How to Make an Editable QR Code? 8 quick steps!

Last updated:   October 13, 2021

Editable QR codes only work if your QR code solution is generated in a dynamic QR form! QR Codes can be used to make connections with everyone in a fraction of a second just by scanning the code. 

In fact, it has become one of the most relevant innovations in the history of technology that has made a massive turn-around for both the corporate and non-corporate worlds. 

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What is an editable QR code? 

editable qr code

An editable QR code, from the word itself, allows you to edit or modify your QR code’s content to another information, without having to reproduce or print another QR code.

So how do you edit or modify your QR code? Before you edit your QR, it is important to get familiar and know first the two kinds of QR Codes:

1. Static QR Code (not editable)

A Static QR Code is not an editable QR Code and does not enable you to track data. It has a fixed address to where your QR Code redirects you.

However, you can make as many static QR codes as you want. Your QR code will never expire and will be valid for a lifetime and also, it comes for free. 

2. What is a Dynamic QR Code (editable QR code)

A Dynamic QR Code is the editable QR Code. You can change the URL address of your QR Code to which it directs you anytime you want. Moreover, it enables you to track and analyze the data of the scans.

How to make an Editable QR Code using an editable QR code generator? 

Here are the 8 steps on how to make an editable QR code

  • Go to
  • Select from the menu what type of QR code solution you want to create
  • Enter the necessary data to make your QR Code
  • Switch the button from “static” to “dynamic”
  • Click “Generate QR Code”
  • Customize your QR Code and select the pattern, eyes,  add a logo, and setting the colors!
  • Hit the download button and click “done”
  • Go to the “track data” button to see your data or edit your URL

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QR Codes have changed the course of top leading industries around the globe, such as the Healthcare sector, Information Technology, Financial Services, Banking, Education, Business, Travel, and Tourism. You name it!

Simply put, QR Codes make every aspect of human lives more comfortable, better, and faster in a snap! Furthermore, QR Codes are not only applicable to large dealing transactions.

You can utilize your QR Code however you want it to be, may it be for personal use, educational, marketing, business, or advertising by creating your QR Code using a QR Code Generator Online. 

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What QR Code Generator Should You Use to Make an Editable QR Code? 

There are a lot of QR Code Generators online where you can create your editable QR Code or what we call the Dynamic QR Code.

If you are one of the users of the QR Code Generator online which is the QRTIGER, then creating and editing your QR Codes comes easy, fast, and quick as a flash!

Moreover, it offers high-quality customization for your QR Code with so many added features and provides high-grade data tracking!

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What are the benefits of a Dynamic/ Editable QR code?  

  • allows you to change the content of your QR Code without generating the Code again
  • track the scans of the QR Codes such as the time when the user scanned, the location of the scan (city/country), and the device type of the user (iPhone/Android).
  • update all your QR codes at once whenever you want
  • it saves your time and money as you never need to reprint flyers or update any consumer product out there if you have your Dynamic QR Code printed
  • relevant for business, marketing, and advertisement and is good for long-term use.

Can you switch from a Static QR Code to a Dynamic/ Editable QR code?

No, once you select and make a Static QR Code you cannot change it to a Dynamic QR code. Static and dynamic QR codes are different.

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How to edit your Dynamic/ Editable QR Code?  

Step #1 

Once you are done making your QR Code in the QRTIGER, click the “track data” button and on the left side, you will find the menu of all the different categories of all your campaign data.  editable qr code and track dataeditable qr code

Step #2 

From the various categories, select the QR Code of your campaign data that you want to edit. It could be your URL, File, VCard, or your Social Media it’s up to you. After selecting, click the “edit” button. editable qr code

Step #3 

After you click on the “edit” button, you can now change the destination address of your QR Code! You can also delete it if needed. 

editable qr code edit website url

How to track the data of your Dynamic/ Editable QR Code?

The last button on the right side is the “data” and if you click it, you will see more precise information about the scans of your  QR Code. editable qr code and data

You can filter your data day by day by weeks, months, or years. Furthermore, you can also see the time chart when people have scanned your QR Code and the device they used. 

dynamic qr code generator

What features of Dynamic/ Editable QR Codes are available in QRTIGER? 


Change your URL to any other URL and direct your scanners to a different landing page at any time of the day.

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vcard qr codeHaving a QR code in your business card is extremely useful and essential these days especially if you are a serious marketer promoting your brand. 

Add all of your necessary contact information directly to your clients’ smartphone in just a scan! Using a Vcard QR code, you can even include your social media accounts! 

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This feature lets the users download straight PDF, Jpeg, Png, MP3,  video file, etc. when scanning your QR code. The File QR Code can be handy to let users save information straight on their mobile.

Moreover, this can be used for catalog or any other information you like to share.

Social Media 

If you’re a social media influencer or an aspiring one, using a Social Media QR Code will allow you to have all of your social media channels link together under one roof! 

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H5 Editor

H5 editor makes straight a web page about your product or website. In short, it makes it easy for customers to find more information about your products in one scan. 

App stores

undefinedIt redirects the users instantly after they scan to Google play or App-store, which is similar to saving URL that leads to funnel o sales pages.

This feature can also be used to redirect scanners to different web pages whether they are android or iPhone users. 

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This code comprises more than one URL and redirects users based on their location, date, device type, etc. This solution is specifically for companies who want to run campaigns through multiple geographical areas.

For instance, if a person scans in America, he will be directed to the English webpage, or if he scans in France, he will land to a French mobile web page. 

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You can convert your MP3 file to a QR code that will directly play a soundtrack. 

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FacebookYoutube, Instagram, and Pinterest

You can generate a profile QR Code for your individual social media sites and allow your followers to instantly have an overview of you. 

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Don’t forget to add a frame and a call-to-action in your QR code to get more scans! 

Save your money with editable QR codes! 

Like everything else in the Information Technology sector, QR Codes have progressively evolved into a more advanced code that not only tracks the results but also allows you to update your QR Code without having to reprint or reproduce your codes. 

Furthermore, this enables you to have a full control and complete customization of your QR code campaign, provided with its ability to track QR code scans, real-time editing capabilities and retargeting.    

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