Ukraine's Reserve+ App Gets a QR Code Upgrade

Update:  July 10, 2024
Ukraine's Reserve+ App Gets a QR Code Upgrade

Ukrainian citizens have a new option for carrying their military ID—a digital version with a QR code accessible through the Reserve+ app.

Launched on June 18th, this feature allows authorized bodies to quickly verify a user's military registration status with a simple scan.

The Reserve+ app has evolved into a comprehensive platform for managing military registration in Ukraine. 

Introduced earlier this year alongside the country's new mobilization law, the app enables users to update their information electronically and now includes access to a digital military ID.

“You will need to re-clarify your information from Oberih, receive it with a QR code, and directly expect that it will be an absolutely equivalent electronic military registration document,” explained Deputy Minister Kateryna Chernohorenko during a telethon.

“You will no longer need to carry pieces of paper with you," she added. Officials can simply scan the QR code through the app, eliminating the need for any additional equipment.

"This digital format offers a convenient and trusted experience for our citizens," concluded the Deputy Minister.

This update follows the successful adoption of the Reserve+ app by over 1.5 million Ukrainians to streamline their registration process. 

The Ministry of Defense is also addressing initial reports of authorization issues to ensure a smooth user experience for everyone.

Mobilization law spurs the development of digital military IDs

Ukraine reserve app

Ukraine’s ongoing conflict spurred efforts to modernize its military registration system. 

In May 2024, President Zelenskyy signed a mobilization bill requiring men aged 18 to 60 to update their registration data by July 16th. 

This legislation complements the Ministry of Defense’s newly launched Reserve+ app, which allows users to update their information electronically. 

The app also features a digital military ID with a QR code, simplifying verification for authorities like Territorial Centers and law enforcement.

The new law includes measures to support existing troops, such as discharge after captivity, rotations for front-line soldiers, and financial incentives for re-enlistment. 

These initiatives, combined with the Reserve+ app, demonstrate Ukraine's dedication to evolving its military registration system to address the demands of the ongoing conflict. 

Additionally, Ukraine is considering the use of a QR code generator to streamline the mobilization process, providing quick and easy access to essential information for both active duty and reserve personnel.

Reserve+ mobile application: Digital ID, QR codes, and functionality

Military id QR code

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has enhanced its Reserve+ app with a new digital military ID featuring a QR code for easy verification. 

This handy feature means no more carrying around physical documents, making verification a breeze for both Ukrainians and officials.

The Reserve+ app helps Ukrainians in military service keep their registration data in the Oberih registry current. 

Users can log in to confirm or update their information, with offline update options available at Territorial Centers or Administrative Services Centers if necessary.

The digital ID itself means Ukrainians can simply show a QR code authentication for verification during interactions with Territorial Centers or law enforcement. 

This not only saves the hassle of carrying paperwork but also reduces the chance of losing or damaging important documents.

The app is available for download on both the App Store and Google Play, making it accessible across various smartphone platforms in 176 countries.

For those fulfilling military service obligations, the app also facilitates easy access to military QR code registration. 

More than just displaying digital IDs, Reserve+ allows users to update their registration information directly within the app, a feature already embraced by over 1.6 million Ukrainians, with 1.5 million updates made.

The Ministry of Defense recommends that those who have already updated their information re-download the app to access the new digital ID with QR code functionality. 

Additionally, users can generate a PDF version of their digital military ID within the app for further convenience.

The Reserve+ app also includes a "Correct data online" feature to address potential discrepancies in registration information. This feature caters to two situations:

  • Military personnel whose current status isn't reflected in the system can submit a correction request through the option "I am a serviceman, but still registered."
  • Those who receive a "Data not found" notification can use the same feature to initiate the correction process.

These online correction requests eliminate the need for in-person visits to Territorial Centers, streamlining the registration process.

With its availability in 176 countries, Reserve+ ensures that Ukrainians abroad can also access its features. 

The user-friendly interface and remote data correction options mark a significant advancement in simplifying Ukraine's military registration process.

QR codes: Your bridge to a faster, smarter, modernized system

QR codes have transformed from a novelty into a cornerstone of modern convenience. 

They seamlessly bridge the physical and digital worlds, providing a faster, smarter, and more streamlined way of doing things. 

Easy to use and secure, QR codes are perfect for everything from marketing campaigns to government services. 

As technology continues to advance, QR codes are poised to play an even bigger role, shaping a future defined by efficiency and innovation.

Brands using QR codes

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