How to Make a Secure NFT Ticketing System with QR Codes

Update:  August 14, 2023
How to Make a Secure NFT Ticketing System with QR Codes

NFT ticketing is recently found to be one of the best ways to combat ticket scalping and ticket replication from unauthorized people.

With the widespread digitalization, it is now possible to mint tickets.

This improves how event organizers sell tickets or admissions to their concerts and event shows.

They can do it by employing the same technology that gives artists and other digital creators complete control over their work.

These include integrating NFT into their ticketing system, which provides event organizers with a modern option to create future-proof tickets.

But how can you make a secure NFT ticketing system with QR codes and QR code generators? Let’s find out. 

What is a ticket?

Ticket verification

A ticket provides the holder access to a specific location or place for a specific period.

When the principal issuer — also known as the primary ticket market — issues tickets, they become valid.

A ticket does not necessarily come in a printable form, such as a small strip of paper or card.

In a ticket, you can find useful information to verify the ticket’s validity.

Information such as a ticket number and venue area for concerts and movies are just some details you can find on a ticket.

Event organizers use tickets to track who buys a spot at an event or item.

Ticket Scalping – a multi-billion profit loss for event organizers

Ticket scalping is present at every concert or conference in a public or virtual setting to cater to enthusiastic (but late) fans and participants who wish to attend. 

Because the supply of tickets is limited, the inflation rate of every ticket a scalper sells to die-hard concertgoers is estimated to be between 80% and 100% higher than the original price.

And as ticket scalping grew bigger, this led to a $15.19 billion loss for the ticketing industry in 2020.

This left the artists and event organizers a much smaller amount to earn in each concert or conference they host.

And it’s not just the artists and the organizers.

The fans and participants also suffer a big financial loss for each ticket they buy from the ticket scalpers.

Ticketing agencies, musicians, and event organizers are now seeking a better approach to prevent scalpers from making more money off the few tickets they acquire and sell to solve the problem.

Moreover, modern technology can improve data security by introducing a safer and better way to authenticate tickets.

The solution for ticket scalping: NFT Ticketing

NFT Ticketing is a new, safer method of selling tickets using Non-Fungible Token technology to itemize tickets.

This ticketing method involves creating an NFT and attaching it to their tickets using the Ethereum blockchain technology.

Ticket scalping

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Like any other digital asset found online, this is the most secure method for event organizers to authenticate their tickets at the moment.

Done this way, ticket scalpers and imitators will have a hard time replicating the tickets.

This ensures that the ticket given to the buyer stays foolproof.

Event organizers may ensure that each ticket they issue goes to the customer who pays it in authorized ticketing outlets.

How to secure your ticketing systems with NFTs

To enhance the ticketing industry’s battle against ticket scalping and counterfeiting, event and conference organizers can start future-proofing their ticketing means with NFTs.

Here are the following steps and ways they can adapt to secure their ticketing systems with NFTs.

Using the GET Protocol platform

Organizers that don’t want to establish their NFT Ticketing system to link their tickets to the NFT can pay to have their tickets secured by an NFT Ticketing program provider.

With so many NFT ticketing solutions on the market today, choosing the appropriate one for your needs is important.

Nft Ticket

While some just provide what most event organizers want by attaching each ticket to an NFT, choosing a program that adds value to your ticketing security requirements is critical.

One great example is the GET Protocol, a digital ticketing infrastructure supplier with products that actual, non-crypto knowledgeable attendees at real events design, battle-test, and fine-tune.

Ticket sellers can use that program to track the progress of their ticket sales while also locking in the price.

This function prevents ticket scalpers from raising the price and gives purchasers the option of purchasing the ticket at the original price.

You can refer further to the Get Protocol website to learn more about how to create an event and NFT tickets to sell to interested customers.

How to generate a QR code that links to the NFT ticketing event webpage

You can continue to share your event in a scan and mint manner with QR codes after creating your tickets by employing the GET Protocol platform.

Obtain and copy the webpage link of the event

To begin, get the website address of the event organizers who created NFT tickets.

The ticket creator can go to NFT Explorer and find the most recent events on the Get Protocol Webpage. They’ll have to scroll until they find their event.

Open the event and copy the link on the search bar and go to QR TIGER QR code generator 

After obtaining and securing the link, go to the QR TIGER QR code generator online. 

QR TIGER is a QR code generator that is reliable and safe to use. It is ISO accredited and has an ISO 27001 compliance certification.

Select the URL category and place your NFT Ticket event webpage link

After opening the QR code generator website, select the URL category and place your NFT webpage link.

Click the dynamic QR code option and generate your QR code

For more effective QR code use, click on the dynamic QR code option and generate your QR code.

Dynamic QR codes allow ticket makers to unlock more functions and customize them according to their brand or company.

Design your QR code

Dynamic QR codes allow users to configure the QR code’s design by selecting the set of patterns, eyes, colors, and other features of the QR code, so it looks more attractive for posting.

They can add their brand logo, select the border or frame, and message or Call to Action (e.g. Scan me) in the overall QR code layout.

They can also select a few pre-made templates for the look they are looking for.

Run a scan test

After configuring the QR code’s design, run a QR code test to see if it directs to the correct landing page.

Since it is a dynamic QR code, they can always edit and fix minor issues and rerun the test until they’re sure it’s effective.

This way, they can avoid launching a defunct QR code in their advertising campaigns.

Download the NFT Ticket QR code and place it in your advertising resources

Once satisfied with the QR code scan test, proceed to download the NFT ticket QR code.

For print advertising resources, download the QR code in SVG format. For digital advertising, download the code in PNG format.

How to advertise your NFT Ticket QR codes?

Promote your video campaigns

Many marketers today use video marketing as a powerful marketing tool.

Videos account for the majority of conversions. This includes the NFT ticket QR code in your video campaigns.

This way, enhancing sales and selling them out days before the event is easy.

They can place it in prominent parts of their video campaign and gain traction by scanning and securing a ticket.

Add the NFT Ticket QR code to your merchandise sales

Event organizers selling memorabilia products might profit from this method.

They can convince their clients or followers to attend the event by scanning the NFT QR code on their memorabilia or merchandise.

Promote events on social media using a QR code

Event QR code

Daily social media usage equates to billions of users across different social media platforms.

This is because online users spend more time on social media than other online spaces.

With the pool of users online, organizers and artists can try their luck to increase their ticket purchases by posting their upcoming events with a QR code.

NFT Ticketing teleconference promotion background

Artists conducting a concert tour promote the event with various media outlets. And teleconferencing is a convenient medium for most media reporters to use today.

You can maximize your advertising using a teleconference background with the added NFT Ticket QR code. 

Furthermore, out-of-town events can elevate the NFT experience of attendees by using a travel QR code promoting the event’s location. 

Place it in your print NFT Ticketing marketing resources

Nft marketing

Print resources like flyers, banners, signage, and billboards are widely used to advertise social gatherings like concerts, conferences, and camps. And as they are still used today, organizers can use this form of advertising the NFT tickets from print to digital.

This way, they maximize their customer base and provide a new experience connecting with them offline to online.

Advantages of using the NFT Ticketing system

If ticketing booths from events and movies are planning to apply the NFT Ticketing system in generating their tickets, here are some advantages that they can get.

Verify the owner and the validity of each ticket

The challenge of verifying items or tickets emerges when technology advances.

It makes it difficult for individuals to tell whether an item is genuine.

Counterfeiters are now integrating these advanced verification tools to imitate how established event organizers verify their tickets.

NFT ticketing disables all of this.

By incorporating an NFT Ticketing system, you can easily verify the attendees that purchase the ticket from your NFT Ticket Explorer page.

Live sports event organizers can also use this innovative ticketing system to cater to all the event attendees efficiently.

They can use stadium QR codes to facilitate streamlining the big event and help them organize a smooth-sailing event at stadiums or convention centers.

Store art-like tickets that people will want to collect, symbolizing the event’s theme and identity

They can use NFT Ticketing to slip in digital memorabilia on each ticket for art events.

NFTs are a coveted digital asset that crypto people are following today.

And adding a set of collector’s items to each ticket increases the hype of getting more sales for the event maker.

They can do it by simply setting a set of NFT art in each row or column, or they can do it by ticket tier.

Prevent Ticket Scalpers from selling tickets easily

NFT Ticketing incorporates a more advanced price-capping technology where the event creator can lock the prices of the tickets.

This prevents scalpers from setting the price of the NFT tickets they attempt to sell at a higher price.

Introduce customers to a new and secure way of purchasing tickets with NFT Tickets

As technology evolves, the way tickets are advertised and sold also develops.

Purchasing and securing ticket advances, from standard barcodes, RFID, and QR codes to NFT minting.

With the NFT ticketing system, you can help customers learn about NFTs and why it is the most secure method of storing digital assets.

NFT Ticketing with QR codes: A game-changing way to secure ticket authenticity

With events slowly returning to the social spotlight, ticket scalping strikes back and raking up huge sums of money; that is why NFT ticketing prevents such from happening

By revolutionizing how tickets are made and sold, NFT Ticketing shows a promising future in delivering authentic and counterfeit-proof tickets.

As a way to step up their ticketing means and advertising, organizers and artists can start incorporating the use of NFT in securing the tickets they sell and market them using QR codes.

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