How to make a vCard QR code in 6 steps!

Last updated:   January 12, 2022

With the emergence of advanced technology, how can we transform static business cards into a vCard QR code? Can it bridge traditional to modern utilization? 

Business cards are often designed to represent a person and their business association or company. QR codes on business cards is a new yet an effective trend in the business and marketing world.  

During networking, corporate events, or meetings, a business card is often handed to encourage people to get back in touch.  

Similarly, a business card is often asked whenever a plan to engage more in the future arises.  

Users may receive text, add a vCard contact to their smartphone, open a URL, or compose an e-mail or text message after scanning the QR code. 

What is a vCard QR code?


A vCard QR code digitally presents your contact details to your scanners' smartphone screen when they scan your QR code attached on your business card. 

After scanning the QR code, the user can choose to download your information right away on their mobile device making it more handy and valuable than the traditional business card. 

It does not only traditionally convey the contact information of the person, but it also adds a note to the person/company’s values.

The design of the card itself is an essential aspect in showing professionalism and quality. 

How to create a vCard QR code

  • Go to
  • Click on the Vcard in the menu
  • Enter your necessary/personal details
  • Customize your QR code
  • Test your QR code
  • Print and download

You can download the vCard QR code format here. After downloading, edit, save as CSV file and upload it to the bulk QR code solution. 

What information can you store when you generate a vCard QR code for your business card? 

  • Name of the Vcard holder
  • Name of the organization
  • Title 
  • Phone number (private and work and mobile)
  • Fax, Email, Website 
  • Street, City, Zipcode
  • State, Country, Profile Picture
  • Personal description 
  • Social media accounts and more!

You can also heck out the example of the vCard QR code here. 

Generating vCard QR codes in bulk

vcard bulk qr code

You can also create vCard QR codes in bulk for your employees or workers.

The bulk vCard QR code solution is ideal when generating hundreds and thousands of vCard QR instead of generating them one by one. 

You can also download the template here to make your vCard QR in bulk.

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Business Cards in Networking Eventsqr codes on business cards

However, in most cases, networking events only lead to a pile of professional-looking business cards forgotten in a pile of more forgotten business cards.

Intent to reach out wanes and encourage people to reach out never get to do so. The forgotten stack of cards often loses contact information.

This known dilemma is often solved by making sure the card itself stands out from the rest. 

Looking at the design aspect of the card, an individual could choose to use colors and style that captures the essence of the business. 

An alternative, however, is to make sure the contact details of a person are automatically saved after the business card is handed.

One can choose to go through the hassle of manually typing the person’s information on a mobile phone but it’s not surprising at all that there’s a technology to do it faster and better.  

The rising trend nowadays is to place a QR code on a business card.

This practice has greatly transformed the possibilities a business card could bring. 

What are QR Codes?

Image Source

QR (Quick Response) codes can be scanned through the use of a smartphone’s camera (which is the case for all iOS 11 devices) or through a QR code reader application.

Unlike traditional barcodes that require specific hardware in order to read the information behind the code, QR codes can be scanned by everyone anywhere. 

Where are QR Codes used for? 

The usage of QR codes establishes in any industry. The use cases are endless and the benefits are exceptional. 

Originally used for the automotive industry in Japan, its fast readability and greater storage capacity made it useful for other purposes such as advertising and marketing. 

The outcome of integrating QR codes in marketing proves the worth of the investment. Of course, the usage of A/B tests ensures an effective marketing tactic. However, the beauty of QR codes is that it does not entirely replace marketing strategies but instead magnifies it. 

QR codes, when personalized correctly, boost customer engagement. The purpose of the marketing material, therefore, is amplified as well.  

However, QR codes can only be truly effective if we have the power to track its effectiveness and update it when needed. This is achieved through the use of dynamic QR codes. 

Dynamic QR Codes vs Static QR Codes: Which one should you use for your vCard QR code? static vs dynamic qr code

A dynamic QR code and is editable and trackable. While a static QR code is not. 

By nature, a vCard QR code is dynamic as you will be embedding lots of information about it. 

Once a static QR code is on paper, there is no way to update the information behind the code. Static QR codes are best for granting Wi-Fi access because there’s no way to connect to the internet.

If you wish to send simple social media URLs to your friends, you can use static QR codes. But for serious marketing campaigns, a Dynamic QR code does not only encourages but is also requires its usage.

The data behind a Dynamic QR code is a short URL. This enables for the information behind your QR code to be dynamic! 

This short URL then redirects to the type of information you’ve saved. Even though you put your Dynamic QR code on paper, you can still update your information at any time. 

The best thing is that you can track data of the scanners in real-time (location of scan, time of the scan, and a number of scans).  

vCard QR Codes on Business Cardsqr codes on business cards contacts

You can make vCard QR codes through any QR code generator tool. In creating, the inclusion of information such as personal and digital information can be added. The digital information included are company websites or social media profiles.

The result when scanned, would give the scanner options to immediately save the information or forward it to others who could benefit from it. 

QR codes incorporated on business card designs, therefore, augments the purpose of the traditional 2×3 inch card making networking easier. 

When you place vCard QR codes on business cards, any connection can, in one click, load all your contact data to the other person’s smartphone. In this way, it can make the process even more efficient and convenient for both parties. 

Other Remarkable Benefits of vCard QR code

1. Direct linkage to an online resumeqr codes on business cards for resume

QR codes are not only by business people but also by job seekers. QR codes on business cards can also be a direct linkage to an online resume or profile.

Instead of contact information, you can direct scanners to your LinkedIn profile or even a PDF copy of your resume.

When you are a job seeker, it is important to make sure your prospective company remembers you. By conveniently adding QR codes, they can conveniently save your profile in their candidate database. 

2. Exhibit your creativity promptlyqr codes on business cards for creativity

 If you are a creative genius, a traditional business card might not be the best way to market your intrinsic creativity.

Using the power of QR code unlocks your potential, you can showcase new animation, funky illustration, superb graphics, and even genius paintings. 

3. Alluring Business card

If there’s one more important benefit that QR codes bring, it’s the attention-grabbing feature that it has, which traditional cards can never accomplish. 

4. Linkage with potential customersqr codes on business cards linkage with customers

The placement of QR codes on your business cards can potentially create a bond with the customers.

There is no doubt that using marketing content such as online videos, blogs, and even podcasts work great in improving the customer experience and greatly helps in the customer getting to know your business even more. 

Create a vCard QR code today with QRTIGER QR code generator online! 

Like any technology, QR codes are designed to make lives easier. Innovation is key to standing out whether you’re a business, a job seeker, or as a creative. 

Using dynamic QR codes allow you to track end change the data behind your QR codes at any time, and using a dynamic vCard QR code on business cards instantly improves the networking experience and making it more valuable. 

The benefits are endless, and while traditional materials such as business cards can never be completely dismissed, there is always room for improvement. 

Should you also need to generate a vCard in bulk containing a unique information for each code, you can also create your vCard in bulk using this guide

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