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Update:  July 11, 2022
Apps & Integrations

QRTIGER API Documentation

Are you looking for a QR code generator API solution?

If you wish to integrate QR codes in your CRM or custom software, we got you at QRtiger. Our API offers a professional solution for all brands. With our API, you can create dynamic QR codes, track data, and even create QR codes in bulk.  

To use our API, you will need to subscribe to one of our plans to get access to an API key to be used in your requests. For large volume requests or corporate solutions, contact us today.  

>> Try our APIs (Read our documentation)

QR Code Generator + Scanner Android App

If you're looking for the right QR code scanner, our app's built-in scanner is the right solution for you. The scanner comes for free with NO ADS unlike its competitors in the playstore. You can use the built-in scanner and the app as a whole without being bombarded by ads. The QR code maker is top-of-the-line when in comes to creating QR codes that engage. You can create at least 10 different types of QR codes, customize your QR code, set your brand colors and even add your logo.

>> Download our app on Google Playstore

>> Free WiFi QR Code Generator and Scanner in One (Download on Google Playstore)

QR Code Generator + Scanner iPhone App


If you have an iPhone, QRtiger's iPhone app allows you to create a custom QR code with a logo, customize your QR code, and even add your own logo. It's not only an ordinary QR code maker app, it gives you a lot of interesting features including a generator and also a free QR code scanner implemented with no ads. 

>> Download on the Apple App Store

QRTiger Integration: Hubspot App

Do you use Hubspot as your CRM? Our Hubspot integration, QRTiger, makes it easy to send QR codes to your contacts at scale. Using our QR code generator, you can create and customize QR codes in the style of your choice. You can even add your logo to engage your scanners and promote brand awareness. 

>> Install QR Code App in Hubspot

QRTiger Integration: Zapier App

If you use Zapier a lot to automate your business processes then you're in for a treat with QRTiger's Zapier integration. Currently available in our Advanced and Premium plans, our Zapier integration allows you to integrate QR codes in your workflows.  With our integration, you can create dynamic URL QR codes, vCard QR codes, and even our free static QR code. To use our integration, simply get your API key from you account page or watch the video above for a full demo. 

>> Create a Zapier workflow

Free QR Code Generator Popup Widget


Are you looking for a free static QR code generator solution you can use in your web application, WordPress site, e-Commerce sites like Shopify, or even any static website?

Our free tool allows you to insert a button on your page that opens our free QR code generator tool. Not only can you create QR codes for free, but you can create beautiful QR codes, customize your QR code, set your brand colors, and even add your logo.

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