With a multi-URL QR code, there is no communication gap.

Multi-URL QR Code time redirection feature

Multi-URL QR code time redirection feature redirects your target market to different landing pages based on the time that you have set.

For example, in marketing a restaurant using a multi-URL QR code time redirection, the time from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm, you can redirect your customers to a landing page where they can avail a breakfast meal treat when they scan the QR code.

From 11:00 am to 12 noon, you can then redirect your diners to a free or discounted lunch meal.

And from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm another discounted freebie meal awaits for dinner!

Multi-URL QR code location redirection feature

multi-url qr code location feature

These QR codes can be used to redirect users based on their geographical location (country, region, city,) This is the ideal option for products that need to be sold in multiple countries.

This is not only cost-effective as you don’t have to deal with regional language issues, but it’s also a speedy path to international marketing.

Note: There should only be a separate QR code per Multi QR code feature

Ways on how you can maximize your game-based multi-URL QR code adverts

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to expand your audience and boost the amount of people who see your multi-URL QR code campaign.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind:

Make your QR code unique.

Multi-URL QR codes with custom designs catch the interest of your target audience. People are visual creatures; thus, we normally turn to something that thrills our visual senses.

customized qr code

Make a creative QR code that will create an impression on potential scanners after they view it. Avoid using black and white QR codes because they do not produce the desired results.

To make your QR code more captivating, add colors, establish unique edges, choose patterns, and choose your favorite layout.

Include a logo, a picture, or an icon.

qr code with logo

Include your logo into your QR code for your brand advertising or brand positioning. To your scanners, a QR code containing a logo, image, or icon appears more trustworthy and appealing.

Furthermore, when your scanners scan your multi-URL QR code, it provides them trust and a sense of security. It has a better reach, makes a lasting impact, and is more likely to be remembered by your scanners.

Your QR code should have a frame and a call to action.

qr code with call to action

Scanners will understand what your QR code is all about if you include a suitable call-to-action. In addition, frames come with a variety of customized call-to-action buttons.

Because well-designed frames excite their attention, it encourages scanning activity among your target audience.

Find a suitable size.

A QR code is a barcode that contains digital information about your product, service, or item. To ensure that you don’t miss any possible scans, make your QR code the suitable size and acceptable for the advertising context.

qr code suitable size

A QR code can be found on product packaging, a digital menu, a magazine, billboards, and business cards, among other places. The larger the QR code should be the further away it is placed.

The QR code must be at least 1.2 inches (3-4 cm) in dimension when scanned from a close distance to be scannable.

Generate your Multi URL QR code for your international marketing campaign with QRTIGER today! 

Utilizing multi-URL QR code, especially if you use the number of scans functionality, is great. The QR code changes its URL direction after a certain number of scans.

So for a range of marketing personas, this is a wonderful promotional method.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about how to create a QR code or how to use the multi-URL QR code solution. We are always available to help you.

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