How to use a Facebook QR code generator

Last updated:   January 18, 2023

A Facebook QR code generator is one of the handiest marketing tools for every business and marketing who wants to expand their presence in the Facebook network due to its ability to connect offline users to online. 

More than that, QR code generators are available for free and are conveniently accessible using smartphone devices, which makes it great to use! So what is a QR code and a QR code generator? And how you can use them in Facebook marketing? 

How to generate a Facebook QR code?

Facebook QR code generator
  1. Open the best QR code generator online.
  2. Choose the Facebook QR code solution.
  3. Enter the links of your Facebook page, posts, or events.
  4. Generate Static or Dynamic QR code.
  5. Customize your Facebook QR code using the customization tools provided. You can even add a Scan Me QR code frame to attract more scanners.
  6. Download the QR code in SVG or PNG and deploy on marketing materials.

You can integrate and generate your QR code on all your social media like Instagram, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and even use a social media QR code to connect it all in one roll! And if you are in the business, growing your social media is an important aspect.

QR Codes are not only useful for that. We mostly see it being incorporated in magazines, product packaging, wine bottles, restaurant menus, billboard ads, and just almost everywhere.

You can even increase your network by adding this QR code solution to your call cards to create a digital business card with a QR code embedded.

It gives a digital dimension to the printed media. Many business establishments are already taking advantage of this smart technology. 

When it comes to a social media platform, one of the biggest social media networks that are widely used by people is Facebook.

Generating your Facebook QR code is an effortless way for people to connect to your business Facebook page instantly or even to your personal account in one scan. 

Enhance your Facebook Marketing using a QR code now! 

What is a Facebook QR Code Generator?Facebook QR code

Basically, a Facebook QR code generator is used for creating a QR code for Facebook.

It will redirect your scanners or your targeted audience to your Facebook business page, personal account, event, or any featured post you are promoting through Facebook.

You can use a QR code for Facebook business page via online or print advertisements. 

For example, if you have an event for your business and you want people to know about it.

You can print a Facebook QR code and distribute it around public places or directly to your targeted guests.

Not only a Facebook QR code will increase your website’s traffic, but it’s one of the effortless ways to redirect them to your business “Like Page” button with ease. 

QR code basics

There are two types of QR codes you can create for your Facebook: Static or Dynamic. 

Facebook QR code in static mode

There are a lot of QR code generators that offer you to create your Facebook QR code for free using a Static QR code. But- does it provide you unlimited scans of your QR code?

Most of the Facebook QR code generators do not offer this. A Facebook QR code generator must provide you unlimited scans of your QR code even if it’s static; otherwise, you will only be wasting your effort in doing your Facebook marketing campaign.

QRTIGER’s Facebook QR code generator will offer you unlimited scans of your QR code even if it’s for free, and it will never expire. 

However, a Facebook Static QR Code will only redirect you to one URL and will not allow you to change the information behind your QR code; thus, it is only suitable for a one-time marketing campaign or either for personal use.

Facebook QR code in dynamic mode 

However, if you are using QR codes in your marketing for the long haul, generating a dynamic QR code is better than dynamic QR codes as it will allow you to track your QR code scans and edit your content to another landing page even if has been printed, allowing you to save more money in the long run. 

Using a Facebook Dynamic QR code, you can also change the data encoded behind your QR code, and you track the number of your scanners along its comprehensive profile, such as the device they use to scan your QR code, their country, area, and the time they scan.

Trackable QR code

You will be able to see all this information in real-time, which gives you an idea about who are your particular scanners and gauge the success of your Facebook QR code marketing campaign.

Regarding its data changing, you can always update it anytime you want, even if your Facebook QR code marketing is running.

You can redirect them from one URL to another. Just go to your Dynamic QR code generator dashboard and make quick changes. 

How to use your Facebook QR code generator?

Grow your business page using a Facebook page QR code in 2022Facebook Like QR code

A Facebook page QR code in 2022 is a great way to promote and grow your business page effortlessly.

Just by scanning your QR code, you can redirect your target audience directly to the “like” button of your business page. Moreover, you can also lead them to promos if they share your page. 

A QR code for a Facebook business page is a great way to increase your site’s traffic. 

Promote business events and campaignsScan QR code

One way people promote their events is by announcing it on social media, especially on Facebook. This platform is widely used by people all over the globe, and there’s no surprise to that.

You can print your QR code and distribute it around areas with a high amount of people or even straight to your targeted audience and make them aware of your campaign. 

Advertise restaurants, bars, and other business establishmentsQR code marketing

Maximize the number of your followers using a Facebook QR code. Establishing a great social media image does not only grow your followers, but it will also likely grow your customers as well and gather new ones. 

What features should I look for in a Facebook QR code generator? 

As what I’ve said, there are dozens of Facebook QR code generator you can find online, but a QR code generator must provide you these qualities:


A QR code generator should be reliable and trustworthy that will give you optimal security behind the information of your Facebook QR code.

Using an unreliable QR code generator might compromise the data encoded behind your QR code. That’s why it is of great importance to use a trusted QR code generator to create your Facebook QR code. 

Not only that, but it's also important that your chosen QR code software allows you to create not just a Facebook QR code solution.

It's critical that you can also generate a URL QR code, File, QR code, audio QR code, social media QR code, and more to enhance your digital marketing strategies.

Unlimited QR code scans even if your Facebook QR code is Static QR Code

Not all QR Code generators will provide you unlimited scans of your QR code if it’s static, which comes for free. Mostly, after a maximum scanning capacity, the QR code will already redirect you to the 404 error page. 

QRTIGER’s Facebook QR code generator will provide you unlimited scans of your Static QR code if you want to start your Facebook QR code marketing campaign using a Static QR code.

You can rely on QRTIGER to do it for you. And no- no hefty investments require. Moreover, you can also customize your QR code even if it is for free. 

A dynamic QR code generator for your Facebook

Dynamic QR code

Now, if you have tested your Free Facebook QR code and you want to upgrade and get more out of your Facebook QR code marketing campaign.

You can use a Facebook Dynamic QR code and see robust statistical results of your Facebook QR code scans. Who are your scanners? From what country or area they came from? Am I getting enough scans? What device did they use?

What should I do more to improve my Facebook QR code marketing campaign? You can get such results when you use a Dynamic Facebook QR code.

You just need to subscribe to QRTIGER’s QR code generator and visit your dashboard from time to time to see real-time stats. 

Various designing optionsCustomize QR code

Back in the days, we only used to have monochromatic QR code colors, but an advanced QR code generator will allow you to customize your QR code in multiple ways and overall appearance the way it can be beneficial for your QR Code marketing campaign.

It should allow you to add a logo of your QR code, or an image of your brand set the colors you want, choose the patterns and eyes that will fit your brand theme. Stylized QR codes attract your customers’ attention than the regular black and white. 

Download high-quality printed formats

The best QR code generator should allow you to produce high-quality printed QR codes in SVG and PNG formats to make it easily scannable. 

Use a QR code for your Facebook business page with QRTIGER

As many brands and businesses are using Facebook QR codes to drive people straight to their business page or their profile, they are likely to grow their name in no time.

Furthermore, a Facebook QR code is convenient to use as it quickly scannable using smartphones.

It just one scan; they will be instantly landed on your page without having to purposely go over to your site and type your business’ page out.

QRTIGER’s QR code generator provides you the overall qualities mentioned above that are mainly needed to customize your QR code for a successful Facebook QR code marketing campaign.

Generate your Facebook QR code now, and don’t be left out. 

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