How to make a vCard QR code in 6 steps

Last updated:   November 25, 2022

A vCard QR code can give your plain and ordinary business cards a digital upgrade.

Since business cards have limited space, you need to put only the most essential details on them. Selecting what you should include on the card can be challenging.

You can include a vCard QR code on your cards. When people scan it with their smartphones, they will instantly find a complete list of your contact details on their screens.

Aside from that, they can also instantly save your contact information on their devices. No need to manually add your number or email to their phonebook.

And with today's best QR code generator online software, you can easily create one in seconds. Learn how to do it with this guide.

What is a vCard QR code?

vCard QR code

A vCard QR code is a dynamic QR code free solution that routes scanning users to a digital business card that shows all your contact details, including your workplace or company, phone number, email address.

You can include this QR code to your business cards to make them more optimized, not to mention attractive.

By doing so, you can potentially impress people and they are more likely to keep them so they scan the code later.

After scanning the QR code, the user can choose to save your information right away on their mobile device, making it more handy and convenient compared to traditional business cards. 

How to create a digital business card using QRTIGER's vCard QR code solution

QRTIGER is your best choice when creating a vCard QR code.

Our solution lets you add a wide array of details, including your picture. You can also customize your QR code and your vCard template.

Since it is a dynamic QR solution, you need an active subscription to create a vCard QR code. But here's some good news: you can create one for free by signing up for our free trial.

Here's how to create a vCard QR code:

  • Go to QRTIGER, the best QR code generator online.
  • Click on the vCard in the menu
  • Enter your necessary/personal details
  • Personalize your QR code
  • Test your QR code
  • Print and download

What information can you store when you generate a vCard QR code for your business card? 

  • Name of the vCard holder
  • Name of the organization
  • Title 
  • Phone number (private and work and mobile)
  • Fax, Email, Website 
  • Street, City, Zipcode
  • State, Country, Profile Picture
  • Personal description 
  • Social media accounts and more!

Generating vCard QR codes in bulk

Bulk vCard QR code

You can also create multiple vCard QR codes in one go for your employees or workers.

The bulk vCard QR code generator is ideal when generating hundreds and thousands of vCard QR instead of creating them one by one. 

You can also download the QR code vCard format or template to make your vCard QR in bulk.

Digital business cards in networking events

DIgital business card with a QR code

Events such as conferences and seminars for various industries are an avenue for people to expand their network with a business card.

If you ever attend one, you will often find people handing out business cards, hoping they'll receive a message, a call, or an opportunity.

But how can they guarantee that the attendees who received their cards will keep them? Worse, will they even bother reading the details?

Your business cards should catch people's attention, and they should stand out from all others.

Create a unique and attractive design for your card, then for the cherry on top, add a vCard QR code to it.

The QR code can contribute to the visual appeal of your business card, and it can also improve the card's functionality.

With this innovative solution, you can provide people with convenient access to your contact information, which they can find and save with one scan.

Giving them a digital business card can also leave a lasting impression, helping them remember you.

Why should you use a dynamic vCard QR code?

A vCard QR code must be dynamic since it contains several details. If it's only static, the QR code's pattern will have too many modules, affecting its readability and visuals.

But the good news is that dynamic QR codes are better than static ones. Here are two reasons why: 

Edit your QR code's details

Edit QR code

All dynamic QR codes are editable, which means you can change or revise their content even though you have created or printed them.

With this feature, you no longer have to create a new vCard QR code to update your contact details.

When you get a new phone number or email address, you can simply go to the QR code generator dashboard and edit your details.

Track your QR code scans

Trackable QR code

You can also monitor the scan analytics of your dynamic QR codes in real time. Here are the data that you can track:

  • Total number of scans
  • Time of the scan
  • Location of the scan
  • The OS of the device used in scanning

How to use a vCard QR code

1. Redirect to an online resume

QR code for website

Digital business cards are used mainly by people in the corporate world, but they can also help job seekers.

And when you are still on the hunt for a job, it is crucial to ensure your prospective company remembers you.

The digital business card can help them make a great first impression on hiring employers.

The QR code for website in the card can then redirect to the applicant's digital resume or LinkedIn profile.

By conveniently adding QR codes, they can conveniently save your profile in their candidate database. 

2. Exhibit your creativity promptly

QR code for image

Suppose you are a graphic designer or a visual artist. In that case, a traditional business card might not be the best way to market your skills.

A digital business card can feature your potential. You can showcase new animation, funky illustrations, superb graphics, and even genius paintings.

3. Alluring business card

If there’s one more important benefit that QR codes bring, it’s the attention-grabbing feature that it has, which traditional cards can never accomplish. 

4. Linkage with potential customers and new connections

QR code on business card

QR codes on your business cards can create a bond with your existing and potential customers.

Undoubtedly, marketing content such as online videos, blogs, and even podcasts improves the customer experience. It helps the customer get to know your business even more.  

You can integrate a LinkTree QR code into your digital business cards to easily redirect your customers to all of your socials in just one scan.

Create a digital business card using QRTIGER's vCard QR code generator

QR codes are designed to make lives easier. If there's an opportunity to use them, you should grab it to take advantage of this technology.

Using a dynamic vCard QR code on business cards instantly improves the networking experience and makes it more valuable.

This digital solution will improve the once traditional business cards, optimizing networking efforts.

You should upgrade your business cards with a vCard QR code; to make one, QRTIGER is your best choice.

Become a QRTIGER subscriber and create your vCard QR code today.

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