Social media QR code: Connecting all of your apps in one scan!

Last updated:   October 13, 2021

A social media QR code is a powerful QR code solution that houses and links all your social media profiles/e-commerce apps in one landing page.

This QR code automates and quickly redirects people to all your social media channels and other web services such as e-commerce platforms and delivery apps. 

When people scan your social media QR code, they will be redirected to a landing page that lists all your social media accounts, making it easier for them to view and follow all your social media platforms.

With this QR code, you can promote all your social media profiles in your printed and digital campaigns, making it a great tool to drive social media traffic and sales.

It also enables customers to find more information on the products and services they were looking for. This QR code allows you to widen your brand exposure and enable your customers to connect with you easily.

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What social media platforms can you add in a social media QR code?

You can add as many or as few social media platforms in your Social Media QR code from the list below.

Facebook QR code


Facebook is a social media website that allows you to connect with people online. As the most popular social media today, Facebook is now integrated into other websites and will enable you to sign in to other Web services. You can increase your Facebook followers using a Facebook QR code.

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Instagram QR code


Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media platform that also has a photo editing feature. It is one of the most popular social media platforms that have 112.5 million users last year. Allow people to easily see your photos using an Instagram QR code.

Twitter QR code


Twitter is a microblogging social networking platform that allows you to post and share short text called tweets. Users can post quick updates and summary posts to longer articles linked to it. With Twitter QR code, people can easily see your twits without searching for your profile.

Tumblr QR code


Just like Twitter, Tumblr is also a microblogging and social media website. This site enables users to publish and share a short blog post called tumblelog.

Tumblr does not only allow text posts, but multimedia files such as photos, video audios, and even links can also be posted as the content of the user’s blog.

Allow people to easily your blogs using a Tumblr QR code.

Reddit QR code


Reddit is a social media platform that allows users to post content such as text post images, videos, and links. It also allows other members to upvote or downvote your posts. 

Increase your upvote by using a Reddit QR code.

YouTube QR code

This platform is a video-sharing website that allows people to create and upload their videos. YouTube users watch around 6 billion hours every month, making it one of today’s most popular websites. With a YouTube QR code, you can easily increase your video likes and subscribers.

TikTok QR code

Tiktok is a video-sharing social networking platform used to make short videos with a duration of 15 seconds to one minute. These videos can be of different genres such as dance, educational, or even promotional videos. Increase your TikTok followers using a TikTok QR code.

Medium QR code


Medium is an online publishing website. It is a blogging platform and an excellent source of articles from various writers and poets worldwide. Share your writings to a lot of people using a Medium QR code.

Quora QR code


Quora is a website that allows users to ask and answer questions. It can also redirect users from other content from professionals who have first-hand knowledge to people who share the same interest. Share your insights and other useful information using with Quora QR code.

QQ QR code

QQ (Quick Question) is an instant messaging software that enables services such as social games, music, movies, microblogging, and group and voice chats. Allow people to easily contact you in QQ using a QQ QR code. 

Pinterest QR code 


Pinterest is a visual social media website that allows users to discover ideas and inspirations for their interests. This platform enables users to pin and gather their finds into their boards.

These ideas or pins can also be linked to websites, allowing users to find more information about the products and services that they’re interested in. 

Share your Pinterest board using a Pinterest QR code.

Meet up QR code

Meetup is a software allows user to organize online groups. This website enables people with similar interests to interact and organize events. Allow people to easily join your group and events using a Meet up QR code.

LinkedIn QR code 


LinkedIn is the largest professional networking website. In this platform, business communities can showcase their products and interact with one another. Share your bio conveniently using a LinkedIn QR code.

WhatsApp QR code


WhatsApp is a simple and secure messaging tool. This app also supports voice clips and allows users to send files and create groups for discussion. With a WhatsApp QR code people can easily contact you without searching for your profile on WhatsApp.

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WeChat QR code

WeChat is a social media messaging tool that allows picture messages, video calls. And voice chats. It also has features that will enable you to play mini-games and post Story-like images and videos called moments. Allow people to easily contact you in WeChat using a WeChat QR code

Line QR code

Just like Wechat, Line is also a messaging tool that supports social games and video calls. With a Line QR code, people can easily contact you without searching for you on the Line App. 

Skype QR code


Skype is a telecommunication application that provides high-quality video calls. This software also allows sending of text, videos, audios, and images. It is widely used in businesses that operate globally. You can use a Skype QR code to allow people to add you on Skype, without typing your Skype ID.

Snapchat QR code

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app that allows users to send messages that are available for a short time. When the receiver reads the message, it will disappear and become inaccessible. Share your snaps conveniently using a Snapchat QR code.

Email QR code 

Electronic mail (Email) is one of the most widely used online messaging platforms. This platform allows you to send and receive messages to and from other email addresses. Increase your email list by creating an Email  QR code. 

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Telegram QR code


Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging application that allows video calls and file sharing. Make file sharing easier using a Telegram QR code. 

Signal QR code

Signal is a platform that focuses on encrypted messaging. It allows users to create groups and send text, videos, images, and voice messages.  Allow people to easily contact you on Signal by creating a Signal QR code.

Kakao talk QR code

Kakao talk is a mobile messaging app that provides free calls and messages. Users can send files such as videos, images and audio, links, location, and contact information. Make communication easier using a Kakao talk QR code.

Twitch QR code


Twitch is a live streaming platform that mainly focuses on game streaming. It also enables music broadcasts and other creative content. Allow your fans to easily follow your Twitch by using a Twitch QR code. 

Streamlabs QR code 

Like Twitch, Streamlabs is also a live streaming platform. It allows viewers and streamers to interact through chat. Streamlabs also allows user to share their content to other platforms such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and even Twitch.  With a Streamlabs QR code, you can share your streams with your fans easily.

Patreon QR code


Patreon is a membership platform that enables fans/patrons to pay artists and creators for exclusive access and content. Increase your Patreon members and share your exclusive content with a lot of fans by generating a Patreon QR code. 

Soundcloud QR code


Soundcloud is an online audio distribution platform that empowers and allows independent artists to upload and promote their audio. With a Soundcloud QR code you can easily share and promote your songs.

Apple podcast QR code


Apple podcast is a platform where users can discover and listen to various podcasts.  Increase your podcast listener by using an Apple podcast QR code.

E-commerce and food apps that you can add on your social media QR code 

Social media QR code also caters to other online platforms such as E-commerce platforms and food delivery apps. Here is a list of different online platforms you can add.

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Etsy QR code

Etsy is a vintage and handmade products aggregator that offers a wide variety of products from bags and jewelry to home décor and furniture. Promote your products and increase your sales by using an Etsy QR code.

Shopify QR code


Shopify is an e-commerce website that allows entrepreneurs to set up an online store and present their products. This platform enables entrepreneurs to customize their storefront, organize products, and track orders and payments. Increase your sales by generating Shopify QR codes.

Yelp QR code

Yelp is a platform that gathers reviews on establishments such as restaurants, hair salons, drug stores, and gas stations. It also caters to food delivery and helps users set appointments at business establishments. Increase your customers by using a Yelp QR code.

Rakuten delivery QR code

Rakuten delivery is an e-commerce website that offers home delivery services. It allows customers to order a wide variety of products from food and beverages to clothing and accessories from participating stores. Increase your customers base by generating a Rakuten delivery QR code.

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Glovo QR code


Glovo is a Spanish quick commerce service that purchases and delivers products ordered by the users through their smartphone app. Increase your restaurant orders by using a Glovo QR code.

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Postmates QR code

Postmates is quick commerce and food delivery service that enables users to order and receive deliveries from nearby stores and restaurants. Allow customers to order from your restaurant conveniently by generating a Postmates QR code.

Swiggy QR code


Swiggy is a platform that acts as an intermediary for customers and partner businesses/restaurants. This platform service allows the delivery of food and beverages as well as consumer goods and other products. Allow your customers to conveniently buy from your store without the hassle of searching for it online by displaying a Swiggy QR code. 

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Doordash QR code


Doordash is a food ordering and food delivery platform that facilitate door-to-door delivery that is based in San Francisco. It supports local restaurant businesses and allows users to find these restaurants and order food. With the Doordash QR code, customers can easily order from your restaurant without searching for it.

Grubhub QR code

Grubhub, like Postmates also a food ordering and food delivery platform. It allows users to find restaurants that deliver near them. Save your customers from the hassle of typing your restaurant on Grub hub by creating a Grubhub QR code. Increase your customers by generating a Grubhub QR code.

Uber Eats QR code


Uber food is a food ordering and food delivery platform that allows users to order and pay for food from Uber Eats partner restaurants. It also allows users to see the restaurants’ reviews and ratings. Allow customers to order from your restaurant on Uber Eats by creating an Uber Eats QR code.

Deliveroo QR code

Deliveroo is an online food delivery company that allows users to see and order from restaurants delivering near them. Increase your customers base by displaying a Deliveroo QR code.

Just Eat QR code

Just Eat is a food ordering and delivery service that provides an easy and secure way for users to order and pay for food from their favorite restaurant. 

Zomato QR code

Zomato is a multinational food ordering and delivery platform that provides user reviews, information, and partnered restaurants’ menus. 

Menulog QR code


Menulog is Australia’s largest online food delivery service that connects users to various restaurants from all across the country.  Increase your restaurants order by generating a Menulog QR code.

Yogiyo QR code

Yogiyo is one of the biggest food delivery websites in South Korea that provides fast and easy food delivery services. Allow people to easily order their favorite Korean food by displaying a Yogiyo QR code.

Food Panda QR code


Food Panda is an international online food delivery platform that enables users to discover and order food from local restaurants. Increase your customers base on Food Panda by generating a Food Panda QR code.

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How to generate a Social media QR code

Generate your Social media QR code by following these simple steps.

Use a QR code generator software

QRTiger is a trusted and secure software that offers various QR code solutions, including social media QR code. qr code generator

Click on the Social Media Icon

This will then lead you to a Social Media QR code generator. social media qr code

Add all your social media platforms and fill in all your social media profiles

QRTiger’s social media QR code generator not only supports social media platforms but can also handle e-commerce and online food delivery platforms.


Generate and Customize your social media QR code

After filling up the needed information, you can now generate and customize your social media QR code.

Create brand awareness by adding a logo and selecting the QR code patterns, eyes, and color that matches your brand graphics. You can also add CTA (call to action) tags to attract people to scan.customize qr code

Test your QR code

Do make sure to test the readability of your QR codes. This way, you can detect and correct any errors before displaying them in your marketing campaigns.

Download and display your QR codes

After testing your social media QR code, you can now download and display this QR code on your print and digital platforms.generate qr code

What are the benefits of a Social Media QR code? 

Clutter-free and design-wise social media campaign

Generating and displaying QR code for each of your social media account can take up a lot of space in your campaign material. 

Using this QR code solution, you will no longer worry about placing all your social media links on your online and offline marketing materials such as flyers and brochures. 

By placing a single QR code, you can display all your social media account on one landing page, allowing you to make room for a more creative and informational section. 

Connect to a larger audience

Most people nowadays have multiple social media accounts, but they don’t have it all. If you deploy a QR code that will redirect the scanner to one social media profile such as Instagram, people who do not have this social media platform will have a hard time connecting with you. 

Using a social media QR code, you can display and provide a wide range of choices allowing the scanner to connect with the social media platforms they have. 

This QR code can also be displayed in your printed and digital campaign materials, thus widening your brand exposure.  

Allows people to find and connect with you easily

social media qr code

Users can easily add and follow your social media platforms by just scanning a social media QR code that saves them from the inconvenience of individually typing and searching for your social media accounts. 

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How to use a Social Media QR code

Social media is a platform that allows patrons and customers to gather insights on their favorite artist or the brand that they’ve been eyeing on.

With the right marketing strategy, social media can boost your online presence and sales.

Social media let more people discover your business and connect with you. Make it easier to find/revisit your social media and business’s website using social media QR codes. 

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Increase your followers and promote all your social media platforms.

Whether you are a business marketer or an online influencer, you can promote all your social media at once by displaying a social QR code.


First, generate a social media QR code that houses all your social media profiles. Post and display this QR code to all your social media account and ask your followers to share this QR code.

This way, you can cross-network your social media accounts. By deploying a social media QR code, you allow your followers in one social media account to discover and follow you on other social media platforms as well. 

Social media QR codes on restaurants


Social media QR code does not only boost your restaurant’s online presence but can also increase customers’ orders.

People nowadays are getting busier, and most do not have time to go out and order from restaurants.

Help them still enjoy their favorite meals by adding a food delivery and food ordering platform in your social media QR code.

You can participate in various food ordering and delivery platform that is operating near you and add these platforms to your social media QR code. 

Boost online presence and sales on your E-commerce website

The internet provides a lot of information today, making most people spend a significant amount of time online. People do almost everything online, and online shopping is one of them. Increase your business revenue by:

  • Posting your products in an e-commerce platform– An E-commerce platform lets customers find the products that they are looking for without the hassle of going from one store to another. It is widely used nowadays because it allows customers to choose from a wide variety of products and it is also convenient to use.
  • Display a social media QR code in your packaging – Add your e-commerce platform to your social media QR code and display this QR code in your packaging. This QR code will not only provide your customers insights about your store but will also constantly remind them of your brand. It also let them easily find your products online when it’s time to buy. 

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What powers social media QR code

A social media QR code is powered by a Dynamic QR code. Dynamic QR codes have features that allow you to:

Edit or change your URL to another URL

Dynamic QR codes enable you to edit, update, and change your URL without retracing and changing the QR code you already displayed in your campaign materials such as brochures, billboards, flyers, etc. 

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Track user data

A dynamic QR code allows you to track your QR code data, such number of scans, location, and time when the QR code was scanned. These data will help you analyze the effectiveness of your campaign.

Social Media QR code: Connect all your online resources in one scan

Social Media QR code is a tool that displays all your online platforms and lets the scanner connect with you quickly.

Thus, it is a great tool to present products and services, allowing you to easily engage with your customer, fans, or patrons!