Social Media QR Code: Connect All Your Apps in One Scan

Update:  March 20, 2023
Social Media QR Code: Connect All Your Apps in One Scan

Promote all your social media profiles in one place and gain more engagement using a social media QR code. 

This powerful QR code solution houses and links all your social media profiles/e-commerce apps on one landing page.

Brands can redirect users to a custom landing page with all their social media accounts to make it easier for them to view and follow them. 

With the social media QR code, you can promote all your social media profiles in your printed and digital campaigns, making it a great tool to drive social media traffic and sales.

Maximize your marketing potential and brand exposure by enabling your target customers to connect with you easily.

What social media platforms can you add in a social media QR code?

Facebook QR code

Facebook QR code

Using a social media QR code for Facebook generated using a QR code generator online, you can integrate other websites, share posts, and boost your engagement easily using this solution. 

You can then display the QR code at your storefront or on your products.

Customers can then scan the code to quickly follow your page or learn more about your business on Facebook.

Instagram QR code

Share your photos, videos, and Instagram page without a hassle using an Instagram QR code.

It is one of the most popular social media platforms having 112.5 million users last year.

If you’re hosting an event or attending a trade show, you can create an Instagram QR code and display it at the event. 

It can help people easily connect with your account and stay up-to-date with your business or brand.

Twitter QR code

Twitter QR code

A Twitter QR code allows users to instantly view your profile and follow you in one quick scan.

Place these QR codes on print ads to optimize your marketing strategy.

You can use the Twitter QR code to drive engagement with your account by encouraging people to scan the code, follow your account, or interact with your content.

Tumblr QR code

Tumblr QR code

A Tumblr QR code makes it easier for people to connect with your Tumblr account and view your content.

If you run a Tumblr blog, you can create a Tumblr QR code and display it on your blog or on marketing materials. 

It can help people quickly follow your blog and stay up-to-date with your content.

Reddit QR code

Reddit QR code

A Reddit QR code allows users to quickly and easily connect with a Reddit account or subreddit.

If you have a Reddit account or manage a subreddit, you can create a Reddit QR code and display it on your profile or subreddit page. 

It can help other users to follow your account or subreddit and stay up-to-date with your content.

YouTube QR code

This platform is a video-sharing website that allows people to create and upload their videos.

YouTube users watch around 6 billion hours daily, making it one of today’s most popular websites.

You can easily increase your video likes and subscribers with a YouTube QR code. 

TikTok QR code

TikTok QR code

Share short videos and increase your followers easily using a TikTok QR code.

Drive engagement to your TikTok account by encouraging people to scan the code, follow your account, and interact with your content.

Medium QR code

Publish your blog conveniently on an excellent source of articles from various writers and poets worldwide using a Medium QR code.

You can easily share your latest blog without the hassle of manually searching for your profile in Medium. 

Quora QR code

Share your insights and other useful information using a Quora QR code.

It can redirect users from other content, from professionals with first-hand knowledge to people with the same interest.

Pinterest QR code 

Pinterest QR code

Enable users to easily pin and gather their finds into their boards using a Pinterest QR code.

Effortlessly share ideas or pins that are linked to websites. 

It allows users to find more information about the products and services they’re interested in. 


LinkedIn QR code

Share your bio conveniently using a LinkedIn QR code and easily connect to the largest professional networking website. 

What messaging apps can you add to a social media QR code? 

QQ QR code

QQ QR code

QQ (Quick Question) is an instant messaging software that enables services such as social games, music, movies, microblogging, and group and voice chats.

Allow people to contact you in QQ using a QQ QR code easily. 

Meet up QR code

Organize online groups efficiently using a Meetup QR code. This website enables people with similar interests to interact and organize events. 

Using this QR code solution, you can let other people join your group and events. 

WhatsApp QR code

Whether you own a startup, restaurant, retail store, or even an online business website, QR codes for WhatsApp.

It can help you quickly and efficiently connect with your audience and prospective customers.

WeChat QR code

WeChat QR code

The WeChat QR code allows users to conveniently add or invite a friend to join a group chat.

WeChat’s group chat has become easier to navigate by integrating QR codes accepting 500 group members.

This feature is beneficial for creating a WeChat group chat and when you want to gain more followers. ()

Line QR code

Like Wechat, Line is a messaging tool supporting social games and video calls. People can easily contact you with a Line QR code generator without searching for you on the Line App profile or number. 

Skype QR code

Skype QR code

Connect with the widely used app in businesses that operate globally using a Skype QR code. The Skype QR code allows people to add you on Skype without typing your Skype ID. 

Snapchat QR code

The Snapchat QR code allows users to add and share contact information in just one scan easily.

It can also unlock new lenses on the Snapchat app. 

Through a Snapchat QR code, users can connect with their friends faster. 

Email QR code 

Email QR code

The email QR code contains your email address, subject, and message. It allows other users to contact you by email with one scan. 

You can scan the code to send an email with a pre-filled subject and message.

Telegram QR code

The Telegram QR codes can attract more people to join Telegram groups or channels by making users find them easily.

You can use a Telegram QR code to quickly and easily connect with someone else’s Telegram account or channel or share your account or channel.

Signal QR code

Signal users can use a QR code to automatically invite or add a contact to a group chat and sync their Signal account on all their devices.

Kakao talk QR code

Kakao talk QR codes allow users to send files such as videos, images and audio, links, location, and contact information in one can scan.

It can also make it easier for them to connect with other users without searching for their profiles.

Twitch QR code

Twitch QR codes offer users convenience and improve the live streaming experience. Allow your fans to follow your Twitch by using a Twitch QR code easily. 

What streaming apps can you add to a social media QR code? 

Streamlabs QR code 

Streamlabs QR code

Like Twitch, Streamlabs is also a live-streaming platform. It allows viewers and streamers to interact through chat. 

The Streamlabs QR code makes sharing your streams with your fans easy.

It also allows user to share their content on other platforms, such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, and even Twitch. 

Patreon QR code

Increase your Patreon members and share your exclusive content with many fans by generating a Patreon QR code. 

Soundcloud QR code

If you’re an aspiring artist, use a Soundcloud QR code to promote your songs.

Sharing tracks, albums, audio clips, podcasts, and playlists on SoundCloud is easier and faster with a QR code.

Apple podcast QR code

Apple podcast QR code

Increase your podcast listener by using an Apple podcast QR code. Listeners can now easily access your podcast channel in just one scan. 

The Apple Podcast QR code takes them directly to your show, where they can subscribe and start listening.

What e-commerce apps can you add to social media QR codes?

In a social media QR code generator, you can also cater to other online platforms, such as E-commerce platforms and food delivery apps.

Here is a list of different online platforms you can add.

Etsy QR code

An Etsy QR code allows you to send customers to your Etsy shop if they scan it. 

It also makes you more visible online because customers can easily follow your shop’s social media pages by scanning the code. 

Many sellers who have online shops on e-commerce platforms have used QR codes.

Shopify QR code

Shopify QR code

Customers can scan a Shopify QR code to find out more about a product or to check out, no matter where they are.

With only one QR code for all social media platforms, you can include your social media pages and e-commerce platforms, including your Shopify online store.

Yelp QR code

Connect with your customers and gather reviews efficiently with Yelp QR codes.

These custom QR code stickers are the best way to get your customers to your Yelp profile, where they can talk about their experience and leave you a review.

Rakuten delivery QR code

A Rakuten QR code is a game-changing solution that lets you combine all your social media accounts and store them into one QR code. 

It will show your Rakuten store profile and the social media sites you use to promote your products when you scan it.

Glovo QR code

A Glovo QR code lets your customers immediately order from your Glovo shop and encourages them to connect to your business’s social media pages. 

As the market for on-demand delivery grows, more companies are using Glovo to meet customer needs.

Postmates QR code

Postmates QR code

The Postmates QR code is a dynamic QR code that lets users track and measure the success of their QR code campaign. 

It keeps track of important information, like how many scans they get per day, week, month, or year.

Swiggy QR code

A social Swiggy QR code is a QR code that, when scanned, immediately takes the customer to your restaurant on the Swiggy platform.

DoorDash QR code

DoorDash QR code

Offer a safer dining experience for customers using DoorDash QR code in your restaurant.

It also allows a restaurant to offer contactless pick-up orders. Customers can order and pay with just one scan of the QR code.

Grubhub QR code

With a social Grubhub QR code, people can easily find your restaurant on Grubhub and order food online.

It also helps people find your restaurant online by making it easy for them to follow or like your social media pages.

All they have to do is scan your social Grubhub QR code.

Uber Eats QR code

Uber Eats QR code

Make it easy for customers to look at your menu, order, pay, and view your social media pages using the Uber Eats QR code.

With the power that social media can give to any food service or delivery business, using this powerful tool is an essential part of bringing a business up to date.

Deliveroo QR code

When customers scan a Deliveroo QR code with their smartphone, they will be taken to your restaurant on the Deliveroo platform and connected to your social media apps.

They can also follow, like, and subscribe right away to your business pages on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, and many more.

Just Eat QR code

Just Eat QR code

The Just Eat QR code lets your customers immediately order from your online restaurant and encourages them to follow, connect, like, or subscribe to your business pages on social media.

When customers scan a Just Eat QR code, your online restaurant on the Eat platform and your social media pages will automatically appear. 

Zomato QR code

A Zomato QR code links your Zomato company URL with other social media applications.

This digital tool makes it easier and more accessible for you and your customers to get more orders, set up an online presence, and get feedback.

Menulog QR code

Menulog QR code

The  Menulog QR code lets customers go to the restaurant’s Menulog profile and connect to other social media links in one code.

Yogiyo QR code

A social Yogiyo QR code redirects customers to your online menu on the Yogiyo platform.

The social media QR code for Yogiyo also presents your other social media profiles. 

It allows customers to follow and share your restaurant’s content across social media platforms.

Food Panda QR code

Food Panda QR code

Boost your restaurant’s social media visibility and increase sales using a Food Panda QR code.

This dynamic QR code solution displays links to your store and social media handles. 

This tool provides customers convenience when placing an order and following your social media pages. 

How to generate a Social media QR code

Generate your Social media QR code by following these simple steps.

  • Go to QR TIGER QR code generator.
QR code generator
  • Click  the Social Media Icon
Social media QR code
  • Add all your social media platforms and fill in all your social media profiles
Add social media profiles
  • Generate and Customize your social media QR code
Generate QR code
  • Do a test scan
Test QR code
  • Download and display your QR codes

QR code for social media as a dynamic QR code 

Social media click button tracker

Social meda click button tracker

A social media click button tracker is a tool that allows you to track the number of clicks on a specific button or link on your social media platform. 

This feature is one of the latest software updates of QR TIGER to help marketers track their campaigns efficiently.

The tracker can help you understand how popular a specific content is or how effectively a particular call to action drives engagement. 


A QR code for social media is a dynamic QR solution that enables you to edit your QR code and update your URL.

You can do this without retracing and changing the QR code you already displayed in your campaign materials, such as brochures, billboards, flyers, etc. 


Trackable QR code

Analyze the effectiveness of your campaign using a dynamic social media QR code.

The advanced QR code data tracking features allow you to measure your QR code data analytics, such as the number of scans, locations, and times when the QR code was scanned. 

What are the benefits of a social media QR code? 


Users can scan QR codes with any smartphone or device that has a QR code reader app.

It makes them convenient for connecting with your social media accounts or pages.

Promotes engagement

QR code SaaS can be a helpful tool for promoting your social media accounts or pages and encouraging engagement. 

By displaying a QR code on your website or other marketing materials, you can make it easy for people to follow your accounts or pages. 

It can help your target audiences to stay up-to-date with your content.

Simplifies the login process

QR codes can simplify logging into your social media accounts or pages. Instead of typing in a username and password, users can scan the QR code to log in.


Many QR code tools allow you to customize your QR code with different colors, designs, and logos.

It can help you create a QR code that matches your brand and makes it more visually appealing to your audience.

Tracking and analytics

Some QR code tools provide tracking and analytics features, which can help you understand how users interact with your QR code. 

The data tracking feature of QR

TIGER can help you measure how effectively your QR code campaign drives engagement.

How to use a Social Media QR code

Increase your followers and promote all your social media platforms

Whether a business marketer or an online influencer, you can promote all your social media at once by displaying a social QR code.

First, generate a social media QR code that houses all your social media profiles using the most advanced QR code generator

Post and display this QR code to all your social media account and ask your followers to share this QR code.

This way, you can cross-network your social media accounts.

By deploying a social media QR code, you allow your followers in one social media account to discover and follow you on other social media platforms. 

Social media QR codes on restaurants

Poster QR code

Social media QR codes boost your restaurant’s online presence and increase customers’ orders.

People nowadays are always on the go, and most do not have time to go out and order from restaurants.

Help customers enjoy their favorite meals by adding a food delivery and ordering platform to your social media QR code.

You can participate in various food ordering and delivery platforms operating near you and add these platforms to your social media QR code. 

Boost online presence and sales on your E-commerce website

The internet provides much information today, making most people spend a significant amount of time online.

People do almost everything online, and online shopping is one of them. Increase your business revenue by:

Connecting with offline events

Event QR code

If you’re hosting an event or attending a trade show, you can create a social media QR code and display it at the event. 

It can help people easily connect with your social media accounts or pages and stay up-to-date with your content.

Sharing content

You can use a social media QR code to share specific content with others.

For example, you can create a QR code that links to a particular post or article on your social media account or page.

Social Media QR code: Connect all your digital resources/links in one scan

Social media QR codes are a quick and easy way for users to connect with your social media accounts or pages and to access specific content within those apps or websites.

Boost your brand’s online visibility by using this excellent tool for promoting your brand and driving engagement.

If you’re planning to create a social media QR code for your business, use QR TIGER, the most advanced QR code generator online.

It has advanced customization features that allow you to customize the QR code to fit your brand.

It also has data-tracking capabilities that help you track the efficiency of your marketing campaign. 

QR TIGER is also ISO 27001 certified, which guarantees the safety and privacy of your data. 

Visit QR TIGER and create your customized QR code today!

Related terms 

One QR code for all social media profiles

To create one QR code with all your social media profiles embedded in the same QR, the social media QR code solution is a type of QR code where users can link all their digital resources online. 

When scanned, it displays all of the user’s social media channels and networks where your scanners can instantly like, subscribe to, and follow all your pages. 

This is much better than creating a QR code for each platform. For instance, between Facebook QR code generator vs. QR TIGER QR code generator, it's QR TIGER that can provide you with a single QR code for Facebook and other platforms as well.

QR code for social media for free 

A social media QR code solution is a QR code that is dynamic, can be updated in URLs, and can be tracked.

That means the user can update his social media QR code by adding or editing his QR code without having to reprint or reproduce a QR code all over again. 

With the advanced features provided by dynamic QR codes, it requires a paid subscription from users.

However, to generate a free QR code for social media, you can avail of the free trial version in the QR TIGER  QR code generator online. 

brands using qr codes

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