How to make QR codes for MP3 as an audio guide?

Last updated:   July 14, 2022

Generating an MP3 QR code using a free soundwave generator with a QR code is a trendy and a great way to offer guidance to your customers or audience through audio.

While QR codes are easy to use, they can be used in different forms as well.

Today, QR codes are incorporated everywhere including tickets, passes, lottery tickets, table tents, gift cards, etc.

However, the best use of QR codes can be as audio guides.  There are various leads to make the perfect use of QR codes embedded with Mp3 audio leads.  

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How to make your MP3 QR code?

There are a lot of ways in which you can use QR codes and one of these is by making use of QR code redirect scanners to your MP3. Convert your MP3 into QR codes by following these steps. 

  • Go to -This QR code generator software is also an MP3 QR code generator that allows you to generate various QR code solutions (including MP3). This QR code generator allows you to add a logo and customize your QR code.qr code generator
  • Click the MP3 icon and upload your MP3 - Located on the top of the software are icons of the different QR code generators. Choose the MP3 icon and upload your MP3 to convert your audio to QR code.qr code solutions
  • Choose “dynamic” QR code- A QR code generator allows you to choose the type of QR code that you want to generate. With dynamic QR codes, you will be able to change the URL or link of the QR code while the content of a static QR code is fixed.QR TIGER upload file
  • After that, click “Generate QR Code” - After uploading your MP3 on the QR code generator you can now generate a QR code for your audio or MP3.QR TIGER click generate
  • Personalize the design of your QR code - The QRTIGER's MP3 QR code generator allows you to add a logo and some finishing touches like stylizing the eyes, choosing the patterns, setting up the colors, and even adding a logo or image!
QR TIGER personalize qr code
  • Then hit the download button to download your MP3 QR Code! It’s just that easy
QR TIGER download

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Want to know how QR codes can be used best for audio purposes? If so, this post might be the most useful piece of information you’ll be reading today.

All you need to know about QR codes

QR codes named quick response codes are much like barcodes.

But instead of having a numeric price value, the information is digital and mostly contains a URL that redirects to any information online. 

what is qr code

Often, the QR code leads to a website that can carry any kind of data, may it be visual or acoustic.

For that information to be projected one must scan the code with a smartphone. 

An efficient QR code software with a logo can offer many styles and colors to help you create the best design for your customized QR code. 

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Video: What is an MP3 QR Code?

An MP3 or audio QR Code is a QR Code when scanned, will play a soundtrack or any sound file.

If you want to convert your sound file or audio file into a QR code, then this is the right solution for you.

This is definitely convenient because an MP3 file can be played directly without needing any additional apps. 

How to use MP3 QR codes in Audio Related Fields

Now as much as the video content is associated with the QR codes, many fields with audio preference are also benefiting from this technology. QR code statistics usage is growing worldwide. Here are a few of them. 

1. Audio Book Guide

The phrase ‘don’t judge a book by its covers’ can be made literal with the help of a QR code.

Imagine you are an author and want to give an overview of your book before a reader buys it.mp3 qr code audiobook Not difficult at all! Just add a stylish QR code containing an audio lead.

Reading the summary from the back of the book is too old-fashioned anyway. 

Let the technology make a difference for you this time.

Doing this can be a great way to get more readers interested in what you have to offer, and in a unique and different way too! 

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2. QR Code as a Tour Guide

mp3 qr code for tourism

The need for guides at many tourist spots is endless.

But what if every visitor can have their own guide just a scan away? That’s right! A QR code can do just that.

These kinds of audio guides will not be more convenient but can be more informative and accurate.

They are even cost-effective for organizations and tour agencies.

From museums, clubs, and art galleries to historical spots; these can be used anywhere at all.

3. Perfect for promoting music events

mp3 qr code QR code- audios can be used as a perfect guide to music from different bands.

This can be made more creative to attract people to concerts. For example, there can be a QR code that plays sample audio file after scanning.

A sound cloud is a great place to upload your Mp3 and make that happen. 

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Advantages of an MP3 QR code 

1. MP3 files converted into a QR code promote easy sharing- even with print

MP3 QR codes allow you to convert sound files quickly into a QR Code and easily share them with people.

It is specifically useful for print because scanners will have straight access to your links through QR codes. They don’t need to save the link on advertisements and look it up later.

You can get rid of this issue using a QR code and keep your print marketing campaign as digital as possible. 

2. MP3 QR code is editable and track-able using a Dynamic QR code 

mp3 qr code trackableMP3 QR code when generated using a dynamic QR code is editable (even when it’s printed) and the scans trackable.

For example, you can change the link of the soundtrack to where it redirects you to another soundtrack.

Just head over to your QR Code generator software dashboard and do your quick update.

Switch anytime without having to reprint your codes! This gives you an edge and boosts your marketing capabilities.

You can track and view the real-time performance of your MP3 or audio QR code marketing campaign and track its overall number of scans. 

Is it getting enough scans? Is my MP3 marketing QR code campaign doing well? Where do I get the most scans? Should I do more advertising? 

You can track the profile of your scanners like from what location they are scanning from, the time, country, the city down to areas! 

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3. Display sound files to view applicable on all  devices

mp3 qr code landing page at every device

Moreover, the content displayed on your audio QR codes is viewable or scannable from all devices.

Be it in smartphones, tablets, or desktops.

You will never miss out on a potential audience or customer on this!

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Can I convert a YouTube video to an MP3 QR code?

No. You cannot convert a YouTube video into an audio QR code as both are in various types of formats.

But you can use a Video QR code generator to convert a YouTube video into a video QR code. 

QR codes have many possible use-cases.

You can even use them to ensure a safe and sound shopping spree among shoppers during Black Friday Season. 

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Convert your Mp3 to QR code with QRTIGER's MP3 QR code generator 

Converting your Mp3 into a QR code gives a brand new experience for your target audience

QR codes are the perfect game-changer as the mp3 audio guides in all the fields.

They are literally way more convenient and way more interesting.

So, if you think you might need to reach a QR code software with the logo then don’t wait much! Audio QR codes can also be useful in museums.  

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Moreover, creating a dynamic QR code for your QR solution is very important in case you might want to update or redirect your existing QR code information to another data and track your QR code scans!  

Make your QR code for MP3 with QRTIGER's MP3 QR code generator: 

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