QRators in Action: How Freshies by Juju Glow Achieved Smart OOH Advertising with QR Codes

Update:  July 04, 2024
QRators in Action: How Freshies by Juju Glow Achieved Smart OOH Advertising with QR Codes

QRators (curators) in Action puts the spotlight on brands and different real-life use cases of QR codes. In this article, we zoom in on Southeast Asian skincare and beauty supplements brand Freshies by Juju Glow and how they incorporated QR codes in their out-of-home (OOH) marketing campaign, spreading brand awareness and facilitating offline-to-online engagement.

We talk to Carlo Catral, Juju Glow’s Chief Operating Officer (CCO), who shares how adding a QR code on their billboard has led to some surprising discoveries.

Transitioning to the phygital world with QR codes for OOH advertising

QR code advertising

August 2023 was an exciting month for Juju Glow as they made a splash with the launch of their first billboard along Edsa, the main thoroughfare of Metro Manila in the Philippines.

The billboard was for Freshies, their viral avocado collagen milk drink, featuring Filipina actress Jane de Leon and—guess what—QR TIGER’s dynamic QR code. 

Seeing as how everyone is glued to their phones 24/7 these days, the brand recognized the benefits of using QR codes for OOH advertisements. They knew it was the only way to find out who engages with their ad on the road, and learn more about their market.

By simply scanning the code, customers get directed to their website, wherein they get to explore more about Juju Glow’s products and participate in promotions that are exclusively given to scanners.

Juju Glow’s use of QR codes not only offers their customers an engaging experience but also helps the company itself to track valuable data, insights, and demographics of the scanners, according to Catral.

With the use of QR TIGER dynamic QR codes, they easily get extensive reports about the scanners and access to a dashboard where they can track the overall performance of their marketing campaign.

This approach allows Juju Glow to refine and tailor their future campaigns to better resonate with their customers. 

Now, let’s dive deep into Juju Glow’s success story in using QR TIGER’s URL QR code solution and get to know how it helped them forge stronger customer relations, improve campaign engagement, and ultimately achieve the ideal outcome for a smart billboard advertising or outdoor marketing campaign.

Can you tell me more about the company? What sets you apart from your competitors

Juju glow freshies

Juju Glow is a fast-growing beauty and wellness distributorship company based in Southeast Asia. Our products vary from skincare products to beauty supplements.

We provide unique formulations that have undergone meticulous research and development.

Our Freshies Avocado Collagen Milk Drink, for one, has been a consistent top seller on social media and e-commerce platforms not only for its benefits but also for its unique flavor.

Why did you start using QR codes?

QR codes are something you cannot do without these days. It’s literally hard to detach people from their smartphones.

So it goes without saying anything that you can do with your smartphone provides more convenience—payments, registrations, connections. We’re all hooked on these curious little squares.

What made you decide to use the URL for your event/campaign?

QR code campaign tracking

We used QR codes in our packaging in order to add an “interactive” sense to it.

When we were planning our first billboard, we wanted to take advantage of the QR code technology in order to gather data about our customer demographics. 

How has QR TIGER helped your company achieve its goals?

QR TIGER’s tracking technology has also been really helpful in gauging the success of our advertising campaign.

What is the most important insight that you’ve learned from the campaign?

For instance, we have been able to know what devices our prospective customers are using.

Would you recommend using QR codes to other businesses?

Absolutely. In this physical-meets-digital age, businesses that don’t use QR codes are about 10 years behind. There is no way to move forward if you don’t take advantage of this wonderful technology in your hands.

QR TIGER: The key to smart OOH marketing campaigns

These days businesses are in constant search for innovative ways to connect with their customers. 

One powerful tool that has gained immense popularity in recent years are QR codes as they are being adopted across various industries for their versatility and accessibility. 

QR TIGER and Juju Glow’s partnership created a more interactive and immersive experience for people who have seen their billboard during their commute. 

Compared to traditional static advertisements, adding QR codes to their outdoor campaign transforms the customer’s passive viewing experience into an exciting active engagement. 

Join Juju Glow and other 850,000 global brands that trust QR TIGER—the best QR code generator online. Ready to transform your campaigns? Start your journey now.

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