Create MP3 QR Code for Music, Podcast, and Audio Files

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Update:  May 19, 2023
Create MP3 QR Code for Music, Podcast, and Audio Files

Using a QR code generator online, you can create an MP3 QR code for your audio files.

QR code technology allows you to convert a link to mp3 QR code.

This QR code is then accessible using a smartphone device that will allow the scanner to download and listen to the mp3 file. 

This blog will guide you on how it works. 

What is an MP3 QR code?

Mp3 QR code

An MP3 QR code is a solution that embeds audio into a QR code.

With its scan and download feature, people can directly listen to the track. 

There are two ways you can embed audio into a QR code, by converting it into a file QR code, mp3 QR code, or a URL QR code. 

Here's how it works. 

3 QR code solutions you can use to convert your MP3 to QR code 

1. URL QR code solution (Can be static or dynamic)

This is used to convert audio link to mp3 QR code from audio streaming services like audiobook marketing with QR codes or with Podcasts, Google Play Podcasts, Itunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. Here’s how to do it: 

1. Copy the link to your audio file 

Mp3 QR code copy link

2. Go to QR TIGER QR code generator online and paste the link in the URL category 

Url QR code for audio

3. Switch from static to dynamic to edit/update and track your QR code 

Dynamic QR code

4. Customize your QR code 

Customize QR code with logo

5. Do a scan test of your QR before your download and deploy it

QR code scan test

Mp3 QR code solution (Dynamic QR)

If you already have the Mp3 file stored on your computer, you can use the Mp3 solution. Here’s how to do it: 

1. Go to the MP3 QR code generator and upload your MP3 file in the MP3 category 

2. Click Generate QR code

3. Customize your QR code design

4. Do a scan test before you download and deploy

File QR code solution (Dynamic QR)

File QR code solution allows you to generate different types of files such as videos, audio, PowerPoint presentations, Word files, and any type of files you can think of.

Other than converting your audio link to mp3 QR code, you can also use this solution to store the audio file by uploading it.

Here’s how to convert your MP3 to a QR code using the file QR code solution. 

1. Go to QR TIGER and select the File QR code solution

File QR code

2. Upload your MP3 file 

File QR code for music

3. Click Generate dynamic QR code 

Generate dynamic QR code

4. Personalize your QR code 

Customize QR code

5. Do a scan test before you download and deploy

Run test scan for QR code

Since the file QR code solution is dynamic in nature, it allows users to generate different types of files, users can also redirect their MP3 QR code not just to another MP3 file but to other media such as videos, Word Files, PDF, images, and many more using the MP3 QR code generator.

This is useful if you’re planning to have a campaign with different landing pages to make it more interactive. 

Why should you generate your MP3 QR code in a dynamic type of QR? 

The dynamic type of QR code is an advanced QR code solution that allows you to edit/update your QR code even though your audio QR code has been printed or deployed online. 

By editing your MP3 QR code, you can redirect your MP3 file to another file anytime you want, even when printed.  

Moreover, you can also track your MP3 QR code scans in real-time and gauge your overall campaign if you're using QR codes for marketing purposes. 

Dynamic QR codes in URL and File QR codes also have features such as integration to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, a password-protection feature of QR code, an expiry feature, and many more.

Use Cases of an MP3 QR code

With the convenience brought by an MP3 to QR code in the 21st-century auditory individuals, here are some use cases that you can find useful.


Education QR codeWhether you work in an educational institution or trying to share new knowledge with your friends, you can use MP3 QR codes to share educational audio, podcast, and audiobooks.

As sharing new knowledge is important for societal progress, using these QR codes can become an agent for education advancements.

Themed events

Audiobook QR code in magazineMP3 QR codes are great for themed events that require the use of audio for people to feel the event’s themed atmosphere.

In December 2020, the City of Brownwood, Texas, launched its Holiday Scenery event by placing MP3 QR codes in different locations.

The QR codes, when scanned in a certain location, play a part in an audiobook of a children’s book with which the location is themed.


QR code on digital signageYou can use Mp3 QR codes to store audio information about some famous landmarks in your place and share it with tourists who want to listen to more facts about the place.

In this way, tour organizations and agencies can reduce their tour costs with the aid of QR code tourism for audio guides.


Mp3 QR codes can help audio content creators market their audio content directly to their customers by just letting them scan and listen to the audio itself.

Whether you market your content on print or digital platforms, your customers can easily transition from worded promotions to listening to the audio without any restrictions.

Benefits of using Mp3 QR codes

QR codes can fasten information dissemination from print to digital platforms, here are some notable benefits that audio content creators can benefit from using MP3 QR codes.

Promotes multiple media marketing

As the data they can embed can be edited to other content, QR codes are great for multiple media marketing practices.


According to a Stop, The Breaks Report, a record label company spends $500 000 to $2 000 000 in promoting their newly-signed recording artist to the masses. 

And with that amount spent on traditional marketing, the success in penetrating the music industry is thin.

Because of the amount they gamble in promoting new-signed recording artists, some audio content marketers are finding new marketing means to reduce their marketing spending.

And one of the new marketing means that can help minimize their marketing cost is using QR codes.

As they can store more information and data, the need for using more marketing materials lessens.

Thus, making QR codes the perfect tool to market audio content in a technological yet cost-efficient way.


When you use dynamic QR codes to store your audio file or link, you can track your QR code scan impressions and know which demographic your content gets more attention from.

With the use of its tracking feature, you can track the total number of scans (by day, week, month, year), the location of the scans made (region, country, city), and the type of device used (IOS, PC, or Android) in scanning.

Edit content anytime

Dynamic QR code editableAside from the tracking feature that you can unlock with dynamic QR codes, you can also edit the content of the QR code after you have printed it.

In this way, you can always update the information of the Mp3 QR code without the need to create new ones.

Thus, reducing the need of redoing all the marketing materials when you find any issues with the information embedded.

Optimized for mobile users

With almost half of the world’s population (3.8 billion) using a mobile phone to get through their daily living in 2021, the use of QR codes is great for better mobile consumer expansion.

As they are optimized for mobile users, the information stored in the QR code can seamlessly be displayed without any device compatibility issues.

Tips on how to make the most out of your MP3 QR codes

To make the most out of your Mp3 QR codes, the QR code experts lay out some useful tips.

Select the best audio file to embed and market

As marketing can help audio content creators in selling their works and get sponsors for their next project, selecting the best audio to embed is important.

Since artists and creators don’t know which audio will gain clamor from the target audience, target research is the first step that every marketer needs to do.

After they have identified which audio will gain recognition from the audience, they can then embed it into a QR code and market it.

In this way, your creations will reach more listeners from the right audience and expand your fandom.

Create a visually appealing QR code design

Create customized QR codeCreating a visually appealing QR code design is important as they help instill brand awareness in your target audience.

With fandoms as the basis for the growth of the artist’s popularity, putting better advertising visuals is important.

Because the design can compel people to scan the code, audio content creators should try to shy away from generating traditional QR codes, black and white.

Instead, modify their QR code design by selecting a set of patterns, colors, and eye shapes.

When selecting the colors for your MP3 QR code, you must always be wary of the color contrast you want to use.

For faster and more accurate QR code scanning, the color contrast should follow the universal rule: the foreground color is always darker than the background color of your QR. 

Brand your QR code by adding a logo and call to action

QR code with logo call to actionWith different QR codes popping in any corner of the virtual and physical society, branding your MP3 QR code is important.

As they can help avoid any suspicion of the ones scanning them, they can also help build your influence.

To make a branded MP3 QR code, you can upload your logo and add your call to action.

Make a high-quality QR code image

To ensure a faster scannability rate, QR code experts urge QR code users to make high-quality QR code images for their audio campaigns.

For them to have a high-quality QR code image, they can download their Mp3 QR code in SVG format.

In this way, they can resize their Mp3 QR code image in the print paper without compromising its quality.

Revolutionize the way you share your audio with MP3 QR codes

With technology revolutionizing the means of embedding and unpacking data, information stored in QR codes does not rely on URL embedding only.

Because of that, embedding file data such as videos, images, and audio is possible.

Thus, paving a new revolutionizing way to share audio from the creator to the audio consumers.

Using the right QR code generator, like QR TIGER, people who make audio content can boost their audio campaigns in a modern and interactive way.

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