What is a Dynamic QR Code: Definition, Video, and Use Cases

Last updated:   February 24, 2023

What is a dynamic QR code? Is this a question you’ve been pondering for a while now? You’ve come to the right place. 

In this article, you will know everything about the ultimate guide to dynamic QR codes, its definition, and use cases! 

QR codes are everywhere. But did you know that there are two types of QR codes and not just one?

Yup, you read that right! QR codes are either generated in a static or dynamic form. But most likely, dynamic QR codes are the ones that are mostly used; what is it and why? Let’s find out!  

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Static and Dynamic QR codes: What is the difference?

What is a static QR code?

Difference between static and dynamic QR codeThere are two types of QR codes. Static and Dynamic. 

Static QR codes do not allow you to change your data to another file once generated.

Therefore, it will redirect you permanently to the information you have entered.

Furthermore, it does not allow tracking of your QR code scans.

What is a dynamic QR code? 

Dynamic QR codeOn the other hand, dynamic QR codes are different. Using this type of QR code, you can change the content behind it to another information.

This means, it can be redirected to another landing page, even though your QR code has been printed.

If you update the content behind your dynamic QR code, you don’t need to print and generate another code again, which makes them advantageous and economical for long-term use.

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What are the benefits of dynamic QR codes in your business? 

If you have seen QR codes in business, advertising, or marketing, chances are, these types of QR codes are dynamic.

Dynamic QR codes are mostly used in businesses and marketing as it is not only changeable in content, but you can also track your QR code scans.

Dynamic QR codes’ benefits in business and marketing include the following. 

Saves you money in the long termDynamic QR code benefits

QR codes are editable anytime you want to replace it with new data without printing your materials all over again to where it may be attached to. This means, you can save a large portion of your expenses that goes to printing.  

Ability to hold the multimedia content

QR code with multimedia contentQR codes can generate any type of content; may it is in the form of a URL, video, image, business cards, and many more. This allows you to choose a wide selection and flexible marketing means and switch from one marketing campaign to another! 

Retarget/Edit the QR code contentEdit dynamic QR code

As we have discussed, dynamic QR codes can be edited and changed its content information even in real-time! 

Tracking of QR code scans

Track QR code One of the essential features of a dynamic QR code is its ability to track users’ QR code scans.

Tracking is vital in any business type you run, especially if you use dynamic QR codes, as it will allow you to track your marketing success and milestones and further improve your campaign. 

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Scan-able in print material and online displayScan-able QR code in print materials and online display

QR codes are flexible in any marketing means. These codes are not only scan-able in your print materials, but they are accessible even when displayed on your desktop or online screens.  

Therefore, you can have both types of marketing using a single QR code! In print and digital!

Use cases and types of Dynamic QR codes that are essential for your business and marketing?  

QR codes have a wide selection of features that you can use. These include the following

URL QR code

This type of QR code will allow you to convert your web page or any landing page into a URL to QR code!

For example, if you run a business website, you can generate a QR code for that and print it in your marketing materials.

This is one you can generate more visitors to your site and spike your traffic!

Zara, the famous fashion and apparel brand has also used URL QR codes in their store windows that will redirect the passers-by to their online store and shop, without having to enter their store! 

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Dynamic VCard QR code

Dynamic vcard QR code

A Vcard QR code is used to generate your contact information or details when all of the information cannot be put into a small space.

This is one way to make your business card even better than the traditional business card.

When you generate a vCard QR code, you can encode and include richer and more in-depth information about yourself such as your professional social media accounts like LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, and many others.

You can click here to see the example of a vCard QR code. 

File services QR code

Edit dynamic QR code

Using the file services QR code, you can convert your PDF, MP3, MP4, word, JPeg, and excel into QR.

For example, restaurant industries today have opted to use a PDF QR code or JPEG QR code for their contacless menu to mitigate the need for interaction. Customers can scan the menu QR code instead of handing out the tangible ones, which could potentially be carrying a virus. 

You could also use a video QR code that will lead your consumers to a video presentation of your product to boost customer engagement! 

Social media QR code  

Social media QR code

Social media QR code will connect and link your social media QR code in one scan, making it convenient to grow and boost your social media.  

Web page QR code or H5 editor QR code

Do you want to set up your own web page? You can do that using a web page QR code or the H5 editor QR code!

If you have a product or services you sell, generating a web page QR code will make it easy for your customers to navigate about your product. No need to buy your own domain for a website!


Converting your WIFI into a QR code makes it easy for your customers or guests to connect to your WIFI. They can scan the QR code and be connected to the internet right away. This type of QR code is static and you can create this for free. 

App stores

App store QR code

Are you developing an app for your business, or do you have an app of your own? You can use an app store QR code to promote faster downloads of your app. 

This type of QR code will redirect your scanners to the Google Play Store or Apple Appstore to download your app directly using a single QR code. Take a look at this for example. 

Multi-URL QR code

Multi-URL QR code

Multi URL QR code comprises multiple URLs that will redirect the scanners to a website based on their geographical location, time, and condition.

For example, if a person scans in Japan, he will be redirected to a Japanese website, or if he scans from America, he will be redirected to an English web page. You can also read this news release about the Multi URL QR code. 


Mp3 QR code is used to convert a sound file into a QR code. This can be useful for music event campaigns, DJs, or converting podcasts into a QR code. 

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest

Social media QR codeYou can also convert your social media accounts if you don’t want to use a social media QR code.

For example in YouTube QR code, Nestle has teamed up with Google and launched QR codes on KitKat packaging that allows the consumer to watch YouTube videos such as the nutritional information of the product, gaming content, music allowing them to enjoy their breaktime snack! 

Text QR code

Using a text QR code, you can convert your texts, serial numbers for your product, and even add emojis in the text QR.

Text QR code is free to create in QRTiger and can hold up to 1268 characters long! Which is good enough for a text QR code generator that is for free.  

Dynamic QR code payment: What types of Subscriptions can you avail in QRTIGER?

Dynamic QR codes, unlike static QR codes, require an active subscription as this will enable you to track your QR scans and change or update your QR content information anytime you want.  

There are three types of dynamic QR codes that users can avail of in QRTIGER and this includes the regular, advanced, and premium subscription.

Each of these subscription types varies in offerings and services, and you can check them out here and choose which best suits you.

Video: How to set-up and make you Dynamic QR code 

  • Go to QRTIGER QR code generator online
  • Select the type of QR feature you need
  • Click dynamic instead of static.
  • Click generate QR code.  
  • Customize and test
  • Download and print
  • Track your dynamic QR code

How to set-up and make a QR code in dynamic form: A step-by-step guide

Go to QRTIGER QR code generatorQR code generatorQRTIGER is a professional and secured QR code generator online. This QR code software company offers you a wide selection of QR code features.

You can check them out here and see for yourself the prominent brands that have worked on with them.

Click the type of QR feature you need

Select which QR code solution you need, then generate your QR code.

Click dynamic instead of static. 

Dynamic QR code is always better to use than static QR codes because of the tracking and modifiable feature it offers, unlike the static QR code.

Click generate QR code.

Click generate QR code to start generating your QR. 

Customize and test 

It is always advisable to customize or personalize your QR code to make them stand out from the rest of the plain-looking QR codes.  

A customizable QR code attracts more scans!

But before you download and print it, always make sure to scan it first if it correctly redirects you to the correct information.  

Download and print 

Download QR codeAfter testing your QR code, download and print it. If you want to resize your QR code to any sizes without affecting its quality, download it in an SVG format.

Track your dynamic QR codeTrack QR code

Once you have deployed your QR code to your marketing materials, you can start to track your QR code scans. Simply go to the QR code tiger dashboard and click on the track data button. 

Here, you will see your different QR code campaigns. You can also edit the content when necessary.

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Use dynamic QR codes to track and retarget your QR code campaigns today

Long-term, marketing and businesses that want to add digital elements to their products and services can benefit from using dynamic QR codes.

Also, dynamic QR codes are a very flexible marketing tool, and you can change the content of your QR code and redirect it to a new landing page even after you've printed them. 

Therefore, not only can you boost your customer engagement and leverage their experience to your brand using a dynamic QR code, but you can also save a large portion of your expenses in the long term! 

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