Four Peaks Brewing Co. Uses QR Codes To Encourage Recycling

Update:  May 01, 2024
Four Peaks Brewing Co. Uses QR Codes To Encourage Recycling

10 April 2024—Four Peaks, an Arizona-based craft brewery, has partnered with CIRT Inc. to empower consumer recycling practices. 

Born in Tempe, Four Peaks Brewing Company has announced a trailblazing collaboration with CIRT (Can I Recycle This), becoming the first beverage company in the nation to incorporate a digital location-based recycling tool through a QR code on all their packaging.

“We’re incredibly excited for this partnership, as it was perfect timing to include on the new look of our entire portfolio,” stated Trevor Needles, the marketing director at Four Peaks Brewing Co., in the release. 

By implementing these innovative technologies, Four Peaks is taking a proactive stance on environmental responsibility, designed to boost consumer recycling efforts and delicious brews. 

Four Peaks strives to make a positive impact one sip at a time. This partnership offers our consumers a way to easily determine exactly where and how to recycle our products, promoting and increasing recycling one can at a time.

This collaboration signifies a positive step towards a more sustainable future for the beverage industry, with Four Peaks leading the charge.

Four Peaks Co. is crafting a sustainable future with CIRT Inc.

QR codes for sustainability

Founded in 1996,  Four Peaks advocates a cool way to recycle, integrating a QR code generator feature in their strategy and a new tech company founded and owned by women.

They became known for their award-winning Kilt Lifter and Wow Wheat beers throughout the Southwest, selling nearly 21 million cans each. That’s a lot of beer and potential recycling impact!

Afterward, they joined Anheuser-Busch’s collective of craft brewery partners in 2016. 

They are the first brewery and beverage brand to put the QR code directly on bottles and the second Anheuser-Busch craft brewery lineup to partner with CIRT after Wicked Weed Brewing in 2021. 

So, we partnered with a group called CIRT—Can I Recycle This—and they have a great digital location tool that allows consumers to scan a QR code, input their zip code, and it informs the consumer how they can recycle different levels of packaging,” said Needles.

CIRT is an award-winning and globally recognized B Corp. driven to build the data and software tools to help businesses make their products and packaging materials more sustainable. 

The technology was developed in part with the 100+ Accelerator, a program funded by Anheuser-Busch, Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Colgate-Palmolive.  

The accelerator was engineered to help fuel the growth of startups developing critical sustainability solutions. 

With CIRT’s ingenious technology and database, Four Peaks has the capacity to:

  • Provide location-specific recycling information to more than 21 million people
  • Divert 3.5 million pounds of packaging from landfills
  • Offset more than 5.2 million pounds of CO2 equivalent emissions. 

The more information we can give to our consumers to inform them how to recycle the material out there, we’re going to make a big impact on the environment,” Needles adds. 

The brewing company demonstrates a commitment to impact Earth one beer can at a time, resonating with a growing segment of consumers who prioritize eco-friendly practices and support the fight against packaging waste.

And by harnessing the accessibility of QR codes, they are fostering a more environmentally aware society on a global scale. 

Who doesn’t want a sip of eco-conscious brews? It is a flavor that feels good for you and the planet. 

What’s brewing behind the code?

Four peaks brewing company QR code

This exciting partnership equips Four Peaks consumers with the knowledge and tools, such as a QR code generator, to recycle their purchases effectively. 

By scanning a conveniently placed QR code on any Four Peaks product packaging, including metal cans and glass bottles, consumers will gain access to CIRT’s location-based recycling information website, “CIRT.Check.”

On the back of every item rests a QR code on product packaging waiting to be unlocked, and then there’s a header that reads, “PLEASE RECYCLE—IT’D BE A LOT COOLER IF YOU DID.” Such an intriguing way to prompt consumers to scan, right?

Upon scanning the QR code with a smart device, scanners are welcomed with a website containing a message that reads “Can I Recycle This?”—the exact name of the developers, only with a question mark. 

Below is a Use My Location button where consumers can easily click to see instructions for properly handling the items at an area where he is scanning. 

They can also lookup by address or zip code and see what guidelines a specific location has for recycling. 

Bear in mind that each location has different waste management standards. So, if you’re sipping your afternoon brew at Glendale, the website might tell you to put your items directly into your garbage bin. 

Four Peaks is not only empowering consumers to become active participants in the movement but also inspiring a positive behavioral change and promoting a culture of sustainability to its customers beyond the brewery walls.

The QR code technology is forging the path to a greener future

Four Peaks Co. is actively shaping a greener future by collaborating with CIRT, transforming these simple pixelated squares into gateways for sustainability initiatives. 

This personalized approach empowers individuals to understand the environmental impact behind their purchases and make informed choices that contribute to a more eco-friendly course. 

QR codes are already handy, but Four Peaks is taking them to the next level—turning them into tiny eco-warriors, fighting climate change one scan at a time. 

And the best part? It’s only the beginning. Imagine a world where every product is crafted with eco-responsible effort—a greener future might be around the corner.

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