Canva QR Code: How to Add a Dynamic QR Code to Your Canva Designs

Last updated:   March 16, 2023

QR TIGER users can now easily add their dynamic QR code on Canva with the newest software integration.

Canva is a digital design software that enables users to edit, design, or create graphics without the need for professional graphic design background.

The platform also caters to over 60 million active monthly users across 190 countries, making it one of the best graphic design software.

Canva and QR TIGER software integration allow for convenient sharing, displaying, and adding of existing QR codes.

Canva QR code integration: How does it work?

Canva QR code integration QRTIGERCanva QR code has been made possible with the integration of QR TIGER and the Canva app.

You no longer need to download the QR code from QR TIGER’s software and manually upload or paste it on your Canva templates.

For instance, you want to deploy your Canva QR code on your graphic design. You simply have to activate QR TIGER’s integration on your account.

All of your QR codes from QR TIGER will be automatically displayed on Canva’s interface, which makes it a Canva QR code generator.

To add your desired QR code solution to your Canva, you just need to click on the QR codes shown on the left side of the screen.

Note: You can’t generate a QR code on Canva. Creating QR codes is possible only at QR TIGER.

But with the integration, you are provided with a streamlined procedure for adding static and dynamic QR codes to your digital designs.

How to add a dynamic QR code in Canva

Before using the QR TIGER integration on Canva, you must first have an active subscription to the best QR code generator which is also a Canva QR code generator.

This is important because you will need your account’s API key.

Here’s how you can get your API key on QR TIGER:

1.     Click on My account

QR code generator account QRTIGER

2.     Tap on Settings

QRTIGER settings

3.     Copy API key

QRTIGER api keyAfter copying the API key, proceed to log into your Canva account. Here’s how to set up QR TIGER QR code generator on your Canva interface:

1.     Select Create a design

Canva designThe Create a design button is located at the upper right corner of the screen beside your profile icon.

2.     Choose design templates

Canva choose design templatesPick the design template of your choice out of the suggested ones from Canva.

3.   Click More to add QR TIGER

Add QRTIGER to Canva

You can manually type QR TIGER on the search bar or search for the QR TIGER logo among the integrated Canva apps.

4. Click the QR TIGER icon

QRTIGER Canva integrationOn the left side of Canva’s interface, you can find QR TIGER’s logo. Tap the log and click the Connect button.

5.     Enter your API key

Canva integration api key QRTIGERPaste the API key on the space provided. Click Continue.

Your Canva account is now integrated with your QR TIGER account. Add static and dynamic QR codes to Canva designs seamlessly with this new software update.

QR TIGER QR code solutions you can add to Canva

You can use 11 QR TIGER QR code solutions when designing with Canva. Here are the following:

URL QR code

Url QR code

Using a URL QR code solution, you'll be able to learn how to make a QR code for a link, such as a link to your online shops to maximize your sales, a link to the review page of your business online that will encourage your customers to leave a review, and many more. 

With just a scan, you can direct your target audience to any landing page online using a URL QR code. 

If you have a URL QR code generated using QR TIGER, you can easily add them to your Canva designs.

File or PDF QR code

File pdf QR code

You can upload documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides, images, audio files, or videos.

Menu QR code

Menu QR code

At QR TIGER, you can shift from the traditional cardboard menu and make it contactless.

Using the menu QR code solution, restaurateurs can make an electronic or digital version of their food list.

You can use Canva’s design tools to create a poster, table tent, or flyers for your restaurant.

And to deploy your menu QR code on your designs, activate QR TIGER integration and click on your chosen QR code.

HTML or H5 editor QR code

H5 editor QR codeWant to create a landing page for your QR code but are hesitant to pay for a website domain? The HTML or H5 editor QR code solution’s got you covered.

To make your landing page, you don’t need to be a computer programmer or web developer. 

An H5 QR code solution is a no-brainer, a digital tech tool you can set up in minutes. 

You can edit an HTML page using QR TIGER. No need to invest in a web domain to customize a landing page.

Moreover, this QR code solution is optimized for mobile users so it is easier for your mobile-using audiences to access the HTML page.

vCard QR code

vCard QR codeGenerating a vCard QR code solution allows you to integrate business card contact details.

Enough with static business cards that only get piled up in the trash bin.

Instead, digitize it with QR codes and create on-the-spot connections in a scan. 

With vCard QR codes, your recipient can scan them, and they can download your contact details right away to their smartphone device.  

Social Media QR code

Social media QR code

Easily add them to your Canva designs by tapping the social media folder.

Here you will see the collection of all the social media QR codes you have generated so far with QR TIGER.

You can even add your Canva QR code to promote your Canva account.

Facebook QR code

Facebook QR codeRedirecting your target audience to your Facebook page with a QR code makes it easier for you to increase your page engagements.

To integrate your Facebook QR code with your Canva designs and templates, open the Facebook folder and choose which of your generated FB QR codes you would want to use.

Pinterest QR code

Pinterest QR code

MP3 QR code

Mp3 QR codeAn MP3 QR code solution enables you to embed audio files. Your target audience can access, listen to, or download the embedded audio in a scan.

Add them to your Canva designs by activating QR TIGER on your Canva account.

YouTube QR code

YouTube QR codeDisplaying YouTube QR codes benefited digital marketers as these tools help in increasing the total views of video content and ads posted on YouTube.

Add them to your posters, flyers, and other marketing materials to reach more audiences. 

You can design your physical marketing materials with Canva and automatically add the YouTube QR code by integrating QR TIGER with the software.

Instagram QR code

Instagram QR codeAn Instagram QR code promotes your Instagram profile using scan-and-view technology.

Add them to your Canva designs or templates by dragging and dropping your Instagram QR code from QR TIGER.

Why should you add a dynamic QR code to your Canva design?

Here are the benefits you can enjoy if you choose to generate a dynamic QR code for Canva using a QR code generator:

Editable content

Dynamic QR code editableWhatever information is embedded in a dynamic QR code solution, users can easily edit it out.

So, for instance, if the embedded URL is erroneous, a text has been misspelled, or an image or video needs to be updated, you can efficiently make the changes you need to do.

This is a total time-saver since you don’t need to create a new QR code for Canva whenever the contents need edits.

Trackable data scans

Trackable dynamic QR codeTracking your QR code scans is important, especially in business-related digital campaigns.

QR code analytics allows users to see how well their QR code campaigns are doing.

Whether they’re effectively reaching a wider audience, the statistics will guide your next step.

A dynamic QR code will give you data about the total number of scans, the device used in scanning, the location of where the QR code was scanned, and the time when it was scanned.

You can access all these extensive QR codes reports at QR TIGER's QR code software.

Efficient retarget tool

QR code retargeting toolWith QR TIGER, you can integrate Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel for faster and seamless retargeting and remarketing of your QR code scanners.

This will allow you to generate more leads using the conversion data derived from those who have scanned your QR code and consequently opened your website or other links.


Customize QR code with logoQR TIGER users can use the extensive QR code customization options to make a visual QR code.

They can change the pattern, customize the pixels, modify the color scheme, add a frame and call-to-action, and use their company logo for a branded QR code image.

Making a visual QR code makes your codes more appealing and more susceptible to getting more scans.

Display the QR code on phygital marketing materials

QR code marketing

Also, you can show them on digital displays like LED screens, tablets, phones, TVs, or computer monitor screens.

This feature makes dynamic QR codes a versatile tool suitable for any digital or mobile marketing campaign.

Canva and QR TIGER: The best software integration for your digital marketing

Make your Canva designs interactive with QR codes.  

Adding a digital tool to your Canva designs using QR codes will give life to your static social media graphics, presentations, documents, posters, and other visual content. 

Just by scanning the QR code, an engaging digital dimension awaits your target audience to leverage their experience! 

If you have more questions about how to use QR codes with Canva, you can contact us today through our website.

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