QR Codes for Stadiums: 11 Ways to Achieve Smart Sports Events

Update:  May 22, 2024
QR Codes for Stadiums: 11 Ways to Achieve Smart Sports Events

QR codes, when used in stadiums and sports events, can automate event processes.

You can embed any type of information in QR codes about the sports event, and attendees can access it by scanning the QR code using a smartphone. 

Whether you want to boost your sports event attendance, promote your event, or sell tickets, you can do all of these by using QR codes. 

Read this blog to know how to streamline sports events using QR codes. 

11 innovative ways to use a QR code for stadiums and sports events

Events stadium QR code

Event organizers have goals to achieve, much like sports teams do.

With thousands and millions of attendees, running a smooth-sailing event in a massive sports venue like a stadium is quite challenging.

QR codes for stadiums help them reach their goals of creating tech-savvy sports events to provide an excellent overall experience.

Curious about how to use QR codes at stadiums?

Here are some of the most innovative ways to integrate QR code technology in sports events:

1. Boost sports event attendance with an automated ticket booth

Upgrade people’s ticket-buying experience by bringing the ticket booth to them through QR codes.

People can scan a URL QR code to find the official website.

Here, they can instantly access event details and directly buy a ticket to the sports event.

This provides convenience for attendees since they won’t have to go to physical stores and wait in long lines just to secure tickets.

QR codes are powerful and excellent tool that sports event organizers can use in various settings. For example, they can use QR codes for marathon events to streamline processes for a smooth-sailing event.

2. Digital ticket for fast and contactless entry

How brilliant is it to implement a safe and efficient entry to sports events, right?

Event organizers can level up their ticketing system.

Instead of handing out printed tickets—which are easier to lose or misplace—you can send each attendee a QR code they must present upon entry.

How do you use QR code tickets? You just have to show it to the staff and let them scan it. It’s that easy.

Scanning the QR code ticket only takes a few seconds.

This eliminates long queues, allowing them to enter the stadium without spending so much time waiting at the point of entry.

This encourages people to join and experience the full live game since it’s more convenient and safe. And on top of that, it lets organizers easily track the attendees who turned up at the event.

3. Ticket authentication and verification

Ticket QR code

Ticket fraud is one of event organizers’ terrifying nightmares during sports events.

This scheme can affect ticket sales, promote unauthorized entry, and inconvenience attendees.

But here’s the good news for event organizers: You can get rid of duplicate event tickets by using QR codes for authentication and verification.

Creating anti-fraud sports event tickets is possible with a bulk QR generator.

It can make thousands of QR codes in bulk, each having unique login authentication details.

This way, authorities can quickly verify the tickets upon the event attendees’ entrance.

4. Book & pay parking system

Grabbing a seat during a sports event at a stadium is easy.

But, how about parking space? Vehicle owners know that this is a struggle.

With a QR code-based book and pay parking system, it’s not impossible to trample this problem. 

Event organizers can integrate an in-app stadium parking QR code to streamline booking and paying for a parking slot.

Scanners can access management’s app or system to book and pay for a parking slot before the event.

The app will then release a digital parking ticket with a QR code so that staff will scan the QR code ticket to allow them to park at their chosen parking space.

5. Promote your event

Promote your stadium event offline and online with a social media QR code.

This advanced QR code solution can store multiple social media links.

It leads scanners to a mobile-optimized landing page where they can find buttons for each social media page.

Tapping the button will take them to its corresponding platform.

People can then like, follow, and check your social pages without having them jump from one social media to another.

You can print your QR code on flyers and posters to make it faster for people to find you on different social media sites.

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6. Quick access to staff contact details

Sports events are even more smooth-sailing when event organizers, personnel, staff, and authorities are easy to contact.

One innovative QR code solution for this is vCard QR codes.

Event organizations can implement this by resting and adding a vCard QR code on each ID. 

With this QR code, people can instantly access all their contact information by scanning it using smartphones.

Staff can quickly share their contact details which scanners can also automatically save on their device.

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7. In-seat food ordering system

Ordering QR code

Imagine getting hungry or thirsty in the heat of the game.

Can attendees watch the event without interruptions? Yes, it’s possible with QR codes.

Event organizers can put app store QR codes on each seat so people can download food ordering or delivery apps.

They can also place a menu QR code to let attendees view the available food items at food stalls and concession stands.

Event coordinators can also use interactive digital restaurant menu software like MENU TIGER so attendees can browse food items, place orders, and pay using only their smartphones.

Attendees can enjoy and experience the event with maximum satisfaction, as they can order food without leaving their seats or missing a single game. And if feasible, let staff deliver food to the guests. 

8. Boost sales and return on investment

With thousands of people joining sports events, it’s a big loss of opportunity not to leverage QR code marketing.

Don’t let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers.

Sports events are a perfect time to use coupon QR codes on product packaging or advertisement.

Create maximum value by offering them coupons or discounts to boost sales and ROI during the event.

Once people scan the code, they can avail of the discount or coupon, save it on their devices, and use it on their next purchase.

9. Instant game replay

The game highlights are one of every sports event’s most fun and exciting parts.

Missing game highlights can be frustrating, especially for sports enthusiasts who failed to watch the game live.

But QR codes won’t let this happen.

With a video QR code, attendees can instantly replay the game highlights by scanning the code using their smartphone whenever they want.

Complete their sports event experience by giving them unlimited access to game highlights.

10. Quick access to game/player stats

One of the most interesting parts that most sports enthusiasts look forward to is the game stats and individual player stats.

Good thing it’s easy to upgrade fan experience at sports events with QR codes.

Event organizers can create custom QR codes to give fans and sports enthusiasts access to game stats and player stats, which they can view at any time of the game.

The QR codes lead scanners to a landing page where they can see the data or statistics using their smartphones.

11. Collect stadium experience feedback

Don’t let people leave the stadium without leaving reviews or comments about their experience. 

Ensure they were satisfied with the event, process, system, facilities, and more using a feedback QR code solution.

Event organizers can place QR codes that lead scanners to a feedback form.

Scanning the code with their smartphones allows them to fill out the form instantly.

This way, event organizations can obtain helpful insights to help them improve sports events and the attendees’ overall experience.

Static vs Dynamic QR codes: Which are better QR codes for stadiums?

All QR codes may appear the same to the untrained eye, but in reality, QR codes come in two types: static and dynamic.

Static QR code 

A static QR code fixes data directly into the code’s pattern.

The bigger your embedded data is, the more the code’s pattern becomes denser and congested.

This affects the QR code’s scannability as it can lead to slower scans.

Also, you cannot edit or change the encoded information. You must create a new static QR code and embed it with your updated data.

Sports organizers can use static QR codes for data that won’t require frequent updates, such as their website or the Google Maps link to their official venue.

Dynamic QR code 

Meanwhile, dynamic QR codes come with a more advanced mechanism.

They store a short URL instead of your actual data, allowing you to modify or change it in real time.

The short URL will redirect scanners to a landing page where they can view or download a copy of your data (in case you embed files).

It also prevents the data size from affecting the pattern.

With dynamic QR codes, event organizers can save time, effort, and money since they won’t have to create new QR codes in case they need to update them.

They can also monitor scan metrics, enabling them to monitor the effectiveness of their QR campaigns and assess whether their campaigns are getting engagement from audiences. 

For stadium sports events, dynamic QR codes are the better choice.

They can contain big data in various file formats without compromising the QR code’s quality and scannability.

The good news is you can now easily create static and dynamic QR codes using the best QR code generator software.

With just a few clicks, you can have a functional and efficient QR code, and you can customize it as well.

Want to implement innovative sports events at stadiums or convention centers with QR codes but don’t know where to start?

We’ve got you covered.

Leveraging advanced QR code generator: Best use cases of QR codes in a sports stadium

Uses of stadium QR code

Curious about how other event organizers have leveraged QR code software in the sports industry?

Here are some of the best use cases of QR codes at stadiums and convention centers:

1. University of Washington’s Husky Stadium

To improve the fan experience, the University of Washington has installed over 70,000 QR codes at Husky Stadium.

Fans can access the new UW Digital Seat fan portal right away by scanning the QR codes placed on each seat.

As a result, it does away with the need to download an app or depend on WiFi access, both of which are huge issues in crowded stadiums.

2. Rose Bowl

Organizers placed over 90,000 QR codes on every seat in the Rose Bowl, the outdoor sports stadium of Pasadena, California.

Fans can scan them to access rosters, schedules, roster stats, and printable coupons, among other things.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder’s Paycom Center

Oklahoma City Thunder’s Paycom Center dove into the in-seat QR codes in sports stadiums bandwagon.

All 18,000+ seats in the arena now have QR codes. Viewers using their smartphones scan the QR codes on the seats.

After scanning, they can notify the Thunder crew of any maintenance and safety issues during home games.

They also enable them to examine player statistics, get coupons, and access other online features. 

4. Dunzo TV campaign IPL Finals 2022

To advertise on television during the broadcast of the Indian Premier League final in 2022, the quick commerce platform Dunzo used a QR code.

In the middle of the championship, it surfaced as a TV screen problem. It says, “Inconvenience is Regretted, Convenience is Not.”

The code leads scanners to a webpage with app information and how it could benefit them.

Also, it included a direct download link for the app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The Dunzo app abruptly crashed as a result of the effectiveness of this QR code TV advertisement.

This resulted from the IPL final being watched by more than 10 million people.

5. Spartan Sports

Australian sporting goods company Spartan Sports employs QR codes to stop product counterfeiting.

They’ve attached a QR code to all of the equipment. When scanned with a smartphone, these QR codes lead customers to the VerifyThisNow website.

QR TIGER QR Code Generator: Your companion to building smart sports stadiums

A QR code for stadiums is one intelligent and fresh way to build tech-savvy stadiums or convention centers for sports events.

It innovates the processes and systems of sports events, from ticketing, entrance, authentication, food ordering, and live viewing down to the parking system.

Don’t let the inconvenience take away people’s joy from experiencing the fun and exciting sports game live.

Save time and hassle by innovating sports events with advanced QR code solutions.

QR TIGER QR Code Generator is not just a software: It’s your companion in delivering value and creating innovative experiences wherever possible.

Explore QR TIGER’s most advanced QR code solutions and affordable plans now.

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