How to use QR codes on your resume and get hired

Last updated:   November 09, 2022

To maximize your chances of getting employed, how can you successfully use QR codes on your resume to your advantage? What are the steps you should follow in making one?

QR Codes on resumes are a great way to impress and deliver more information about yourself.

Not long ago, these codes were simply used to present textual information- information about a particular product i.e. price, ingredients, recipe, expiry date, etc.

Today, a QR Code generator with a logo lets you customize the QR Code per your web design, resume theme, or product type.

For example, if your website design has bold colors, you can customize your QR Code with similar colors and have a logo embedded into the center to make it all look consistent together.

There are many examples where even multi-billionaire companies like Coca Cola are using QR Codes in the same way.

How to create a QR code for my resume

Adding a QR code to your resume: Why dynamic QR code is better instead of a static QR?

When adding a QR code to your resume, it’s always better to opt for a dynamic QR code to imprint in your resume and CVs.

This type of QR enables you to update your information in your resume even after it has been printed.

So for example you want to upgrade your resume and add some qualifications, you can do so by quickly updating your QR code.

To add to that, the dynamic type of QR code has the capacity to redirect information to another landing making, them flexible to use.

Furthermore, another interesting feature it has is also its ability to track the data of your resume scans, so you will know who has actually scanned and read your resume!

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Why is adding a QR code to your resume important?

Have you ever come across the QR Code on Facebook Messenger around your profile pic? Well, QR Codes on the resume works in the same way.

If you have a large portfolio or past work samples that cannot be added to your resume, you can still find your way around it.

Simply upload your past samples to a web page and make a URL QR code that will redirect your samples to that link! Or if you have a video presentation of your portfolio, you can make a video QR code and redirect your employer to your video!

Adding a QR Codes on to you resume is now turning into a new trend adopted by most job applicants, to showcase their previous work samples and portfolios, while putting a lasting impression on the hiring manager. Some other reasons to use these on your resume are as follows. 

What are the benefits of using QR codes printed along with your application letter?

Stand-out from other resumesQR code for resume

Visual QR Codes are definitely an eye-catcher. And if you’re applying for a job position as a tech enthusiast, embedding a unique QR Code on your resume makes a difference.

While showcasing the past samples, it can greatly work in your favor. Moreover, it will put a lasting impression on the recruiter and will also make your resume stand out. 

It also makes you appear knowledgeable when it comes to innovation and technology!

Help Recruiters Analyze the Real You QR code resume find

Did you know that about 2,000 people on LinkedIn have the same name as that of the FBI’s top 10 most wanted list? If so, this can turn your life into disarray if someone mistook you for someone else.

Thereby, QR Codes let hiring managers and recruiters find the real you through your online portfolio, accomplishments, and necessary certificates. 

You can even make a vCard QR code and connect with them directly on your contact details, social media accounts and more! You can check the sample vCard QR code here.

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Keep Track of ScansQR code tracking

After an interview and leaving your resume on the table, we all are concerned if they gave a second look at the resume? Let’s find out with a dynamic QR Code on the resume.

dynamic QR Code lets you keep track of a number of scans, device type, date, time, and location of the scanner. Sounds fair enough?

So, how to make a dynamic QR Code for your resume to stand-out?

Well, this can be done by a QR Code generator with a logo.

In this regard, QRTIGER is certainly the best QR Code software with a logo – offering a wide range of QR designs and options.

Overall, a QR Code is a must-have on anyone’s resume looking forward to standing out. Concerned about dynamic QR Codes with a logo? Learn more about static and dynamic QR Codes here.

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Maximize your chances of getting hired using a QR code on your resume

QR codes are a great way to add-on to your application letter or CV as it makes the job easier for your future employer to see or collect rich information about you and that is impossible with just a piece of paper.

It makes you worth remembering as a job applicant with the help of a QR code generator for resume. For more questions and information about QR codes, you can also contact us today. 

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