How to: Use Location QR code locate your business place easily

Last updated:  August 03, 2021

Location QR codes are QR codes that will show users the specific location of a certain establishment.

A lot of people have a hard time finding a certain establishment especially if they are not familiar with the place or when they are in a huge city. Overcome this problem and make it easier for your customers to find your store by creating a location QR code.

With advancing technology today, we are now able to navigate with ease using web maps. These tools enable us to navigate easily and quickly by just using our smartphones.

These maps show not only the location of the establishment we want to go to but will also direct us on which road to take from our current location. These maps also have smart features that constantly monitor our location thus, lessens the chance of being lost.

Generating a QR code that embeds a web map that enables customers to conveniently locate your store or restaurant could be great leverage for your business.

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What is a location QR code?

Location QR code is a QR code that integrates web map data into a QR code.

This tool gives directions towards the location of your establishment which allows people to easily locate your establishment by just scanning a QR code using their mobile phones.

This QR code solution can be used to locate different establishments such as restaurants, hotels, cafes, and tourist spots.

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Why should you use a location QR code

Convenient to use


This QR code saves your customers from the hassle of manually typing and searching for your store in the Google Maps or Waze app. By just scanning a location QR code, customers can instantly locate your store or restaurant.

If your store or restaurant has the same franchise near you, this QR code will also help customers to identify the right store.  Preventing misunderstanding when your branch or franchise is conducting sales or promos.

Allows customers to easily locate your establishment in a scan

People tend to go to stores and restaurants that are easy to see and locate. By using and displaying a location QR code in your campaign materials, you will enable the people who newly discover your brand to easily visit your store.


This QR code can also be placed in your digital campaigns and social media accounts, allowing your followers to find your store easily.

Mobile friendly


Compared to physical maps, QR codes are smaller and more convenient to use. By just scanning the QR code with a mobile phone, a digital map that directs towards your store’s location is shown.

Also, with the phone’s GPS you will be able to track whether you are taking the right direction or not.

With this QR code, customers can directly drive towards your store without worrying about being lost.

 Can be displayed in online and offline campaigns

One of the great advantages of a QR code is that it can be displayed in any medium.

You can display this QR code in your online platforms such as your social media profiles where your online followers can easily scan your QR codes. And you can also deploy these QR codes in your printed campaigns such as flyers, brochures, and invitations.


Thus, exposing your QR codes to a larger audience.

How to get your location URL before generating a location QR code

Before you generate a location QR code, you must first copy the URL of the location where you want to redirect your scanners. Copy your location’s URL in Google maps or Waze live map by following these simple steps:

free dynamic qr code

Google maps location URL

  • Go to google maps- In order to copy your location URL in Google maps, you must first launch the Google maps app on your phone or visit the Google maps website.
  • Search the location you want to make a QR code- After opening the Google maps, search for the location you want to generate a QR code. Type in the location you want on the search bar located on the left side of the webpage or app.
  • Tap the location- Once you found the place, tap the specific location where your business establishment is located.
  • Click share- After you tapped the location, click the share icon located at the left side of the Google maps site. The google maps site will then give you the link to the location.
  • Click on copy link- Click on the copy link button near the given location URL. Your location URL is now copied on your clipboard.

Waze location URL

  • Go to Waze live map- To generate a location URL using Waze, the first thing you need to do is visit the Waze live map.

 You can go to Waze live map website by clicking this URL

  • Search for the location- Once you open the website, search for the location you want on the destination search bar.
  • Click the location- After you search for the location, point the cursor to the exact spot of your establishment and then right-click using your mouse.
  • Click share- You can then click share. This will prompt the field that shows your link.
  • Copy URL- Click the copy button near the URL, the URL is now copied on your clipboard.

How to generate a location QR code

  • Use a QR code generator- Go to QRTiger is a secure and easy to use QR code generator that allows you to generate various QR codes.
  • Click the URL icon- Once you opened the QR code generator software, click the URL icon located in the upper left corner of the site.
  • Paste URL- You can now paste your copied URL from Google maps or Waze live map on the given space.
  • Generate and customize your QR code- After you paste the location URL, you can now generate a location QR code. You can customize the color and QR code pattern to match your brand.

  • Test your QR code- Before downloading the QR code, check first if the QR code you generated is readable and gives the right location.
  • Download your QR code- After checking the readability and the information embedded on the QR code, you can now display your location QR code in your printed and digital campaign.

free dynamic qr code

Benefits and uses of location QR code for your business

Increase store traffic


One of the disadvantages of small businesses is that it is sometimes unnoticed. People tend to visit huge malls when they go shopping.

Attract more customers by giving them the direction of your store’s location.  Display a location QR code on your social media profiles. This way, your social media followers and people who are interested in your products can easily locate your store.

You can also print your QR codes in your packaging and products. This allows your first-time customers to remember your brand and easily locate your store when they wanted to buy.

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Increase hotel guest


Some travelers go on vacations and trips without booking a hotel and just stay at the first hotel that they see. By displaying a location QR code on the nearby airports, you can attract these travelers and allow them to easily locate your hotel.

Also, this QR code saves these travelers from the trouble of finding hotels online.

Boost Tourism


There are some tourists who prefer to explore the city on their own without needing to wait in long lines for a tourist guide. Help these tourists have a self-guided tour by using a Location QR code.

Create a location QR code that directs to tourist spots and historical sites and place these QR codes in plazas, hotels, and city landmarks. This way tourists can easily tour the city on their own.

Event venue direction


These QR codes can also be used to give directions to guests during an event. Integrate a location QR code in invitations for parties and allow your guests to easily attend your event.

You can also print these QR codes in your flyers for your store opening. By displaying a location QR code on your flyers you will be able to attract more customers for your store opening.

Real estate

One of the factors that potential house buyers look at is the distance of certain amenities such as restaurants and shopping malls. Give potential buyers provision of the property by using a location QR code.


Display the location QR codes in your marketing materials and signage. This QR code will allow them to see nearby amenities and their distance once it is scanned.

Dynamic Vs Static QR codes: which one is better for your location QR code?

In static QR code, the embedded data is static or fixed, Therefore, you can no longer change the URL and the typos made in the URL of your QR code once it is generated and displayed.

Unlike static QR codes, dynamic QR codes allow you to edit and change the URL to which the QR code will redirect the scanners to. Thus, enables you to change your URL without retracing and changing your displayed QR codes.

Dynamic QR codes also have features that allow you to track the data of your QR code campaign. This type of QR code allows you to track QR code data such as:

  • The number of scans made
  • Device used to scan the QR codes (IOS or Android)
  • Location where the QR codes were scanned
  • Time/ Date when the QR codes were scanned

Location QR code: your partner on your business journey

As technology advances, you must also find an innovative marketing strategy for your business.

QR codes are widely used in different fields nowadays. These two-dimensional QR codes can store and share almost anything on the internet including your location.

Let your customers find your business establishment by just scanning a location QR code.

Start your journey with QR codes today by using QRTiger QR code software.

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